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  1. my MSFN source of this link

    I was just saying it sounds REALLY fishy he forgot BOTH his user-name and password.
    me too... you are right .

    but maybe he really need help.

    if he want to crack his father computer or a bank ....!!! what can i say ...

    the linux community , have right to blame m$ products , no ?

  2. probably in not the right place , but

    i place here a very small requst for Shark :

    shark , thank you very much for your hard work,

    but would be more nicer [i am 40, same my memory]

    if is possible , to publish in your repository

    the date of last modification for your files .

    thank you !

  3. ...did you see the post from Joe User 99?

    it solved my problem with the useraccount-panel.

    my problem is the other side : if IE7 integration can do this with user control panel

    how can i know that all other things are Ok ?

    i remove IE7 from integration , i run IE7 with WPI after installation of XP

    and now 100% all is ok . just an opinion and my way till i will test other ideas / versions....

  4. i had problems when i play my WPI [5.x , maximum 5.4, 5.5 not tested , 5.6 downloaded today]

    in some friends computers the installer run very slow till i stop MP [10/11 no matter]

    so i want MP but i want it playing after i press manually the start button

    [if i decide to press this button]

    i want MP in WPI installer

    but i want it silent : autostart=0/false or something like that

    where [manually] can i set this ?

    i use glossy but is not related to the theme [i think!]

  5. New update:

    KB925486 -> Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language Could Allow Remote Code Execution...

    i seen this update on 4 computers today.

    i have IE7 RC1 at home. didnt show up on automatic update and also on WU !?

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-055 , said

    Affected Software:

    • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 — Download the update

    ?!? is IE5 and IE6 only related or not ? if yes , why M$ do not say IE7 is protected already ?

  6. "I am tired of fals virus warning"

    also here.

    you probably still use , like me , a wpi.cmd / wpi.bat

    i use anyway an autoIT script , and i completed it with :

    If WinExists( "WPI" ) Then

    WinSetState ( "WPI", "", @SW_MINIMIZE )


    the wpi.bat(dos window) is visible , you see it minimizing

    but i can live with that, because my bitdefender is very very bad with cmdow.exe.

    advice : if you use BTS Driverpacks , after installation

    you will have a copy of cmdow.exe in "c:\windows\system32\" folder

    same script do for me a

    FileRecycle  ( "c:\windows\system32\cmdow.exe" )

    and at first cleanup cmdow.exe is vanished.

  7. ... Could you please tell where should I put this line in the config command? or manually in the config.js?

    beside I really first time to know about such a thing, so a little explanation will be nice and much appreciated,

    What is the gcond's?


    i dont know if it is a good ideea to "put this line in the config command" , manually or not

    such you are not very sure what is doing.

    so , config.js can be edited in 2 ways:

    first way, inside WPI , pressing "config" button, clicking in "navigation" field the program to edit

    so there you can see something like (here really is this entry)

    Grayed condition = FileExists("%ProgramFiles%\BSPlayer\bsplayer.exe")

    if you choose the second way to edit config.js manually , open it with notepad

    and you can find (in my config.js exist this line , i give this example for show you the difference)


    the last one is the real syntax in config.js,

    first is based on a front end created by WPI team for simplyfing user interaction

    but i dont use this one because is much harder for finding items.

    this about edit config.js

    about gcond (grayed condition) , was a great ideea introduced in WPI

    to make a difference between already installed programs and not installed programs

    - not installed programs have normal colour and the check box enabled

    - installed programs have gcond colour (other colour , user editable) and the check box DISABLED

    this check box DISABLED make me nervous.

    i think this is the "little explanation" you asking.

    as a supleant :

    gcond have same syntax as cond, but cond (CONDITION) is just a condition

    who is evaluate , if is true the entry is showed by WPI , if is false the entry is hided

    by WPI (simply you cannot see the entry after WPI is starting)

    BUT , i think this are nothing to do with your original question about %programfiles% variable.

    for helping you , you mus help us , providing something .... files ... code...

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