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  1. hmmmm, i did read that document before and just today earlier, but what the heck, i guess i will experiment again with the dell latitude d810 i got and see if i can get any good results, i have to re install the operating system anyways for like the 5th time for windows 98SE which is what im trying to get working with it originally lol, i did it before, but this time, i corrected / added some things but the laptop is still very temperamental with 98SE, none of the other laptops i worked with were this hard to work with, going to safe mode and not changing anything makes the system unbootable..., other wierd things were if i used msconfig to prevent a program from running like the pci modem or ati control panel, it made the system unbootable to the operating system and only working in safe mode, and just now, i had a problem trying to configure the graphics driver, got it working before doing a certain method, ( i did write it down ), but maybe i didn't provide enough specific steps, but apparently i did something wrong this time which corrupted the video / driver and just turning the screen into a white distorted color on the splash screen and just freezing. i don't want to mention all the troubleshooting things i done, but one of the things i tried to do was delete all of the driver related files, and from the registry in safe mode, but none of these made any difference, it would still hang on the splash screen for ends. its gonna be frustrating if i can't get past the graphics part on the 5th installation time, but hopefully it will work out and i don't have to do a 6th installation or more lol.
  2. i was wondering if anyone knows any bootable partition programs with an iso image or which you can burn onto a cd that features creating / formatting / and deleting primary, logical or extended partitions in fat16/fat32 format or ntfs or one that also has diskpart? i downloaded a few bootable programs but all of them either were very large in size and were difficult to use or i couldn't find a way to use them. what i want to be able to do is format drives for windows nt 4.0, but also have the ability to wipe the hard drive clean of any extended or logical drives, this is because when first installing windows nt 4.0, i first create a very small fat partition using the windows 98SE boot disk (Fdisk) and then select the remaining detected space in the setup part of windows nt 4.0 and have everything loaded into that partition but then the new default drive for the operating system becomes an extended ntfs partition and fdisk is then unable to delete that partition later on. the only way i found that i can wipe the hard drive clean of any of those remaining ntfs partitions was to use a windows xp 32 bit full operating system cd and boot into command prompt and use diskpart, but i don't want to do this because it is not practical and i don't want to use two discs for formatting / wiping hard drives. other than that, am i missing something here or doing something wrong in the windows nt 4.0 installation process? i was not able to get more than a 2 GB partition alone in the past, i always had to create extended ntfs partitions to get more space, yet i've seen people that had 4 GB partitions as their primary drives and no other partitions on the side, but how so?
  3. i was wondering if any of you know or have tested any opengl games that originally would not have been playable on older operating systems (95osr2.5, 98SE, etc) due to not having the minimum directx requirements but were able to still be work using opengl mode. i tried to run fable the lost chapters on windows 95 in opengl mode, ( i didn't install it, i copied the already 32 bit installed program from another system ) but it gave an error of missing some directx 9 file, but why would it give this error? i thought opengl is software of its own and wouldn't need anything from directx to work? also, i don't remember exactly, but i think it might have mentioned some missing function or cd error. i know there is a list of opengl specific games such as mentioned in wikipedia, which is where i found fable, but i was simply wondering if anyone has any sort of experience with experimenting in this way?
  4. i never had to manually install an inf for the monitors on w95, they were all plug and play and loaded from the beginning of the os, they would either show up as default monitor, unknown monitor, or plug and play monitor ( i think that's what i said ), and all of them worked with graphics processing units other than the 845. are you saying that its possible that i may need to update the monitor's drivers for it work properly together with certain gpu's like the 845 graphics?
  5. update, i was able to get sound working in both the windows environment and wolfenstein 3D using the driver. the instructions i did was i simply ran the setup.exe in the folder package, rebooted, and the sound worked from there. i didn't have to manually change any sort of settings in config.sys or autoexec which im thankful for because i'm new to all this, it did it for me and shows it in the boot up screen of irq settings, etc, before loading to the desktop. although i only tested one dos game, this was a nice experience. i would like to be able to have this sort of easy configuration with other laptops too, although newer, the better, the laptop didn't come with an ethernet port, i thought it would based off driver searching of this model giving a package for it. also, no internal wifi antennas for the mini pci slot. although it has (2) cardbus slots so you can still get ethernet, wifi and the pci modem (currently installed in mini slot) all working at the same time for maximum compatbility, also has a floppy drive and it was working. my goal is to find a pentium 4 laptop or amd laptop, basically any laptop that has a processor with up to sse2 instructions, while also having a dos compatible sound card, floppy drive, etc.
