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  1. It may happen that if you log into the new Twitter you see this: Edge: The error message could also be this: "Something went wrong, but don't worry because it is not your fault": I tried with Firefox and the website is accessible: With Firefox I use restrictive Anti-Tracking protection. With Edge I use hard Anti-Tracking protection. So both browsers have the exact same anti-tracking protection. But only Edge's anti-tracking protection prevents the x.com site from working. If I disable it, it is OK. The conclusion is that if I have to use x.com it is necessary that I use Firefox. I opened this thread that might be helpful to other MSFN members who have the same problem.
  2. Today an extension I use was transitioned to MV3. Read the notice: It is therefore highly likely that some MSFN members using Operating Systems prior to W.7- 8.1 + Chromium-based browsers from June 2024 will not have full functionality with some extensions they use. I would like to advise these MSFN members who are using a Chromium- based browser from version 110 and above (before that the policy will not work) to put this policy in their registry: ExtensionManifestV2Availability Those who need help can ask in this thread: https://msfn.org/board/topic/186196-do-you-use-policies-in-your-browsers/ Thank you for your attention.
  3. I was banned from the Pale Moon forum (decision made by MoonChild) since I provided the OAuth2 code to be entered in MailNews to Roytam. I also don't remember if Tobin had written to me that I would be one of the MSFN hacks (obviously false) also because he had read among other things about my cleaning rules (MailNews,New Moon.....) in CCleaner. Of course this was a century ago.....
  4. Also an article today on Ghacks: https://www.ghacks.net/2024/05/20/chrome-extensions-may-slow-down-browsing-significantly/
  5. Probably if the video test had used a well-configured browser,started with limited user privileges (I was using PsExec) had set DEP active also for the browser.....and other small details that are not worth reporting in this thread because it is OT nothing would have happened.
  6. Always the usual advice,from a former professor who used XP until the year 2021 : https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/what-is-your-security-setup-these-days.111264/page-1637#post-2979834 Reduce the number of extensions you use. If you use too many extensions all the possible benefits of your customizations will be cancelled out and/or will be greatly reduced: https://www.debugbear.com/blog/chrome-extensions-website-performance
  7. Just two examples to promote the benefits. I used to use this flag: Show feature and workflow recommendations in Edge which has now been abolished. Without the right policy I would be inundated with pop-ups: It is not possible with flags to get some functionality. For example removing the default "Bing" search engine from the list of search engines,or removing the automatic addition of search engines. Then of course who is content to use browsers with their various drawbacks........
  8. This patch is missing: https://github.com/win32ss/supermium/issues/570
  9. Chalkboard seems to me to be undeveloped. For online testing, wouldn't it be better to use Motion Mark? https://browserbench.org/
  10. No MSFN members are using the policies? I could never use my Microsoft Edge without having any policies set up. Flags are often removed over time, in Chromium-based browsers, and only proper use of policies allows a desired feature to be available again that is no longer available. There is also the case of some features being available exclusively through policies. This happens in both Chromium-based browsers as when I blocked the automatic addition of search engines to the list,and eliminated Bing Search. A former colleague of mine uses the right policy available in Firefox because he does not like the automatic browser update. However, I will include the policies I use in Edge. Thank you for your attention.
  11. It is possible to use the policies in both Chromium-based and Firefox-based browsers. In Firefox to see the policies that may be used, if any, you need to type: about:policies In Chromium-based browsers you need to type: browser name://policy This poll wants to see if you use the policies in your browsers and how many policies, if any, you have activated. P.S. I use in: Firefox = 1 policy Edge = 16 policies
  12. I ran a test with uBlock Origin Lite with the filter lists in the image below enabled. I used the full filtering block (which can be selected differently on each website). No ads.
  13. As I have written elsewhere,these are its advantages: https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uBOL-home If of course the extension works. P.S. Select the filtering mode "Optimal". Do not use all filter lists. I would use these filters. Of course, choose your language.
  14. Try temporarily disabling UBO and installing UBO Lite and do some testing.
  15. If possible specify the browser and extensions installed. Enjoy. P.S. uBlock Origin SwiftDial Video DownloadHelper Stream Recorder (MV3) Microsoft Edge on W.10.
  16. Over the past 2 days I have successfully used a policy in Edge to eliminate the automatic addition of the other search engines that I unwanted in the list. I then made my only search engine default. The search engine “BING” was removed from the list. Of course, I uninstalled the extension.
  17. Question you need to ask other MSFN members. I have the red selector. But in this forum I have only seen UBO selectors in gray. No blue or red. So, for me, the conclusion is obvious.
  18. Read this: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Blocking-mode uBlock Origin in Easy Mode (default) does not use dynamic filtering. uBlock Origin Lite does not have dynamic filtering functionality.
  19. I personally use Firefox with DNS-level network filtering (cosmetic filtering impossible),with only 2 filter lists enabled. I personally think that MSFN members who use uBlock Origin exclusively in Easy Mode with a total number of filter lists (network + cosmetic) greater than 100,000 should try uBlock Origin Lite (obviously in their browsers that support this extension). The Lite version has compression of the filtering rules (the original compression value was greater than 5) with respect to the applied network filtering rules. Content filtering based on CSS/JS injection that r3dfox (but almost certainly also in Supermium/Thorium because it is available in Chrome after version 88) certainly supports because it is based on FF.103.x is reliably performed by the browser itself rather than by the extension and thus does not consume CPU/Memory. P.S. Of course, it would need to be tested to see if the theory is also correct in practice.
  20. Perfect. Merit also goes to his uBlock Origin, which does its job well.
  21. Proper blocking of trackers also speeds up the loading of web pages. Check the website below. Proper blocking of trackers in your uBlock Origin installed in Supermium/Thorium must be more (9) than those in the image:
  22. I can give you an example of these ads. But they are not present if UBO works well. Usually you have to view at least 2/3 videos (not to the end of the video) for them to appear.
  23. It is blocked by Google Safe Browsing which is also used by Firefox. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen equips Edge. In Edge I use both Google Safe Browsing + Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Google Safe Browsing feature at the browser level has priority over a DNS-level block. An analysis at VT shows (currently) that the website is not dangerous.
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