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  1. It works on NT 3.51? Never knew. If I may ask, what kind of modifications did you do? If I could get it to reliably work on vanilla NT 3.51 (with SP5), I will support it officially.
  2. Personally, I want to stay with 95 compatibility because KernelEx works on 98/ME and not 95.
  3. Well, I think that's the problem right there. RetroZilla was designed to build under VC6 and to run under Win95 and NT4. IIRC VC2K3 can't target OSes before Win98 or NT5 (2K). When you get your binaries to me, I could test them on my 95 and NT4 test VMs, and if it works, I'll try to get the code to build, or upgrade my environment to VC2K3. For now, I'm gonna roll back the code to before I added the TLS patch and keep the patches handy, I'm gonna push out that small 2.x release I was taking about a few weeks ago, and ship the TLS patch in the next major version.
  4. @roytam1 I tried applying your TLS files and building, and I have gotten errors involving WINVER being set as 0x0500 not 0x0400 which is required by WIn95 and NT 4, as well as an error in win95thred,c have you gotten these errors before? What OS have you been testing on? Could you send me a completed binary of what you included in the screenshot for me to play around with? (retrozilla.exe along with all the dlls and subfolders [dist/bin])
  5. Well, it turns out that I was able to get back into my Win2k build machine with another PS/2 keyboard, and now the USB drivers are installing properly. I don't know why it wasn't working a year ago. I guess now I can start work on RetroZilla again!
  6. How do you want your name displayed? Your MSFN user name or your real name? Right now, my big issue is getting the builder to respect my objdir setting. It's just building into the source tree. It's a laptop using Win2k3 32-bit, Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM. I used to do the building on a Win2K box with blackwingcat's kernel, IDK why it built right on that machine, but I can't get back in due to the machine not recognizing my USB keyboard before the login screen. (2k does the driver installs after login, really good design MS) The PS/2 keyboard port is shot.
  7. Great! I made a comment on the GitHub post, I still can't get it to build properly, but once I do, I will implement this. Do you want your name added to the contributor list in about:credits?
  8. That could be done, albeit with some difficulty and hacks, in XP/2k. The issue with this is that the version of Gecko that we're using has absolutely no support for <video>. What I could probably eventually do is add a "RZ Companion" program or NPAPI plugin that sends YouTube links to an external player. (Like you could do with VLC on modern Windowses)
  9. I don't know about this. I just tried it on Win95 w/ latest RetroZIlla build and Flash 7 (w/ patch) and I get the same problem. YouTube is always a problem with projects like this. They always try to play games with compatibility projects because "innovation". There is no reason they can't keep a compatible Flash player around. (I know there still is a flash player around, and I can get to it on my main XP machine, but it requires a lot of spoofing and I have to experiment with it on Win9x, I may be able to get it working on 98/Me, but AFAIK 95/NT are done). Even on my main XP machine, I have noticed that the new website changes and new HTML5 player locks the whole browser up if you have 10+ YouTube tabs open, never had this problem before about 2 months ago. (This machine is also no lightweight, Quad Core CPU with 5GB of RAM, 64-bit Windows) Regarding the new website changes however, that may be the one that breaks YouTube for everybody on anything below XP/2003. Right now on RetroZIlla and other older browsers, it drops you in the older view of the site that you could still access on newer browsers by going into the 3-vertical-dots menu in the top right hand corner of the site. (Surprisingly, this view doesn't lock up my newer machine) Knowing Google and YouTube, this will probably be gone in a few months, and when that happens, we may be SOL.
  10. I'll have to look into it. It depends on how long after Gecko 1.1.19 was released that TLS 1.2 support was added. The further out something was added, the more difficult it would be to add to rzGecko. If it is possible, it would most likely be added in rz3 instead of the 2.x release.
