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  1. all my critical hotfixes are like :

    prog[pn]=['Update 11 : KB898461 .(s)'];


    desc[pn]=['<font color=gray">Windows XP + SP2 Update : </font><br />This update installs a permanent copy of Package Installer for Windows to enable software updates to have a significantly smaller download size. The Package Installer facilitates the install of software updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products.<br /><font color="gray">(descrierea Microsoft)</font&gt];



    cat[pn]=['Critical UpDates XP32 SP3'];



    deps[pn]=['QCHAIN']; <---- i dont want delete this line

    cond[pn]=['getOSver()==XP" && FileExists("%wpipath%\\_WPIapp\\_XP32\\Hotfixes_Critical\\KB898461.exe") && FileExists("%windir%\\Debug\\KB898461.log")];


    cmd1[pn]=['%wpipath%\\_WPIapp\\_XP32\\Hotfixes_Critical\\KB898461.exe /q /n /z'];






    for gcond = true , i have not gcond_color (.gtxt) , i have instead normal_color (.txt)

    IF , i delete deps[pn] line , then the behavoiur is normal , .gtxt appear.


    anyway , still need here a tip for enable on load gcond check boxes, with .gtxt color.

  2. how about hot keys ? without buttons.

    i like one for turn on <show extra buttons> , when run from hdd and is off this switch

    refreshing WPI interface, restarting the timer. (instead edit manually useroptions.js)

    or maybe just turn on the switch temporary , without write this in the file useroptions.js

    next WPI boot starting with saved switch off.

    and other , when run from any media the WPI interface,

    to open in notepad.exe the last <WPI_Log.txt>,

    stoping the timer.

  3. ...If you could post me your compiled autoIT script that would be really useful.

    sorry , over 2 weeks holiday .

    but never isnt too late.

    the script is up to date (including august hotfixes)

    for every installed hotfix , create a file kbxxxxxx.log in

    c:\windows\debug (%windir%\debug , in fact)

    i choose this , because i am a ccleaner fan, and ccleaner use to delete

    all logs from systemdrive , including those with same names kbxxxxxx.log

    created by hotfixes during instalation in c:\windows folder.

    so i use in WPI something like

    prog[pn]=['Update 10 : KB893803 .(s)'];





    cat[pn]=['Critical UpDates XP32 SP3'];




    cond[pn]=['getOSver()==XP" && FileExists("%wpipath%\\_WPIapp\\_XP32\\Hotfixes_Critical\\KB893803.exe") && FileExists("%windir%\\Debug\\KB893803v2.log")'];


    cmd1[pn]=['%wpipath%\\_WPIapp\\_XP32\\Hotfixes_Critical\\KB893803.exe /q /n /z'];






    all my config.js here post #9

    (and some more explanations about my config.js)

    if this help you and you need more help just say it.



  4. my config.js .

    all entries have cond's ,

    part of them have gcond enabled

    (from those only my 56 critical hotfixes already installed have both : gcond and deps enabled).

    1 use for every critical hotfix 2 entries (each entry in different category),

    one with gcond+deps (for installed hotfixes)

    other only with deps (for UNinstalled hotfixes)

    i use different categories because,

    i want the uninstalled hotfixes in separate category for check them all more easy


  5. thank you @sadicq . this work . i have check boxes with gcond=true enabled again.

    BUT (always must be a but) i havent anymore gcond color for ALL my entries with gcond=true

    (they change to selected color when selected)

    anyway , before that change , i havent gcond color for my entries with deps enabled ?!

    this is a bug in my opinion , new in 5.3.

    i have only the 56 critical hotfixes (today) with deps[pn]=['QCHAIN'];

    none have gcond color, they have normal color. (cannot select them, before above change)

    other entries with gcond=true and without deps enabled have gcond color.

  6. I have tried that method and had no luck with it. It seemed to make the statement true is the key DatabasePath was found and din't actually look at the value and base it's true/false condition based on that.
    would be nice in the future when you ask some

    to point the unsuccesfull tries.

    then a lot of us can learn from your experience and maybe other can spare time.

