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  1. They're OK with killing off .NET at this point. UWP is just their next "fad" API. It started off with MSHTML and ActiveX, then they started pushing .NET. Now they're pushing UWP instead. Ironically enough, the one thing that was around throughout all these fads was pure win32. It shipped with Windows 95, and you still (for now) can write a pure win32 application for Windows 10 without any ActiveX, .NET, or UWP garbage. Win32 is probably the longest lasting currently supported API in the history of graphical computing. A vast majority of the worlds desktop applications are written in it, killing it off entirely will be a BAD move.
  2. Not only that, only the UI gets updated from the store. The rendering engine still gets updated with Windows Update, so this new store update model has no real benefit to end users.
  3. You know, I find it very important that Microsoft is spending so much time and money on stuff like AI research and holographic glasses, especially since they have extra money to throw around now that their entire QA division has been laid off. Isn't it great that they are thinking about the distant future so much while their current product is broken in too many ways to count and they're not planning on fixing it in the present?
  4. Right, but the original Windows NT was designed back when Microsoft actually put thought into how they developed their operating systems. Now with Windows 10, they seem to only want to work with one singular codebase. One update modifying everything, nowhere near the modularity of the past. Any modularity remaining is just left over from the original NT architecture.
  5. I'm curious: does this dark mode setting have any effect on win32 applications like the old DESK.CPL did?
  6. Yeah, my favorite part is MS laid off their QA department, and is now wondering why there are all these issues? For this browser-type update model to even have an attempt at working (which it won't) you need to have a lot of professional testers, as the stakes are much higher when you need to push out these updates so rapidly. So MS attempts this by laying off their QA department and using external testers that probably have little to no experience with development, let alone OS development?
  7. Exactly, it's a catch-22. User turns telemetry off, since telemetry is disabled, no data is being sent to MS about telemetry being disabled, MS doesn't see any data regarding telemetry being disabled, MS removes option to disable telemetry.
  8. I wonder if you can cheat this by using a Win10/Edge UA string on any browser and OS.
  9. I have no idea how to respond to this without using choice words, so I'm just going to post a picture of my cat.
  10. Where did you get these and for how much? If the source is still around, I would love to get a few of them.
  11. RETROZILLA STATUS UPDATE: OK, after a few weeks I had to take off due to various offline issues, I'm back to working on RetroZilla. I recently got an SSD in the laptop that I use to work on RZ, so I can now compile the whole thing in about 15-20 minutes (down from about an hour), which will allow for faster development. But of course, with every step forward, we must go two steps backward. I recently found out that Mozilla shut down MXR, the main site for looking through and searching the Mozilla source code, past and present versions. DXR, the replacement, is a major learning curve from MXR, and the search function is a major regression from MXR. Not to mention all of the broken links to MXR. I honestly don't think that Firefox will drop XP/Vista support anytime soon. Google Chrome did because, well, Google. They're known to drop support for older, but perfectly capable, technologies. The latest versions of Firefox are built using MSVC 2015, which is both the latest version and supports XP targets. The reason why Windows 9x and 2000 support was dropped was because the version of MSVC they're using dropped support for 9x/2k targets. I can see at least another 2-3 years of XP/Vista support.
  12. It is possible that it would work out that way, but I find it extremely unlikely. XP, Vista, and 7 are built on Windows NT, which 8 and 10 are also built on, so the OSes share much of the same or similar core code. Once an exploit is found in windows 10 and is made known, it can be applied back to XP, hell even all the way to NT4, easily. There are issues being patched now that date all the way back to 1997, and in some cases, earlier. The difference with the situation with Windows 98 is that Win95/98/Me was built on the Windows 9x/DOS kernel, so when an exploit was found in XP, there was a greater chance that it didn't apply to Windows 98.
  13. So today's the day... Will Microsoft disable the Windows 10 nagware? Will every Windows 7/8.1 machine mysteriously "upgrade" in the span of the next 24 hours? Will a paywall be installed on top of the existing nagware? Will MS cave and extend the "upgrade" offer? Only time will tell.
  14. The drivers for both the internal speakers and the USB card are installed and working. I tried the USB card in another Win2k machine, using the exact same driver, and it works fine. The internal speakers are using the driver from Dell and are installed perfectly. Both drivers show up under Sound Devices in DM and show no errors or exclamation points. It's showing the same symptoms as an XP box with "Windows Audio" service not started, but Win2k doesn't have the Windows Audio service. Edit: I forgot to mention that I have USP5 and UUR installed.
  15. I installed a fresh copy of 2000 on a Dell Latitude D630 (official Win2k drivers available) and for the life of me, I can't get the audio to work. I thought it was just a driver/hardware issue, but the issue also persists to my USB soundcard device, which works perfectly fine on another Windows 2000 machine using the same driver. All the options in "Sounds and Multimedia" => "Audio" are disabled. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  16. I'm pretty sure everyone that's still on Windows 7 or 8.1 is aware of the Windows 10 "upgrade" by this point, they just choose not to install it.
  17. This one is especially interesting, because even on XP, both Firefox and Chrome can handle 1080p YouTube streams. (both HTML5 and Flash players)
  18. It didn't take Nostradamus to predict that one.
  19. How the hell do you subscribe to physical hardware?
  20. I definitely think that ReactOS has potential. I have messed around with it in VMs, and FWIW it's pretty good.
  21. Kind of off topic, but I think this sums up nuMS perfectly: Microsoft invites ‘bae’ interns to ‘get lit’ on ‘lots of dranks,’ then apologizes — again
  22. At least with XP, Vista, and 7 you had the option to fall back to Classic if you didn't like the theme they provided. With 8 and 10, you're stuck with their ugly idea of how an OS should look.
  23. I went through the entire vNext list, and outside Ubuntu (cygwin is a thing), NTFS improvements, and changes to OneCore (which I assume is their new metrofied name for Windows NT), none of these changes will benefit users like us. Almost all of the changes involve "apps" or other pointless things like redesigning "emojis".
  24. Good, I already got cursor:none and content:none added, two simple bugs. I am currently juggling a lot of personal projects, which was a major cause of delay, but I since adopted a new project schedule. Every Wednesday, I will backport one or two bugs to rzGecko, I should have ACID2 (my current goal) by September.

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