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  1. I think I was not correct.

    I realize now that I hide a thing not with bad intention .

    My WPI is in

    %cdrom%\wpi\ , directory .

    In the downloaded archive of wpi_3_5_1 ALL the files

    are in the same directory including wpi.ico

    so , wpi.ico is not by default in the root of cd/hdd_path

    I move


    from there in the parent directory

    and I leave all other files there

    because I want in the final CD to see wpi.ico as CD icon.

    and use the autoinsert of windows_XP_32bits (now)

    I change autorun.inf to point an \wpi\wpi.cmd not \wpi.cmd

    so can be that bad for wpi_3_5_1 ??

    can be this the cause of an extra path there ?

    maybe no !?

    I made the same move in 3_5 where

    I did not find any trouble ?

  2. I think that my opinion and 99% other opinions

    are just subiective .

    I use NAV , packed in NIS , so I am happy with it

    But I don't test enough other packs ,

    so really don't count my opinion.

    Also I know people who blame NAV200x only

    because they use another product !!?

    or because they heard from some that NAV is bad !

    really ?

    on the other hand this days an antivirus

    without a proper firewall !??

  3. up to 3.5 version , you do not need make any change.

    in 3.5.1 is a problem FOR ME with the pathes , wait for higher version or

    use now 3.5

    just only make on the CD (other then UA)

    cd:\wpi\ (folder)

    cd:\INSTALL\ex_app1\...etc , (others folders with your app's)

    place in the root of cd


    cd:\wpi.ico , as separate files

    autorun.inf some like that




    and in wpi application you point for an app like

    cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\INSTALL\\ex_app1\\ex_app1.exe /parameter(s)IFneed']

  4. Okay since you are using absolute pathes make you cmd file read only=

    hei man , I do not use absolute pathes . what for ?

    I use : cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\WinApp\\app\\app.exe'] ?

    i think it is a small mistake there , maybe not in wpi.cmd ,

    I use 3.5_wpi.cmd in 3.5.1 , same error.

    in my case

    %wpipath% was "d:\" , or maybe must be "d:\" and in fact is "d:\wpi"

    when lunch from hdd : %cdrom% = %wpipath% !?

    anyway , here , somewhere , somehow, the launcher , add an extra %wpipath% to my app's pathes.

  5. yes , first time , I rename to d:\wpi .

    in the second test I use d:\wpi.3.5.1\wpi.3.5.1 ( had same problem)

    I use d:\wpi , d:\winapp\... for app's , d:\drivers, d:\windows\XPpro\postSP2hotfixes, D:\Games\...

    so my app's are not in


    3.5 have no problem with that , work Ok with the same config.js + useroption.js.

    with no other changes , 3.5.1 say me that can't find "d:\wpi\winapp\nero\nero6.exe" , and it is real ,

    because i have it in "d:\winapp\nero\nero6.exe"




    (this all with launch from hdd, I do not test yet from CD.)

    now , must to put them in wpi directory ?

    it is a reason for that ?

    in this case must to cut "\wpi" from paths in config.js !?

    maybe I do not see something there .

  6. why ?

    3.5 work ok for me. thanks for.

    usualy I test my WPI fron my harddisk , most of my programs were in


    now in 3.5.1 , after I copy config.js+useroptions.js,

    WPI try to find them in


    where is some wrong , because in wpi.cmd i cannot see something !

    how can I cut "\wpi" from path ?

    anyway , because I am here now and I see the effect

    I subscribe for a couple of dashes before - del desktop links - line

    in wpi.cmd .

  7. I use and try also this for NIS 2004

    I cant find any downloadable updates , and is very unpleased to download 60MB

    from symantec every time I install this package.

    Also NIS2005 bring from LiveUpdate 30..40MB's

    but , I think that we cant find a solution here ,

    because symantec do not want this .

    anyway , the updates came very fast from LiveUpdate.

    I install NIS2005 for 5..6 times

    and every time , I had the same error :

    NAV 2005 said to me something like that

    <NAV 2005 do not support this feature.??.. please uninstall and reinstall... NAV2005> ???????????/!!!!!!!!

    and for that I use NIS2004.

  8. I had the same problem ,

    nero accept to install silent , after that , he ask me the serial ?

    I dont know how , what was wrong , but after a lot of changes

    I can use now the silent install for nero

    cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\WinApp\\Nero_v6_6_0_5\\nero6605.exe /SN=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /WRITE_SN /SILENT /NO_UI /NOREBOOT /NOLICENSE /NOCANCEL']

  9. So ya, I update my ATI drivers yesterday and download the new Catalyst 5.4 drivers and now I only have 4 bit graphics on my pc. Running X800 Pro and P4SDX. When I went to appwiz.cpl and uninstalled the ati stuff it worked again. Then I tried to redownload the drivers and got my 4 bit 640x480 again :( At that point I went to bed so I have not troubleshot it more but watch out with that new driver pack...

    I have a solution for your problem

    the problem appear only if you install a windows xp with sp2 included

    first, download from ATI , ATI Maintenance Utilities

    an executable file named


    run it , press only left button in one or two questions , restart the computer

    and after that reinstall the 5.4 , restart for twice

    and you will be pleased. good lock.

  10. In this post I'll attach the current lang.js file for language definitions. It will be updated, as soon, as one of you posts his changes.

    Last update: 2005-1-6

    Last change: swedish by MikeMike

    I post here the romanian version of lang.js

    But they are only 2 ways to work with :

    1. a small change in "optionswizardtemplate.htm"

    (add there <romanian> as choice of present languages)

    2. modify one of existing languages in "lang.js"

    (I use this way for now)

    I hope hasi will choose first version .

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