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  1. has anyone gotten the intel 845 / 845g, 845gv graphics to work on windows 95? also, from the research i have done, it seems that the 845 series graphics are the same as the 865, both giving the same name intel extreme graphics 2? or are they a little different? i was not able to get either of them to work, after installing the driver on previous builds, it would just bring an error message of a missing function, i think it was hkcmd or some tray item and i each time i tried to redetect the adapter / change resolution, it would just bring me back to the same problem. besides that, does anyone know any details on the 830gm graphics, like what it is called? would this be the original intel extreme graphics? i was gonna see if maybe i could just use the 830gm drivers for the 845 graphics, or they are not the same? the reason why i would like to use the 845 chipset is because older chipsets dont support processors with sse2, and i would like the instructions for certain websites that may need it ( even though, most sites won't work properly on a windows 95 machine ), its always better to have the extra instruction sets. and of course, so i don't have to buy a separate video card, it saves me a little money while having directx 8.0a support through the 845 graphics. so is there a way to work around the graphics problem, note though that i did try using the vbemp drivers and those didn't work out too well, i would experience a lot of lock ups and freezes in the computer when opening up programs or just doing anything in general, but i did look up another thing which mentioned support for hardware acceleration and possibly a more stable driver but don't remember where it was in this forum. but all this being said, i would rather have the onboard graphics working on the 845 chipset. i have downloaded some driver files from the site in the below link to be tested which mentions 845 for intel video card drivers on windows 95, i don't see any 865 drivers, but i see up to 855gm, so are these legit sources or its not possible to have these installed on windows 95 and they are simply mistyped into that section? - http://www.video-drivers.com/companies/496.htm?acd=3&rvd=5&thx=9&bng=7&o=2
  2. well i just tested mp4 and mpeg2 video samples in windows media player 7.1 with the addec codecs and mp4 wouldn't even play, mpeg2 would play with sound working perfectly fine, noticably better quality sound than regular mpeg and i would be perfectly happy with mpeg2 videos, however, more than half the video was torn up with green lines, so mpeg2 was not a success either. could there be any additional plug ins / codecs / updated files that i can add to make the videos play properly? youtube sounds like crap with the 240p settings compared to the mpeg2 video sound quality that i just tested out and i thought it had to do with having a low end sound card, but apparently it was youtube's quality.
  3. would really like to see a patched youtube plug in for firefox that will allow watching movies higher than 240p. the patched flash player 7.0 plug for firefox only allows up to 240p and its simply too low of a resolution. windows media player 6.4 / 7.1 seems to be out of the question, regardless of using the added codec packages, i was still not able to get mp4 videos to work, i have not tested mpeg2 yet, i think i may give it a try soon. a better alternative to all this is coverting an existing mp4 file into mpeg2 so that windows media player can at least play it in a reasonable quality instead of plain old mpeg ( although i have not tested this out yet to see if mpeg2 even works ) but its possible that mpeg4 can still be made to work. i will have to see. but yeh, it would certainly help if there was a software that can easily convert existing files such as mpeg2 to mpeg or mpeg4 to mpeg2, etc, so that whoever is using the computer, doesnt have to go through the trouble of going to one computer, converting files, and doing the same thing over and over, just to get one thing to work on windows 95. would anyone happen to know any offline software that does this sort of work?
  4. ok, thanks for the info. for some wierd reason though, i was not able to get the winsock to install with or without dun14-95 installed first, that is why you see the older updates i mentioned, msdun12 and 13. i had to always install msdun12 before winsock 2 or winsock would get corrupt and simply wouldnt install, i also like to have the updates installed in the way they were released as if this was in the time that the operating system was supported and just released the specific updates for the first time and this way gave me the least problems so far and that is why i have them. i will be removing oainst as i never had a problem with how that installed, like you said, it will install anyways with either w95y2k and / or dcom95, ie 5.5 sp2, i have all 3. other than that, windows 95 did give me the most problems in general, always giving strange errors such as illegal operations, out of memory messages, even if i limited the minfilecache and maxfilecache to 0 and maxphyspage to 480 MB, i originally keep it at 920 MB. i reinstalled the os today for like the millionth time because i like to start fresh always and i just don't know have the expertise of dealing with problems one by one in the system as it takes too long for me to usually fix the problem but for some reason, the ip settings or something to do with winsock did not get installed right because even after installing the wifi card drivers for the cisco 350 pci lan card, it still wouldn't connect to the internet, and winipcfg would give error messages so it was not possible to release and renew ip addresses. another thing wierd is that for a lot of devices in device manager, i had to manually copy system files beforehand because the wizard would keep asking for certain system, dll, etc files from certain cab folders of the windows 95 disk, but i never had the ability to access these files because the wizard only gives the option of selecting paths that you previously used to search for drivers in certain folders, so the only way to install all drivers and system files was to put them in the SAME folder of the driver so that it automatically installs the necessary files. i don't know if this is a problem with windows 95 / 98 as an operating system and other people experience a lot, or it has something to do with problems with first installing the os causes these issues? another problem is that the graphics card on some installations has a resources conflict with the pci standard pci-to-pci bridge, but still works fine..., but when you try to go change the resources so that there is no conflicts, it actually messes up the display adapter and resolution goes back to the lowest resolution without the driver. for now, im taking a break and do plan on reinstalling the os, but if there is something that im specifically missing or not doing right, please let me know, im open to new info that can easily fix the issues im having. but wow, i do have to say that windows 95 and even 98 are really picky lol.
