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  1. It's about time! Now to see if it actually works...
  2. I'm pretty skeptical of this one. The user said something about "upgrading" existing Win8.x installs to Win10, and some of the things downloaded are in direct competition with M$. I really can't see M$ shipping Google Play Music with Windows. This is probably residual bloatware from an OEM install of 8.x upgraded to 10. I would love to see a retail 8.x install "upgraded" to 10 and the user creation process wiresharked just to be sure.
  3. Well, we can only hope that most developers and content producers will remain on Windows 7 (or 8.1 or XP). As long as third-party developers remain on the older OSes, there will be software for them. I don't see that many people that know what's actually going on moving to 10 anytime soon. I can see third-party support for Windows 7 going into the late 2020s, possibly the 2030s. (Look at XP, it's fifteen years old and still perfectly usable in the modern world, and it has a worthwhile successor, something that Windows 7/8.1 doesn't)
  4. That will probably work for me. I never update IE because I just install Firefox the first thing I do and never look back. (of course, on my Win7 machines that'll never be an issue as I don't install KB3035583 and I have GWX Control Panel and the registry tweaks enabled.)
  5. It's worth a try, try it and report your result.
  6. I see they're making ads that feature their intended target audience now...
  7. I never understood why people had a problem with XPx64/2K3x64. I have it here on numerous machines and it is incredibly stable and fast. Granted, I'm running it on modern hardware and I just got it a few years ago. (long into Vista and 7's lifespan)
  8. I continue to retain my belief that Explorer reached its peak of functionality in its Windows 98 - 2003 variation. Anything after, MS removed functionality (like the "Up" button, who's genius idea was it to remove that. Yes, the Back button is there, but the Back and Up buttons don't necessarily point to the same place, such as if you followed a shortcut.) in order to make it look more "sleek and modern" or added pointless features like "Libraries". I also find it hilarious that nuMS keeps making the titlebars fatter while at the same time making the buttons on the toolbars smaller, or in some cases, nonexistent.
  9. I just downloaded 1.10 and it works w/ RetroZilla. I just got to upload it to the hosting provider so it can be accessed by going to Tools => Get Extensions.
  10. I will look into the JS engine bugs, but those are low on my list, I want to get websites rendering properly first. MSFN isn't working properly because of the new software they're using. I need to take a look at the source to see what I need to add to get that working. Obviously, this site is high up on sites that I need to get working. I'm curious to see if it needs an ACID2 or ACID3 compatible browser to run properly. There is a version of NoScript for Mozilla 1.8.1, I will find it and post it on the add-ons website I was talking about a few posts up sometime tonight.
  11. Great minds think alike, I already included the framework for such a feature in 2.0. You can go to Tools => Get Extensions to redirect to a website that I already have hosted. All I would need is the .XPI of the older extensions (the default Mozilla extension format, still used today) and I will verify them and post them. The old version of AdBlock that I have is too old to work, so I would have to mess around with that a little, but if you have any other .XPIs that you tested and they work, send them to me and I'll post them.
  12. Why don't I just integrate that and allow everyone to decide which they like best.
  13. I never thought I'd see the day...
  14. I will consider this. Yes. It's not resource hacking, but it still requires some code. Open up your RZ profile folder (usually C:\WINDOWS\RetroZilla\Profiles\Default\<Something>.slt\ on Windows 9x, C:\WINNT\Profiles\<Your Username>\Application Data\RetroZilla\Profiles\Default\<Something>.slt\ on Windows NT 4 and %appdata%\RetroZilla\Profiles\Default\<Something>.slt\ on Windows 2000/XP and later) then go into the Chrome folder. Create a new file called userChrome.css. In this file put: #navigator-throbber { list-style-image : url("file:///C:/NSThrobbers/throbber-single.gif") !important; } #navigator-throbber[busy="true"] { list-style-image : url("file:///C:/NSThrobbers/throbber-anim.gif") !important; } where C:/NSThrobbers is the path to where you have the NS throbbers. (I recommend sticking them there) If you want to hide the print button, you can do so by adding this to the end of the file: #print-button { display:none !important; }
  15. > Ransomware > Windows 10 "Upgrade" What's the difference?
  16. Oh my god, the comments. It's like staring into the abyss. The sheer stupidity of the people in that comment section is humbling. First, they're questioning the guy's life choices. While I don't personally agree with them, for each his own. Then they proceed to blame him for not turning off automatic updates... of which if I remember correctly is impossible.
  17. My main goal for this is actually the NT 4 support, but if I am doing the work for NT, why not also target Win95. TBH, the lack of a modern browser is the only thing keeping me off of NT4 as my primary OS. The MSFN bugs were introduced recently when they updated the forum software. The HTML elements they used in the new version are not (yet!) compatible with RetroZilla. I am working on rz3.0 now which should improve HTML5 support drastically. (For example, RetroZilla doesn't pass ACID2 in its current state, I plan to change that) I already incorporated the sources over on ToastyTech, in fact it was that page that inspired me to do this, I figured that if we can make those minor improvements to the codebase, we can do much more if we backport more patches to the old Gecko.
  18. I don't think that VC2005 supports Windows 95, I know that it works with Win98/Me. Besides, the Mozilla build system is designed to work with one version of VS, possibly 2, at a time, so it may not work right and require a bunch of extra effort to fix the build system. I may experiment with building a Gecko 1.9/Fx3 tree, but I know that the Cairo GFX engine doesn't work on Win9x, so I will have to port that too. Microsoft also isn't really good with publishing an extensive list of win32 functions and the versions of Windows they were introduced in, that would help a lot.
  19. Windows 10 Now on 300 Million Active Devices – Free Upgrade Offer to End Soon A few interesting things here: Notice how they used "online services" instead of "operating systems" Remind me how they would get this information without user tracking again? Most of the presumably "how do I turn Cortana off?" or "How do I go back to Windows 7/8.1?" Again, remind me how they would get this information without user tracking? Well, if your application is the default photo viewer on an operating system online service, I would expect a high usage count too. And my personal favorite: FINALLY!!!!! Maybe they will get rid of GWX and stop shoving this garbage down our throats now!
  20. I love how these issues are popping up between what are essentially service packs to the same operating system. Hell, I don't even think there were issues like this between 2000 and XP or all throughout Longhorn, in any publicly released build.
  21. I can only imagine what would happen if the new programmers had access to that:
  22. Well, this is just something else: Windows 10 interrupts a live TV broadcast with an unwanted upgrade

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