  6. bumping this thread again, has anyone actually got a working driver for the 845 / 865 graphics on windows 95? reason being is because i just checked asus's site for a few of their motherboards and they actually mention win95 under the section for the vga graphics for the "Intel(R) Brookdale-G Graphics Controller" which links to the 845 graphics and "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2562" being the hardware id. i was not able to get this particular graphics to work on certain systems, one of which was a dell dimension 1100 or 2400, not sure which one. the exact problem was that the system would either show the driver working in device manager but keep asking to set the resolution in the display adapter which i would but it wouldn't change it and would just do the same thing over and over after restarting the system, other instances, the driver wouldn't even be working in device manager. i don't remember the exact processes i had to do. is there a specific way that i would need to get this graphics to work on windows 95, being that the older operating systems tend to be a little nitpicky on the way things need to be setup. i usually install the driver through the changing display adapter way, but on some instances, it may need to be necessary to run the setup.exe of the driver package. i think i remember one of the installers mentioned to run the setup.exe, but not restart the system, then go to the add or remove hardware wizard to detect new devices, to which it would install more devices, and from there, you would need to restart, but all this doesn't make sense, why should you need to do that? i never seen a device need that sort of configuration. im not sure if this was even for windows 95. i have copied and pasted the link to the site of asus below that mentions the driver for win95 for the brookdale-g graphics for the P4BGL-VM motherboard, also the oldest driver i have found for ""PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2562" was version, i don't know if i tested this one before, but the one that asus posted is newer, sometimes newer drivers work, sometimes older ones work. i looked a revision history of the brookdale-g graphics and they had some releases that may been even earlier than the that i found, but i couldn't find any ones older than that. http://www.asus.com/support/Download/1/15/9/1/1/ http://www.asus.com/Static_WebPage/Windows_XP_Intel_Socket_478/
  7. im confused, are you trying to get wireless connection on the broadcom 94306mp or dell truemobile 1400? i've used the bcm94309mp like you mentioned, there is also the 94306mp, and other cards like the intel 21003a or 3b ( not sure on which one ), also the actiontec 802mip mini pci card works. usually, the utilities that come with the driver packages should let you find a network to connect to, but it is possible to use a seperate one such as wsc gaurd 4.0, allows up to wpa encrypted networks if the wifi card supports it, the utility doesn't work for all network cards. interesting enough, i searched old drivers for the dell truemobile 1400 mini pci card and apparently it links back to a 2001 driver with the same pci ven and windows 95 support, i will have to give it a check again but if this is correct, not only does it support 98SE, but also w95, and i have installed w95 on the dell latitude d600 before too with some decent support, some of the ethernet adapters are gigabit based which according to lone crusader, are no drivers for w95, but there is the other one, not sure which one, but had a working w95 driver, besides that and pcmcia and cardbus, all other devices had working drivers, gpu, sound, usb, modem, etc.
  8. i too worked with the dell latitude d600 on 98SE, i got all drivers to work, except for the pci cardbus bridge "PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_7112" or 7113 and cardbus controller "O2Micro-SmartCardBus_Reader-2E10", i tried like the oldest drivers for both, 2-26-02 or somewhere around there for the cardbus bridge and the other one was 10/06/2000,, but i may have not properly installed the drivers, at least for the cardbus controller portion, i believe that for the "O2Micro-SmartCardBus_Reader-2E10" portion, you have to first install scbase.exe, then smclib.exe, then other steps to get it working. for the cardbus bridge, probably have to run o2update.exe to get it work, but i don't know for sure on the process, maybe the drivers arent compatible. here is some information i got below from the "O2Micro-SmartCardBus_Reader-2E10" scrreadme portion, although it is meant for the O2Micro SmartCardBus Reader (OZ711E1) reader - O2Micro SmartCardBus Reader (OZ711E1) Installation Readme.txt Win2000 Installation ( V 1,0,0,0 ) ---------------------- - Insert the Reader and follow Plug/Play Procedure on the screen. Win98/Win98SE Installation ( V 1,0 ,0 ,1 ) ---------------------- NOte: Since SmartCard is not a standard component of Win98/Win98SE. please follow the procedure below befor installation. By the way, the OZ711E1 is not included in the PCMCIA.INF of Win98/Win98SE, so we need to execute the " O2setup.exe " in " O2 Cardbus " directory. - Run SCBASE.EXE FIRST, AND THEN SMCLIB.EXE on scbase directory. - Insert the Reader and follow Plug/Play Procedure on the screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO from the "readme"- Installing SmartCard driver procedure on Microsoft Windows 9x : ----------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The Smart Card driver is only for Notebook PC models with support for Smart Cards. If your Notebook PC does not support Smart Cards, do not install the Smart Card driver. 1. Run CDROM Driver:\SmartCard\Path\Win9XME\SCBASE.EXE 2. Run CDROM Driver:\SmartCard\Path\Win9XME\SMCLIB.EXE 3. Insert Smartcard after install above program. 4 Double-click the System icon in the Control Panel. 5. Click on "Device Manager" tab in System Properties. 6. Double-click on "O2Micro-SmartCardBus Reader" 7. Click on "Driver" tab, and click on "Update Driver" icon. 8. Click on "Next" twice. 9. Select "Specify a location:" only and click on "Browse..." 10. Please Select the Driver location. (example CDROM Drive:\SmartCard\711Driver\WIN98SE) 11. Click on "OK" button and click "Next" twice to start driver install. 12. Click on "Finish" and Reboot system to finish driver installation.