  11. WEEK TWO: Still trying to get the build process to respect the objdir flag. I think I may just mount the HDD from the old build machine in another PC and see what I did to get it working in the first place. HOWEVER: Once I get the thing to build, I am considering releasing another 2.x release before I get to the good stuff. There have been a few issues I've had that could be fixed quickly before I get to the long-term development of the rendering engine. (default prefs [security alerts get annoying], search issues [prevent that g*dda*n sidebar from opening everytime one searches from the addressbar], possibly some tabbed browsing fixes, etc)
  12. Thank you all for the kind words. Some days are harder than others, but for the most part, I'm better than I was. OK, now for a little status update. Mozillla-build (the MINGW32 environment used to actually build the browser) has been acting up lately, so while I have had a few good builds with the existing (what's currently on GitHub) code, I have not been able to add to it as any changes I made would not be able to be committed to the GitHub. The issue being that I can't get make to actually respect the OBJDIR setting (the directory that the build files and binaries go in to) so right now, it's just building and dropping everything into the source tree (AKA making it impossible to use source control). I remember having a similar issue on my old build machine, but I can't remember how I fixed it. (I would love to go back into that machine and see, but I'm locked out) Once I get that sorted out, I will be able to actually start working. (And I will also put better build documentation in the root folder of the tree so this issue doesn't happen to anybody in the future) The main issue with that is that to get Opera to work, you need KernelEx (which AFAIK only works on 98SE/ME), I created RetroZilla for Windows 95 and NT4 and 98/ME users that don't wish to install KernelEx.
  13. I am sorry I have been gone for so long everybody, but I'm back now, hopefully for good. I had a death in the family, and it tolled on me extremely, along with some complicated projects outside of computing, as well as being locked out of my main building machine. I now have some more free time on my hands, and I recently picked up an old laptop that I could dedicate to building and testing on. I can't promise when I could get a build out, but work will be done slowly but surely. I have to get re-oriented with the code and build process, and where I left off. I haven't read the thread since I left, but I will tonight and answer any of your questions and concerns. Again, I am sorry that it took so long for me to work on this project, I really wish that I didn't fall off the radar like I did, but I'm back.
  14. It works fine for me on my Server 2003 x64 and x86 installs on both Firefox and SeaMonkey. Maybe try clearing your cache or creating a new browser profile.
  15. I have absolutely no idea. The other screenshots in the Forbes article are the same way.
  16. Well, here it is. Another MS design idea that looks worse than the last. Microsoft Makes Significant Windows 10 Design Changes Here is an example of their new design for Outlook: Thoughts? (also notice the convenient lack of Start on the taskbar...)
  17. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but it seems that MS finally did: Microsoft finally admits that its malware-style Get Windows 10 upgrade campaign went too far
  18. Definitely. The signal-to-noise ratio regarding the web has decreased dramatically in the past decade. There are way too many scripts and unnecessary CSS files on modern webpages, not to mention the recent mobile-first fad where every webpage thinks it's a scrolling PowerPoint presentation. This is what happens when you give an artist a programmer's job.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember the Windows 10 ISO being too large to fit on a 4GB flash drive, when 7's fit on there fine.
  20. One thing I don't understand is that A) The people that would use Windows Backup would most likely be more technically inclined than people who wouldn't B) The people that would disable Telemetry (or even know it exists in the first place) would most likely be more technically inclined than people who wouldn't C) The people that would work at MS should be more technically inclined than people that don't work at MS .... SO .... How is the "revelation" that only 6% of users (with telemetry enabled) use the backup UI shocking? The demographic of users that would have not disabled telemetry and the demographic of users that would use backup directly contradict each other. The "geniuses" that work at MS should have figured this out by now, and they obviously haven't. These people are supposed to be technically inclined, AKA the users that would do the SAME THING. Oftentimes, I wonder what MS would be like if people that had half an idea how to run a software company, and write and manage the world's most used desktop operating system, and not people with a "cloud fetish," were still in power.
  21. You can still write for XP in VS2013/15.
  22. Does this reek with a smell of Clippy to anyone else?
  23. The major difference is that PowerShell was designed in the 2000s, it had a longer development time and new libraries to be based on. CMD is the direct successor to DOS and is mostly compatible with its commands, a lot of people are used to it and a lot of programs are written to run in it because it was always there.
  24. I might so far as to say "COULD have some benefits, if only it worked". But the ROI is just too small. When it's critical - when you NEED that traffic update or whatever bit of info, it just doesn't deliver fast enough (see next month's model and next year's network). This is exactly why I haven't got rid of my landline yet and likely never will.
  25. Oh, OK. I haven't ventured much into post-7 territory with the exception of a few VM tests here and there. I recommend using imgur or sli.mg instead of photobucket. They're much lighter (especially sli.mg) and you don't need an account.

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