    I don't really want to use autoIt as I understand that requires another scripting library to be registered and this is for a corporate build so wouldn't really be appropriate.
    autoIT is 100% free and like @zorphnog said

    an .exe file is just an .exe file .

    Shame WPI don't seem to do this sucessfully or shame I am a doughnut and can't work it out.
    WPI is an open project , more people work hard and spend a lot of time to improve it, test it,

    and if any person blame WPI without reasons, this do not contribute in any way in WPI developing.

    returning to your specific problem , like i said, and others said before me, gcong has a problem with read regs.

    in this moment WPI had other major problems , so i advice you for twice , to use other way.

    probably after a stabilised version of WPI , a lot of minor issues like this will be solved properly.

    if you want i can attach for you my autoIT script.

  7. part of answer could be found here

    not tested , because @Lawrenca do not give me an answer

    and already i have implemented other method for eliminate regs gcond error.

    i run an autoIT script before launch WPI

    and if reg condition is true , then the autoIT script create for me

    a file, like KBxxxxxx.log , in a specific place (c:\windows\debug, folder here)

    and my gcond use FileExist() function , who never give me errors.

    if you want to test @Lawrenca way , let me know if works.

  8. :ph34r:Soon WPI 5.9 will replace Windows

    (any version , just you will check what you want : 3.1, 95, 98SE, Me, 2000 , XP, Vista...)

    the next version 6.0 will replace also Linux , Unix any version, OS2 and more others OSs

    version 6.5 will include WPIOFFICE , WPINERO,WPIWINDVD ... and nothing for free :w00t:

    for every click on WPIOS your PayPal account will increase (contextual) with 10 or more $...

  9. Great piece of software, first time user :thumbup

    Is it possible to install certain types of software to different folders on the programs menu?

    DVD Shrink to DVD folder etc


    also ,

    WPI DO NOT install anything UNATTENDED

    WPI DO NOT put anywhere serials

    if your program CAN ACCEPT as parameter or switch something like

    changing the default folder where you install the program, or set a serial, or more others..

    WPI will cooperate with this.

    this is your job to find the ways .

    WPI just RUN your programs

    @Kelsenellenelvian , i think is time to elaborate a bit the Sticky: What is WPI?

    more and more new post with questions like this .

  10. What is contained in the defs.exe file?

    probably the last file (downloaded) with definitions , sfx-ed with options like

    ;The comment below contains SFX script commands
    Path=%systemdrive%\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\

    this the way i use for lavasoft, SE not Pro.

    no separate program folder here.

  11. some problems here with player in install part.

    my old song .mid in WPI is playing , in install not (Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei)

    other .mp3 in install part is interrupted twice on every second .. starting for 10..20 seconds ok .

    and when start the interruptions , the install process is delayed ...!?

    i burn already a CD with WPI (separate CD, not uA)

    same old song in my old disks wpi 4.38b2 , install part, is ok !

    ok , ok , i made with your recommendations some MINOR changes , but

    yours WPI how are they playing ? especially in install part ? (not from harddisk)

    maybe some wrong with my media player + updates v. ?

  12. 1. comment : pause button can be nice. something like , if you press this button , the entry in use will be finish

    the next entries will be ignored (+/- execute after ??)

    2. on topic : maybe for 5.3 , but

    if we have tool tips , why cannot see them in install window ???

    ...somewhere somehow... i have 1024x768 pixels

    if a program is installed , during this,

    its tool tips can be showed, somewhere the text , someelse the image...

    3. on topic : a scrolled window pointed to a file info_ro, info_en..., in lang golder (or other names)

    info_xx , containing tips ... like

    <!-- Buttons bar -->

    <td width="235" valign="top" nowrap>

    and others .

    position of this window : Interface tab ( a lot of space there).