  9. i just tested some early flash 10 versions on nt 4.0 server ( ), one of which gave an error of something to do with setfilepoint, and videos wouldn't load or play, but i found a site that mentioned flash 8 working on nt 4.0 so i uninstalled existing ones and did as mentioned and i got it to work with flash player non internet explorer version, videos playing on opera 10.63 with the play button and other buttons visible. seems to be the newest version that works with some tweaking of the registry at first. link of thread is below, the flash 7 spoof is only needed for windows 95 which i have already been using for quite some time now - https://forums.techguy.org/threads/how-to-watch-youtube-and-view-flash-sites-in-windows-nt-4-0-and-possibly-windows-95.927854/
  10. hi, is that driver you linked to supposed to support sound in both dos and windows environment? reason being is that when i compare its strings to the newer one i mentioned, it doesn't list as many things, making it seem like the newer one contains more functions, but again, i don't what to compare really, just something to throw out. also in the newer drive package, it contains also an esssetup.exe, what is the difference between this one and the one you have that only mentions setup.exe? if i were to run the newer one, would i have to run both of those, esssetup and setup.exe?
  11. i recently put together a windows nt 4.0 server setup with dell latitude d600, most official updates and service packs installed, got all drivers to work, but i noticed that on youtube on opera 10.63, the video would play fine, but the buttons would not be shown unless i hovered towards the region. is this some sort of bug and not really fixable in a feasible manner or may it have to do with a flash player problem? the specific one i use is adobe flash player 9.0.47, would maybe using a older one fix the problem? of course, id rather use the newer version if there is a good benefit to it, i also extracted the windows me version of msimg32.dll file into system32, another thing im curious on to get working is to get 360p youtube video settings or higher, is this possible with a simple solution or would it require a lot of modification? i noticed that oldapps shows adobe adobe flash player 10 for windows nt, is there any benefit to this newer flash player if it even works? also, i know there is the unofficial directx 5.0 beta that can be installed, but is there any other benefit to this, other than being able to play some games that wouldn't have been possible without it? is there anything negative of installing the beta dx 5.0? i think someone also managed to get directx 6.0 to install and "work" on nt 4.0 as well, mentioned that they were able to get some games to work that required the newer version of directx, but i couldn't find the thread and if the packaged contents are available for download anymore if it was a specific unofficial installer.
