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  1. Aero Glass GUI

    Hi, I've one question about Aero Glass GUI. Most of these sliders doesn't work for me. Un(checking) checkxboxes also don't make any difference. Practically I can change only glass opacity and blur effect radius. Also title bars for inactive windows are unreadable. Currently I haven't any custom theme, becuase I've updated my W10 to Fall Creators Update (finally), but before with W7 theme the problem was exact the same. I tried to reinstall Aero Glass or download again AG GUI. I open it with admin rights. Changing "Caption glow effect" now doesn't make any difference too, before it partially work but gave strange results. Inactive text was gray too, but it had glow effect.
  2. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    I was looking about Fluent Design. It's pretty nice that Microsoft finally took a look at W10 appearance, hovewer I still prefer Aero instead flat modern style with some blur and few animations. I hope bigmuscle will update Aero Glass. I've not installed Creators Update yet because I'll miss that. I can not get used to the Windows 10 flat white design (the black one is bad too.. like made in Paint).
  3. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    It was my first thought to use recovery, however . I wasn't able to use it. After that... incident I noticed that Windows it was disabled (maybe because of SSD or by default it's disabled, not like in W7?), however as I said sfc scannow rescued me. Anyway thanks for your hints. I preferred to warn people if they won't to use Ubuntu clock
  4. Impact of Aero Glass on games

    I feels good now with Aero. Thanks guys
  5. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Are you kidding me?! Ubuntu clock? I can't revert it back to normal clock... Bad troll... edit: /sfc scannow rescued me. I like Ubuntu, I had Ubuntu, however Ubuntu clock on Windows is very bad idea.
  6. Impact of Aero Glass on games

    I knew that it modifies DWM.exe file however I hadn't the remotest conception what influence that modified file has on other programs. But if both you say it's safe I'll trust you PS. MTDirector - you said that you play some games. Do you mean "steam VAC protected games"?
  7. Impact of Aero Glass on games

    I hope that you've right If I may ask - how long have you been using Aero & CS:GO?
  8. Impact of Aero Glass on games

    I'm sorry that I'm multiposting on the next day, however I noticed that this thread has about 80 views without reply. I really would like to get answer to my question. It's very important for me. Aero Glass is really great so I want to use it on my both computers (first for studies and second for games) with two donation keys - but I've no idea if is it safe to use it on the second one. I don't know how it exactly works (affect on programs), its influence on game files with those .dll's like UxThemeSignatureBypass x32/x64 or AppInit_DLLs. Bigmuscle... could you...? I'd be very grateful.
  9. Hello, I've installed recently Aero Glass for my Windows 10. It looks awesome. Like my facourite W7. Although one thing bothering me. Aeroglass is "interfering" with different programs via dwm.exe and using few .dll's I would like to ask if it is safe to play multiplayer games eg. via Steam with Aero Glass, like CS:GO because I won't get banned permanently because of "fake-hacking". The anti-cheating system on this game called VAC detects every .dll's or injected programs to the game which could have impact on it. Aero Glass would make game's title bar transparent so VAC could detect it and categorize as unkown because it isn't "official Aero" and get me banned what I really prefer to avoid. Could you provide me that is it completely safe? I want to make sure. I won't get banned in such a stupid way. Thank you in advance