  13. for me, for your need , the simply way is to use cond (vs gcond)

    if cond is false , WPI do not show the entry ,

    so if you do not see it , you cannot check it ...

    sample here, for a critical hotfix for XP

    cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="XP" && FileExists("%wpipath%\\_WPIapp\\_XP32\\Hotfixes_Critical\\KB873339.exe") && FileExists("%windir%\\Debug\\KB873339.log")'];

    if os is DIFFERENT THAN XP , WPI hide this entry .

    for me gcond is good to know if the entry is already installed.

    gcond only change the color for me (good thing also) .

    maybe you must look for the operators :

    == equal

    != not equal

    && and

    || or

    ! not .... those i use

    i dont know all of them , maybe this kind of list can be helpful for all of us

    ...? kel ? i am sure you can help us with this ? a complet list of operators , variables..

    (some of us are not friends with applets,scripts... java, html.....)

  14. i had another problem

    solved there by @sadicq 2 posts below.

    i have now entries with grayed conditions true enable for checking

    and if i check an entry with "deps[pn]" activate , mother entry is auto-checked.

    i dont know if this 2 things are related , but i have only the critical hotfixes (52 entries today)

    "deps[pn]" to qchain entry, the hotfixes are already installed , and now

    when i have them enabled , when i check one hotfix or category (all hotfixes),

    qchain is checked too (qchain is in another category ..).


    with same "deps[pn]" , do not work IF mother entry (here qchain) has gcond enable .

    with gcond for qchain , i have not auto checked for qchain if i check an entry or all category.

  15. Nice layout on M$ today !

    XP Pro SP2 english here :

    malicious updated +


    This is a reliability update for Windows XP machines. Install this update to prevent an issue in which you may receive a "Stop 0xD" error message on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2. The error may occur during startup, or after the system has started .


    A remote code execution security issue has been identified in the DHCP Client service that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise your Windows-based system and gain control over it .


    A remote code execution security issue has been identified in the Server service that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise your Windows-based system and gain control over it .

    -- this is a contextual hotfix , but who havent here .Net 2 installed ? --

    KB917283 - UpDate Post .Net 2.0

    A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system running the Microsoft .NET Framework and gain access to restricted data .

  16. Thanks a lot for your help.
    with pleasure . welcome to MSFN.
    1. Under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]. Wouldn't it be enough just to add the "Wallpaper"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Web\\Wallpaper\\MyWallPaper.bmp" (change default wallpaper) and leave out the two other lines ("TileWallpaper"="0" and "WallpaperStyle"="2"). The reason I am asking is that the two lines are present in the registry with values "0" and "2" by default.
    probably is enough , but cost you some the extra 2 lines ?? with them you are sure.
    2. What does this reg entry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General]

    with "BackupWallpaper" and "Wallpaper" do for the system? The reason I am asking is that the line is not present (not needed?) on my non tweaked computer and I can't see the connection between Internet Explorer and the choice of wallpaper.

    i am not sure , but i explained you earlier, XP can set any image file as desktop

    any extension , but the real bitmap put on the desktop will be a .bmp file.

    if you set a file xxx.jpg, this will be set in "BackupWallpaper" and a temp file created by windows itself

    named xxx.bmp in "docs and sett/user...../" will be set "wallpaper" (or viceversa)

    anyway , if this is the way to work...

    3. Why is double back-slash used in the reg tweaks, for example windows\\web\\wallpaper. Wouldn't it be enough with only a single back-slash for the system to be able to navigate to the correct folder and find the files?
    reg tweaks use double back-slash . this is the syntax. if you put only one you will see in regedit

    something like C:WINDOWSWebWallpaperMyWallPaper.bmp who is not a correct path+name.

  17. mea culpa , i see one major error in your script.

    ANY reg file must begin WITH a LINE like

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    or older versions (for win NT) something with version 4

    without this kind of line the file will be interpreted as text file , not reg file.

    so APPlications_before.reg must be like this :

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General]"BackupWallpaper"="c:\\windows\\web\\wallpaper\\MyWallPaper.bmp"


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]




    my APPlications_before.reg contain more tweaks , and i cut for you only the wallpaper part.

    ANYWAY , you can test the reg file without create a new unattended CD.

    you can run the .reg file manually (execute it)

    and after restart you will see the new wallpaper.

    in unattended CD you dont need restart because the tweak is applied early

    than desktop appear to you.

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