  12. i have a compal n38w3 laptop that im gonna be testing to see if i can get dos sound working in windows 95, this is not a well known laptop, i think it uses the 440bx chipset. my goal was to find the newest laptops that have dos compatible sound drivers and this is one i came across that i thought may work. i am unsure of the steps to get the dos sound working on windows 95, i have acquired two sets of drivers, one of which has the setup inf for windows and the other one was downloaded off a forum specifically for dos sound that doesn't have a setup inf file but some other type of inf file (.ini). what im trying to ask is which one do i use or what do i do exactly? do i use both, one to install the windows driver to allow sound in windows, and then follow the instructions in the other folder package that has the .ini file to also allow sound in dos games or should the inf file package take care of both, so i have sound in both the windows environment and dos? the .ini file in the packaged folder is called essdos, and the other one was just downloaded off driverguide, the file version is, pci ven is "PCI\VEN_125D&DEV_1978", also known as the ess maestro 2 or 2e? or ess1978. someone replied in the thread below that it didn't work for the ess1978, though they didn't mention specifically what they did or why it didn't work, i browsed some other sites of people trying to get the same sound to work and someone was able to get it work using a certain newer driver, though they didn't mention which specific one or the steps they took to install dos sound. http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=19212 here is some info from the strings section of the setup inf packaged folder - AGOGOMF.DeviceDesc="ESS Device Manager" AGOGOEnum.DeviceDesc="ESS Multi-Device Enumerator" AGOGOXP.DeviceDesc="Maestro Wave/WaveTable Synthesis Devices" AGOGOSB.DeviceDesc="Maestro DOS Games/FM Devices" AGOGO401WD.DeviceDesc="Maestro MPU401 Devices" AGOGO401W.DeviceDesc="Maestro MPU401 Devices" V_EXTERNAL="Maestro External MIDI Port" and this is some info from the packaged folder one that didn't have the setup inf file but the .ini one - ES197x DOS Drivers Blaster Type : SoundBlaster Pro or compatible (8bit) Specific Type : ESS 1978 Maestro AudioDrive (16bit) Settings : Port=220 IRQ=5 DMA=1 HDMA= Midi= Type=4 DSP Version : 3.02 Compatibility : Adlib, SoundBlaster 2.0, SoundBlaster Pro Features : Stereo, ESS 1978 Maestro, FM + Wavetable Synthesis 16bit DAC/ADC, 4-48khz, PCI, DirectSound, DSound3D Manufacturer : ESS Technology (http://www.esstech.com) ~~~ Installation: unzip the files in root of c:\. add the following lines to your startup files: config.sys DEVICEHIGH=C:\AECU.SYS autoexec.bat LH C:\MAESTRO.COM :: SET BLASTER=A220 D1 I5 T4
  13. i tried versions 6.0, 5.5, and 5.0 for the intel processor frequency id utility and they give the error of unsupported operating system for windows nt 4.0 server. i didn't try 5.6, but i would assume that it wouldn't work. however, i got version 4.61 (fidenu21.exe) to work on nt 4.0 server, also cpu-z 1.52 works on nt 4.0 too, i could try later versions, but probably wouldn't be necessary, cpu-z 1.52 dates to 2009, i probably wouldn't use anything newer than a ich5 chipset anyways, since most of them use the integrated extreme graphics that is supported under nt 4.0 or a seperate agp / pci e graphics adapter which many are supported as well.
  14. thanks for the info. yes, i have tried cpu-z 1.32.1 before on windows 95. i don't need the newer processor utility per say, version 3.9 works on w95 and good enough, just thought it would be nice to have one a little newer. i use version 7.1 of the processor utility on windows 98SE builds as well as everest home 1.51 on both windows 95 and 98SE and they are nice applications to have as well as speedfan 4.28, hwmonitor 1.17 i think is what i use too for 98SE. i just recompiled my nt 4.0 server support contents with the processor utility version 6.0 (fidenu26.msi) which im just gonna assume will work and be good enough. i probably wouldn't be installing anything newer than a northwood pentium 4 on nt 4.0 anyways.my recent experimenting with nt 4.0 was actually not that bad, i mean, it was difficult to get working at first with the drivers and network part, but i learned some more things now on how to configure things. i got wifi to work and the sis 650 vga driver on the p4s-la revision 1.02 board, although i didn't get sound or ethernet to work, when checking event viewer, it had mentioned that alcxnt ( sound file ) could not be started or it failed, something along those lines, same for ethernet, a device attached to this system is not functioning, something like that. i suppose it was just bad drivers or incorrect driver installation, although they were specifically for nt. i guess i can find out if experimenting on a different setup and still not getting it work to know if it was something that i did wrong on properly installing the drivers or simply the drivers were not compatible.
  15. i am looking for the intel processor frequency id utility versions 5.6 and / or the last ones that work on windows 95 and windows nt 4.0 server ( regular version ). i tried to download them via links from one of the other thread which i can't reply to having to do with cpu microcode, and the links wouldn't work, even when using waybackmachine. i tried manually typing fidenu25.msi into filewatcher and that to didn't bring anything, there was like one site that had them in archive when doing a google search but appeared to be filled with viruses and still wouldn't download. the latest version of the utility i have on windows 95 that i got working is 3.9, it was mentioned that 4.0 and newer don't work and yes, i wasn't able to get them to work, however, it was said that 5.6 works, but why? how come 4.0 - 5.5 wouldn't work, but they have 5.6 as working? i tried version 6.5 on nt 4.0 server and even though it was mentioned on the list of support, it said it wasn't supported when trying to install, or perhaps the information was misleading. so does anyone have an archived version or one they can upload of version 5.6 or the newest one for nt 4.0 server?
