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  1. Well well well, what do we have here? Reddit user ConsuelaSaysNoNo has this to say: PSA: Warning! The Windows 10 "Fall Update" resets ALL your default programs! This is just shocking. If I remember correctly, an in place upgrade from 95-98, 2000-XP or XP-Vista still kept default programs, and that's between two entirely different versions of Windows not a service pack to an existing one.
  2. Yep, I'm currently very happy with my Windows 2003 and XP Professional x64 (both NT 5.2) installs and their lack of Windows updates. Managing family Windows 7 PCs has been like whack-a-mole lately, as we all know.
  3. The Spybot thing is uncalled for. Since when can the OS determine when a program is incompatible with it? Maybe give a warning or something, but removing it from the Taskbar and Desktop? Really? I think that is going a bit too far. Regarding Aero Glass and Classic Shell, I expected this. I expect MS to continue to break every customization option created in the name of "brand identity". This is exactly why this rolling release model is so dangerous. I am interested in seeing a screenshot of that Vista/7 theme you created if you have one though. Now THIS. This is just wrong. Settings set by a GUI preference being reverted. Really? I honestly don't know what to say to this.
  4. ...but, to judge from the comments section, the peasants aren't buying it: --JorgeA While some (most) of those issues can be remedied by not using Chrome and its automatic updates, it's great that people are finally realizing that using XP in this day and age isn't as bad as MS makes it out to be. As a user of XP, I'm personally not affected by this as I avoid Chrome and its descendants like the plague, using it only for websites that use the non-standard h.264 media format.
  5. I went to look them up, and it's really odd. There's drivers for XP 32/64 and Win7 32/64 but not Vista. I can understand dropping Vista support if XP support was dropped.
  6. Is it possible to disable CTRL-ALT-DEL and enable autologon via the registry in Windows 2000 Server? My 2K install doesn't want to recognize my keyboard, and I want to log in and investigate/reinstall drivers. I tried modifying HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\DisableCAD, DefaultUserName, DefaultPassword, ForceAutoLogon and AutoAdminLogon with an offline regisrty editor included on the Windows 7 setup CD, but you still have to press CAD and it doesn't log me in automatically. I know there is a way to edit this in Group Policy, but for obvious reasons, I can't do that. (unless there's an offline GP editor, I haven't found one, but if there is please tell me) Can this be done with the registry? It's also worth noting that Win2k recognizes my mouse fine, if there's a way to start the on screen keyboard before the login screen that would also be great.
  7. While interesting, I do have my doubts. Look at how hard of a time we have keeping track of the trackers and all of the different MS IPs, it will be near impossible for a product to do this without daily updates.
  8. --JorgeA All we need now is a boot CD that you can insert into your PC after an "upgrade" that initiates a Win7/8 rollback. I had an issue with a failed "upgrade" on a family member's custom PC that needed to rollback to 7, it took me at least an hour to get the thing into safe mode, just to start the "downgrade" (read: upgrade) process. (Oh, F8, how I miss thee)
  9. I never trusted Chromium, anything that had Google involved as much as Chromium is aught to have at least a few backdoors and trackers.
  10. Maybe they can get the old Windows team in as leave replacements?
  11. --JorgeA Something MS doesn't realize with this is trading in your old computer, getting a discount on a much more powerful one, and then formatting and installing Windows 7 or 8.1.
  12. Well, since XP is EOL'd, it most likely won't be getting the GWX updates or telemetry updates. So if most Win7/8/8.1 users are forced onto Win10, there will be a big divide between XP and 10. MS could decide to provide the "upgrade" to spywareOS for XP, but I don't see them doing it. I often joke that MS ended XP support at just the right time, before all of these spyware updates and pushes to "upgrade". At this point, if XP's market share increases, I would not be the slightest bit surprised. I know my next PC will be running XP...
  13. Yea, I don’t buy it. No “optional update” is ever checked by default. Ever. That was deliberate, and they probably only scale back after some outrage happened. Even if it was an accident, (which I seriously doubt) this still scares me. This would be the second time in a month that there was an "accident" involving Windows Update. (the other one being the mystery test update that some Windows 7 users received last month) This is starting to become the new normal, and if auto-update is now required, this will do a lot of damage.
  14. From what I gather, this is just a port of WINE. If that's the case, you can just use Linux and get the same win32 compatibility layer. One (of the many) things that MS needs to do is stop calling both win32 and Metro programs "apps". It gets really confusing when you're dealing with something like this. Besides, that word is very derogatory towards the programs that are being called "app" and is a personal pet-peeve of mine.
  15. I saw something on Reddit yesterday that confirms this.
  16. Forget about 'spyware disabling', once you've allowed your comp to be posessed by such evil nothing short of this will save you: Even though I knew this was going on, watching it happen with Wireshark is just shocking.
  17. On the same note, Firefox overtook IE for the first time ever last month. I'm also curious how many of those 650 billion web pages are mozilla.org or chrome.google.com.
  18. The fantards are already excusing them with “who uses DVDs nowadays bla bla” as if that’s an excuse for super-buggy software below freetard-levels. And that thing isn’t even free, it costs 15$ per computer. dvdplay.exe from Windows 98 far better than this crap. This speaks a lot about metro and NuMicrosoft. If you buy (or get from a Windows 7 "upgrade") a DVD Player license, can you use WMP or another win32 DVD Player? (from MS, I know VLC works)
  19. Why won't Microsoft publish Windows 10 update release notes? <RANT> I know that this is old news, but after more time to think about it, you really have to ask yourself: WHAT WAS MICROSOFT THINKING? They are MAKING the release notes, just choosing not to release them. Making mandatory updates that are cumulative, and not telling your userbase what they do? Not even publishing bug fixes? WHAT CAN BE A POSSIBLE BENEFIT OF THIS? (we all know it's to sneak spyware and adware into the OS, but at least tell us what else you're throwing in) This is possibly the single dumbest thing you can do in enterprise software. The horror of coming into work one day and having a completely different desktop UI, all because MS didn't tell IT departments what the new update will do. (I know enterprise versions of Windows play by different rules, but what about 10 Professional?) I never download or update software (or "Apps") without checking the changelog, even for Home use, and I have caught a few "downgrades" this way. (for example, a YouTube client I used on my phone removed download support, I prevented this by not updating) MS keeps thinking that Windows is a web browser, and it's not. I can (kind of) understand web browsers auto-updating, but I turn it off anyway. An operating system is much more complex, and should not even think of updating (or upgrading) this way. </RANT>
  20. I just installed a fresh install of XP with all pre-EOL updates installed. I am going to apply the patch. Up to this point, what are the POSReady updates that I should decline? I know there was an update a while ago that messed with the "Internet" and "E-mail" links in the Start Menu, but are there any others that I shouldn't install?
  21. Now this is just plain crossing the line. Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your machine 'just in case' Is KB3035583 behind this?
  22. Anyone find this the slightest bit hypocritical? Why you should care about Microsoft's latest legal battle
  23. Norman notes that, "Google has caught the same disease in its Android designs"; the same of course can be said of Microsoft with its "Universal" apps. --JorgeA This. I had to use a Mac with Yosemite for the first time yesterday (I've used Snow Leopard many times before) and the thing that irritated me the most is their "natural scrolling". If you have a trackpad it kind of makes sense, but I was using a regular USB PC mouse. If you don't already know "natural scrolling" is when Apple decided to invert the direction of the scroll wheel to make it more like iOS. I can't describe the amount of hatred I have for this "feature". (I had a limited account that can't revert the setting to enable real scrolling)
  24. Is it just me, or did XP's share increase? Last time I checked it was around 11%

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