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  1. yes @Barian , my file Windows XP sp2.bmp is displayed as wallpaper after a fresh install of Windows instead of bliss

    like @T D said , the file will be copied by windows itself in his right place c:\windows\web\wallpaper

    in fact all content of $OEM$\$$\ folder will be copied during installation in c:\windows\ (%windir%) folder.

    the code is runned by a file named applications.cmd (name it what you want)

    at path $OEM$\$1\Install\

    and this .cmd file is launched in WINNT.SIF by GUIRunOnce section


    all content of $OEM$\$1\Install\ folder will be copied in c:\ (%systemdrive%) folder

    by windows .


    @echo off 
    echo .
    REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\APPlications_before.reg


    APPlications_before.reg is also in $OEM$\$1\Install\ folder and contain

    the code in my post above.

    you can read all this folders stuff and more in the guide Unattended Windows , here at MSFN.

  2. 1. debug mode checked , install process start !

    2. thank you @sadicq for your work

    but, my boot time is already high (or extra high for bitdefender systems)

    so i will wait for implementation in future versions

    and because this ISNT a real problem no much

    pain here if will not be implemented.

    @sadicq have you a variant of old/first version of config.au3

    who work with 5.x ? the version who only create the text file .

  3. or you can simply SET your custom background :

    my file is Windows XP SP2.bmp

    i put them in $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper

    and run this

    ;Change the Default Wallpaper to the one you want
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General]
    "BackupWallpaper"="c:\\windows\\web\\wallpaper\\Windows XP SP2.bmp"
    "Wallpaper"="c:\\windows\\web\\wallpaper\\Windows XP SP2.bmp"
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]
    "Wallpaper"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Web\\Wallpaper\\Windows XP SP2.bmp"

    make sure is .bmp your file

    normally if is .jpg or other , windows xp will make a temporar .bmp from him

    and put it in local documents and settings\user\...bla bla

    i dont know how or if will work uA with above settings if isnt .bmp

  4. thank you very much . works very well on my home computer.

    but , on one computer at my work

    the copy to button is disabled

    for the Administrator account

    even i am logged with another account

    with administrative privilegies.

    (i want to copy there the Administrator

    settings for other user.)

    is there a solution ?

    or maybe i miss something ?

  5. NOT A BUG , just an effect of changing of Glossy layout and depend of language.

    probably will appear in other languages too. this not happend in versions up to 5.1.

    so , how can I manipulate the text over there ? size, font ...pozition ?

    or how can i enlarge the width of that column ? of course without affect the others.


  6. for %%U in (kb*.exe) do ...

    nice script !

    but if for me is important the install order for few critical updates :

    @IcemanND , how is modified %%U in your script ? (grown alfabetically / after entry date in folder...)

  7. Forced install should be forced. Period :P
    of course. isnt this the name : forced ?

    i said only that the behaviour of up_to_WPI4.3.8beta2 (last i used before 5.0beta1) is different

    from wpi5.x

    force on exit checked, do not make me happy. so i dont use it .

    with force on exit UNchecked

    - wpi_up_to_438, on begin install execute all forced, on exit do not execute forced

    - wpi_5.x , on begin install DO NOT execute forced, on exit do not execute forced

    i dont know if the boolean was right there in 4.3.8 or now in 5.x

    but i used it in 4.3.8, with proper numbers ordr[pn] in config.js,

    i had more than one execute_after. this is all. for me just a vanished (used) feature.

    i reconfigured my config.js and i can live with a single execute_after.

    thats all.

    now happy can make me (an who know , maybe others ..!)

    an execute_before_before and an execute_after_after

    (an execute_before_before executed before even wpi.hta kernel is started

    an execute_after_after executed after wpi.hta/mshta.exe is completly ended )

    because i still need to use for that a wpi.cmd.

    I agree with having options on it though.
    always more options , more flexibility.

    but like i said , i can live without THIS option

    anyway , for my configuration now this isnt a priority .

    other opinions ...??

  8. bugs still reports here ?

    ...I can't reproduce the problem. Can you send me your config?
    i will made a file for you , to study, after my uA_DVD this month

    all my entries in config.js have fileexist as cond[] , so you cannot view something..

    without programs in their locations

    old minor bug, no rush...

  9. thank you , thank you ...

    but PLEASEeee..... ,

    * If a grayed condition is true, the checkbox is now disabled so there is no

    way it can be selected.

    tell me what part of code i must to kill

    for not disable this checkboxes ?

    i dont care if this will not be a standart in WPI final

    i need it, i will make here manually...

    i done this with 4.3 but, i can find the code to replace for4 4.3

    but in 5.o is something else , no ?

  10. two things about WPI_Log.txt , both very easy to do

    1. if exist WPI_Log.txt , do not overwrite , apend instead

    of course delimited somehow with graphical

    nothing to loose with append way.

    2. all lines indented , except those with errors

    simply to view errors

    or other method to view easily errors

  11. ...That's just my conspiracy theory. ;)
    like i said : or maybe the antivirus producers know some i dont.

    and after 18 months on my computer cmdow.exe...

    i realize now than i never copied cmdow in my \%SystemRoot%\System32 ..!

    and yes was detected there too...???

    i use it since i discover WPI here at MSFN .

    maybe WPI copy it there ? i dont think this...

    so.. deleted ... and ask help from autoIT to do the job .

  12. I had been working with Lawrenca on this for a few days before I figured it out. When doing a gcond[] or cond[] check for registry settings he would get the error message "....Treating as false condition....", however it goes. This method works:

    gcond[pn]=['try{WshShell.regRead("HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\7-Zip\\Path") != "" ? true : false}catch(ex){;}'];

    The try{} and catch{} eliminate the error message. Modify for your needs.

    so , if i want to check


    $Regpath = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player 10\KB911565"

    if exist the key

    $KeyToCheck = "DisplayVersion"

    and if exist the $KeyToCheck, at $Regpath with a value

    $KeyValueExpected = "2"

    and only then my gcond must be true (i use this in an autoIT script)

    you say I can use without error something like

    gcond[pn]=['try{WshShell.regRead($Regpath\\$KeyToCheck) == $KeyValueExpected ? true : false}catch(ex){;}'];

    or translated

    gcond[pn]=['try{WshShell.regRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Updates\\Windows Media Player 10\\KB911565\\DisplayVersion") == "2" ? true : false}catch(ex){;}'];

  13. file deleted here too.

    false positive , or maybe the antivirus producers know some i dont.

    after 18 months on my computer cmdow.exe was

    first detected on-line scanning , 4..5 weeks ago, sorry dont remember who/where

    and from 2..3 weeks my local bitdefender says same about cmdow.

    .. ?

    Do I need to use CMDOW.exe?
    no you dont. cmdow just hide a .cmd/DOS window.

    i prefere to see a dos window vs. an antivirus alert.

    especially when i insert my WPI DVD in other computer (friends... !)

  14. no bug , just an old problem who still exist

    with no_column_break_in_categories checked :

    if i have 20 categories , each with 14 programs

    but 13 of them in every category hided (cond[]=false) ,

    wpi will show 20 programs in 20 columns (1program x 20categories)

    (7 pages with 3 columns) each column with only one program listed

    wpi still preserve space in columns for ALL programs in a category

    i dont know if is easy to count the programs in a category

    AFTER the cond[] is evaluated ...

  15. felicitari pentru promovare .

    (ours local football teams gets both promotions to first league)

    i know .bat files 100% will work on w98.

    but , what i dont know is if ALL my commands

    inside my .cmd files will work (especially regs commands ?...)

    .bat files are 100% compatible with .cmd files ?

    this really i dont know...

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