  16. i've been trying to get windows 95 working properly on the dell inspiron 2600 laptop but still having issues. it seems that the problem directs to the graphics adapter. at first, setup wouldn't get passed 20 percent of the hardware detection process, so i went ahead and reran setup and choose safe recovery as recommended by the setup wizard, it then mentioned that i needed to manually select a vga display adapter, so i selected the one already highlighted. after setup, i noticed that there were 3 different graphics adapters in device manager with 2 unknown monitors in the monitor section. the unknown monitors were shown to be working properly with no errors or exclamation marks, but one of the graphics adapter in display adapters section has an exclamation mark, this one is called standard display adapter (vga) and has the error code 27, mentioning try changing the driver, the other two are standard pci graphics adapter and standard pci graphics adapter (vga) and mentioned as working with no error markings. This is the second time i did a clean install in a slightly different way, the first time, the only difference was that in the bios, i had the lcd simultaneous mode option enabled during setup, then i changed it to the lcd only mode, the other one is crt only mode. but i don't think that changed anything so i decided that maybe if i had the lcd mode only before running setup, then setup would configure the devices differently, but it still didn't change anything, and i had to rerun the setup with safe recovery, as mentioned above. the first time, i installed all necessary drivers, updates, etc, before installing the graphics driver, and when i did, it just hanged on the restart part, after doing the driver installation when selecting change display adapter, and manually selecting the device, i had to shut down the computer manually, scandisk ran and upon reboot, it gave a fatal exeption of some sort and then pressing enter, brought the desktop screen but looked a bit messed up, like the taskbar was skewed upward and taking up a large portion of the screen. i then changed the resolution to 1024x768, and it didn't look messed up anymore but i noticed something strange, that the next updates i was trying to do weren't being installed properly or not responding. like part of the wizard would initiate, and then cut out, and the computer would freeze on and off. after restarting, it did the usual scandisk, which i did, but same fatal exeption, except it didn't even boot to the desktop anymore, that is when i decided to do a clean install with the lcd mode only in bios checked now. so, what exactly can be the issue or issues? is there a way i can remove the multiple display adapters or monitors in device manager to possibly cure the problem? also, would it better to try install the graphics adapter next time using the setup wizard, instead of doing it by changing display adapter? and lastly, how exactly do i install pcmcia drivers / cardbus support? there is a pci cardbus bridge in the other devices section in yellow, and also pcic or compatible pcmcia controller in red in the pcmcia socket section of device mananger, i have what appears to be the drivers for the pcmcia / cardbus, it has a setup option in the package contents and an inf.
  17. here is what's interesting, with windows 98SE installed on the same laptop, the hardware id mentioned the gpu as mobility m7 or mobility 7500 instead of mobility m6. i used the windows 95 driver i had for mobility 7500 and its working fine in windows 98SE. maybe perhaps if i used this same driver i have on 98SE on w95, then it would've worked, strange though, i never had this issue on other computers, they would always display the same hardware id for the gpu when experimenting on different operating systems on the same laptop.
  18. hi guys, i tested drivers 4.13.7112 and 4.13.7115 for the mobility m6 driver on windows 95 and both did not work, the problem is similar to what i experienced when trying to get the intel extreme graphics 2 driver or 845g, 865g or similar driver to install on windows 95, i was able to find a driver that mentioned "working" in device manager after installation but it would constantly ask to set the resolution or adapter type upon reboot that shows the resolution and color bit mode, i do not wish to go further in diagnosis or detailed info, im moving on with this build anyways and trying something different, if there is something that i can check out or provide info that is very specific, then i may provide that. i simply wanted to make it known that based on my experience, i was not able to get the drivers to work. if there are other things that could be done or checked out, then i may try these solutions in the future if i want to. the laptop i was using with windows 95 installed was gateway 450rog. the hardware id of the gpu was "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4C59". the 4.13.7112 driver seemed to not even install anything, its as if it was a blank driver, the 4.13.7115 installed and mentioned working in device manager but had the problem with the display adapter and resolution setting. i hope i helped out addressing at least part of the issues.