  5. i did do the unzipping of certain updates before using winrar to check the file dates, but i couldn't decipher whether or not the updates were 100 percent for ors 2.5 or later, or older because some of the files located in the unzipped updates were older, such as 1996, some were slightly newer than the distribution of osr 2.5 which i believe would be 4-23-1997, this made me think that they may have been for osr 2.1 or older possibly, regardless, i just kept these updates because if they installed and i did not see any immediate problems afterwards, than that was just enough to keep them. im assuming that any updates that have a date newer than 4-23-1997 for at least one of the files in them would make them for osr 2.5 too and even the worst thing that can happen is that if you try to install an update that is already installed, it won't install twice, windows 95 will automatically check and see if it already has the update and will tell you? i did also use mdgx's website and acquired some stuff from there, some of them being unoffcial ones, such as the updated scandisk from windows me. you mentioned that oainst installs with msdun12 or 13? so i would not need the individual update oainst?
  6. I never got around to compiling a list beyond what is listed already in this thread, either in my posts or in the various linked pages. I doubt that you will find a more thorough attempt at this anywhere else, because even here at MSFN Windows 95 is followed and used by only a small handful of users compared to the 98/ME crowd. If you want to provide a list of what you have it might help in figuring out what you are lacking, if anything, and may provide some information that is lacking here if I have not covered everything. When installing Firefox 2 on Windows 95 you should do as many updates as you can first, and then you have to take some careful steps when running the installer and BEFORE running Firefox. There are a couple of threads out there about this, but some of them take unnecessary steps. Here's a set of instructions I wrote down some time ago for making it work. Install Firefox 2.0.0.x on Windows 951. Update Windows 95 with Microsoft updates to the fullest extent possible.i.e. - DCOM, DX8a, DUN14-95, IE4.01 SP1, IE5.5 SP2, WINSOCK2, & others2. Run the Firefox 2.0.0.x installer, choose Custom Install, uncheck:"DOM Inspector" and "Quality Feedback Agent"3. BEFORE RUNNING FIREFOX - Go to Start > Find > Files or Folders - search for"nsSearchService.js" and "nsSafebrowsingApplication.js"Delete both of these files.4. Run Firefox, it will ask to import settings from Internet Explorer, choose"Don't Import Anything"5. Install Addons and Plugins as usual.Once you have done this see this thread for Flash issues. I can't help you here; if your video card cannot produce higher resolutions then there's no way around it unless you replace the card. There's an outside chance a program such as PowerStrip might help you, but I have no experience with it. i did apply all those steps you mentioned in order to install and make firefox to work. i may give powerstrip a try but the resolution problem is just an optional thing so that is the least problem. for the updates folder i have, i have 59 collected, but i do also have some on the side not in that specific folder with the 59 updates which includes directx 8.0a, ms config ( windows 98 version for use on windows 95 ), cleanmgr ( disc cleanup from windows 98 on windows 95 ), and others. here is the list of just the 59 updates below, they are not in order, just listed, also, if your not sure on a certain update, i may have more information of the specific update like if its a security update, critical update, etc, oh and i forgot to the mention that there were a few updates that i removed because they simply didnt work or were not applicable for my system - 2_4date 50comupd 168115us5 236926usa5 238453US5 245729us5 249070USA5 249973USA5 256015USA5 259728usa5 265334US5 266772USA5 273727USA5 273991USA5 CDVSDUPD crlupd DC95Inst dcm9xCfg DISKUPD dlc32upd dun14-95 DX904706 FrancFix hhupd instmsi Jet40SP8_9xNT mdac26sp1 MSAA_13_SDK msdun12 msdun13 msxml3 nwredup4 OAINST prnt5upd Q175629 q240308 Q245213 q329414 remideup ROOTSUPD secupd2 SOCKSVUP speu SYSDMUPD unicows VC6RedistSetup_enu vipup11 vipup20 VPWRUPD vrdrupd vtdapi95 w95filup W95ws2setup WM9Codecs9x wmi9x wmp6cdcs wmv9VCMsetup WPNPINS y2kvdhcp
  7. does anyone have a list of official updates that were issued for windows 95 osr 2.5 ( version c )? i have acquired almost all updates i believe but i would like to make sure i have the right updates, espicially the right dates because i already have an existing checklist document i made for myself of all released updates / hotfixes and i wanna make sure that the updates are installed in the right order. i was gonna make a new thread for this but i thought it would be more appropriate to just bump this thread. i think there may be a few updates that i acquired that may not be legit or not the exact ones that microsoft released or some of them are not necessary maybe. other than making sure i have the right updates and all of them, i would also like to try to fix some issues i have had within the operating system. one problem being an illegal operation in firefox which happens after asking for certificates over and over. i tried to make the browser automatically accept certificates but it still does the same thing. i also found that youtube would give the illegal operation error and sites like oldapps or oldversion would give the "disallowed key characters" message and files would not download, to fix this, i had to disable allowing cookies for all sites except for youtube.com in the exception list. of course, the illegal operation errors still comes when i first load the browser on certain sites, but after going on them and accepting the certificates several times, the errors seem to go away. i was wondering if people had similar issues and what routes they used to fix them. one thing i would like to accomplish is getting a higher resolution from the video card / monitor. the computer im working on has a geforce ti 200 64 MB video card and the max resolution is only 1024 x 768 i believe, but i feel like its a little small for some websites in displaying information and in general and i would like to see if its possible to get it to a higher one such as 1366x768. i tried to download the monitor driver and it actually installed through device manager, its a lcd 18.5 inch widescreen monitor made my samsung, so fairly modern. however, that didnt really do anything i believe, i was still not able to access any other resolutions past 1024x768.

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