  19. thanks guys for the info, getting into the depth of all this and understanding would be quite difficult, i was simply trying to check a particular thing and apparently that has been cleared now. the only thing left now is to test the drivers, if they work, then good, if not, well, i can still use the laptop with a different operating system such as windows 98 that would support the driver.
  20. thanks for the info, i download 7-zip and opened the dl_ file and then copied the dll file into the desktop, opened it up with eXeScope 6.00, checked the info in header, export, import, and resource bullets and there were no names under enumdisplaymonitors, does this mean the driver might work on windows 95? what way would cure the problem? and what program would i need to edit the dl_ file or whatever file(s) to make a working driver?
  21. i am trying to get a working driver for the mobility m6 graphics on windows 95, i tried certain drivers and couldn't get it work before so i was trying to get older ones and i found two of them that are older to test but i noticed that there might be something else preventing the drivers from working, based on this thread here below - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/132611-mobility-radeon-9200-on-win95c/ post #7, the person mentions "make sure that Windows 98/ME ONLY API call USER32.EnumDisplayMonitors is NOT present so such driver CAN support Windows 95.". so going by this, all i would need to do is open up the dll file in dependency walker ( which im new to ) and remove or delete the information mentioning the above? the thing is, i can't expand the dl_ file so i can open the dll file in dependency walker as explained in post #7 of the above thread, it just mentions can't open input file...
  22. other than this usb wifi issue, have you, rloew or anyone else worked on trying to get 360p resolution on youtube for windows 95? i mean, what exactly prevents from going more than 240p on the youtube video settings? i've tried the flash 7 spoof on both firefox and opera 10.63, but the max i can get is 240p. i tried to use the non ie flash 8 npswf32.dll plug in copied to the plug in folders of both browsers that someone mentioned off one site that should work, not the npswf32.dll file itself, but simply installing via the flash 8 non ie exe file, but none of the ways i tried worked.
  23. i checked dlink's site using waybackmachine and the earliest instance i found for the dwl-120 was december 2000, though i couldn't download the driver using the box selection provided through the site. i think i will just leave this as is, maybe someone like problemchyld can modify the existing windows 98 drivers to work on windows 95 to be provided later?
  24. i asked this before to see if there are any usb wireless b adapters that work on windows 95 but was basically given the answer no, but i thought i still try out one on windows 95 and so far, i have no luck in getting it work, i get a code 2 in device manager of device failure, try changing the driver, even though the specific driver package i got had a seperate win95 folder with the driver. i only tried one driver version dated 3-1-01 which is the oldest one i found for the dwl-120 that im testing but i know there should be older ones but i am unable to find an older version. the reason why i believe there should be older drivers is because i saw one review of the dwl-120 that is the same exact picture of the one im using, the review date was 1-25-01 by tim higgins. the hardware id is "USB\VID_03eb&PID_7603". i think its possible that sometime before, i found a dwl-120 driver that was dated in december 2000, but im not sure. below is some more information of the device - AT76C503A based FastVNET USB 11M Network Adapter [uSB] %USBFVNETA.DeviceDesc% = USBFVNETA.Ndi,USB\VID_03eb&PID_7603 [strings] USB = "ATMEL" USBFVNETA.DeviceDesc = "ATMEL USB FastVNET (A)" USBFVNETA.DisplayName = "ATMEL USB FastVNET (A)"
  25. i tried to find out if there are any sites that have a comprehensive analysis of wifi chipset quality / performance by googling several different search queries but couldn't really find any actual lists, passmarks, or heirarchy of them. im apparently using an atheros 9485 chipset used in the rosewill pci express wireless n wifi card, but only getting 3-4 bars, usually good signal quality but sometimes it can be fair but i would rather have 5 bars always or excellent signal quality. my older tp link wireless n usb adapter would get 4-5 bars and seemed a little faster / better, i even swapped out the 2dbi antenna on the rosewill and put the 4dbi antenna from the tp link one and its still not in the same performance as the tp link one which makes me assured that the chipset is probably just lower in quality than the tp link one. i mean sure, there can be other factors, but i don't want to go through the hassle of tweaking things and changing settings to make the wifi card perform better, i simply want to know which ones are better, if there is a list or chart of wifi chipsets, etc. i also researched powerline ethernet adapters but i don't think that would be a good solution as its not practical for me. my home uses somewhat old wiring so i don't think it would even work well, the power outlets are pretty close to one another so i don't think i can even an adapter that will fit while providing another free outlet, and even if i do, i would have to use a extension for my other computer cables, making it more messy and creating more interference, besides the price of the adapters being expensive too.

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