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  1. All versions of Cinebench R10, R11, R15, R20. R15 seems to support 64bit only. So R11 is last version.
  2. Any idea what latest Cinebench version works with XP?
  3. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/last-version-of-virtualbox-you-can-use-xp-as-host.387948/ It seems 4.3 is the last working version.
  4. Does anyone know what latest version of wokring Virtual machine is for XP? I'm going to try to run Android x86 on it. Thanks
  5. Ok I will keep trying. Yeah, the way back machine version is that one I used Greetings
  6. So I am using the wrong "devcon.exe" you think? How do you recommend I re-compile the DPMS.iso? (Its included in WinSetupFromUSB, located in the "files").
  7. Have you seen Zephyrs QFE contribution / update? https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=157918#p157918
  8. I found the problem. The disk drive was disabled with a TINY exclamation mark as the only indicator that it was such, in the BIOS. To enable it user has to press Shift + i to enable /disable it. This was in the Boot order menu in BIOS. Second stage seems to work now but I probably will return to forum to ask about getting DPMS to work because Ive tried in the distant past and again more recently without any luck. The Readme supplied inside WinSetupFromUSB\Files\DPMS, suggests user merely has to add devcon.exe (file sourced from Mircrosoft server) into DPMS.ISO , also located in WinSetupFromUSB\Files\DPMS, which I did with "MagicISO" software, which lets user easily add.remove files within ISO. I never had any luck getting DPMS to auto-detect chipset drivers on multiple systems. Thanks for helping out
  9. When the picture of XP setup was taken, the bootable usb drive was flashed as FAT32. I subsequently made another copy with WinSetupFromUSB but NTFS Cold boot with nothing in USB port "OS not found" The socket is SATA2. I tried geometry (hd0,0)1 aswell
  10. Thanks I tried both geometry (hd1) and geometry [hd1] just in case there was a typo in your message I also made USB primary disk in BIOS as advised (and removed CD drive from laptop) Unknown Disk on this page is unique to laptop, it is unusual.. FYI I made another bootable USB same image but this time NTFS (before was FBinst fat32). This did not change outcome.
  11. Hi I have read around all the available tutorials and have tried both E2B and WinsetupfromUSB. The latter appears straightforward so I use WinsetupfromUSB. Anyway I have a rock solid modified WInXP image. In the old days I used nlite to make the iso onto USB using some softwhere I forget the name of, and this worked OK on all older systems I tested usually, but with advent of UEFI I had to change that.. Systems I currently have are motherboards (2013) and a laptop (2009). The old nlite way worked with the laptop and was very versatile with other systems too provided motherboard had Compatibity IDE / AHCI choice in BIOS. I never bothered to inject drivers to installviaAHCI, because I felt that AHCI simply wasnt worth it in SSD system (benefits of AHCI are exlclusive to HDD drives). I realised some boards dont allow IDE/AHCI select but I felt it was worth risk. Anyway, 2013 mobo uses UEFI so I formatted the USB and made new installer with WinsetupfromUSB which works OK. But this change broke install on laptop; while "first part" of grub4dos setup works, "second part" does not. I was lead to believe WinSetupfromUSB team ironed out all the all compatibility problems but obviously not? I mean the tutorials make clear, it enables UEFI install while retaining Legacy support. It seem impossible to mess this up I dont know what I did wrong. Below is the process on laptop using UEFI Bootable USB (with SATA mode set to compatibiliy IDE). Again the same disk works fine on 2013 UEFI system Then Computer reboots, where I enter grub4dos and then the following screen shows where I choose "Second part of setup"): Very briefly this shows up but then it returns to this screen and the cycle repeats So does anyone know what I did wrong? I dont really want to have two setup from USB sticks. The whole point of WinSetupfromUSB is it can support both legacy MBR type and UEFI type BIOS... The picture with fuzzy writing is because the message appears VERY fast so I needed to time the camera shot perfectly. But atleas tI got the writing. I think it holds a clue.
  12. Can someone please PM me the updater, nether the links #1 work for me. On second link I get "Unable to read session config" lol I got about 5 different people PM the same attachment hahah thanks everyone I'm flattered
  13. I found an interesting thread here about this and I will probably forward it to the devs of the game to take a look. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15615594/udpclient-exception-on-async-reception-only-on-windows-xp
  14. Good spot . So is this a unique instance where binary can't be read and deliberately encoded to be such, right? That examples to read binary exist suggests binary values can be read usually.
  15. I have tried numerous examples from the web and none have worked, paying close attention to syntax. The closest I got was that seen below: This works but result is still Binary message box, (as opposed to a comprehensible string, contary to what the author of this snippet implied) example 2 Reurns an error. Nothing Error again. Any Ideas? the Path I'm trying to read is SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\WPAEvents Binary detail withing key OOBETimer
  16. hmm. Thanks for heads up. I'd like the disk to be as compatible as possible. I noted that E2B has elements of CSM. I was already experimenting with E2B I just wanted to test the finalized .ISO in the short term. here is the BIOS. When only Legacy is ticked , blinking underscore still persists. BIOS must be broken.
  17. Hi all After 6month haitus I use nlite again, I always have done things the same way and it worked i.e. customize unattended install with nlite > use nlite to make .iso > burn said ISO to usb with rufus. This ALWAYS WORKED. But now, (albeit on a new motherboard) there is a blinking light at boot from USB... Is the motherboard doing something different? My only guess is that older motherboards check subdirectories (i.e, inside i386) for relevant files and new UEFI based board don't. The current items on the highest most directory of USB are: I386 folder $OEM$ folder WIN51 WIN51IP WIN51IP.SP2 WIN51IP.SP3 I can't recal if this is typical or not. I just never had to care to pay attention to USB booting files because rufus and nlite always did the work automatically.. I really dislike when small problems like this sprout out of nowhere - its really annoying.
  18. Would anyone recommend E2B (which I think is a bootloader/ variant of grub) to do this? On the main E2B website, there are two variants to download. Easy2Boot_v1.B8A_DPMS.zip (has drivers inside) last edited 2019 Easy2Boot_v1.B8A.zip (doesn't) Now, consider DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1412115.7z seperately (last edited 12/12/2014, which is good enough). While E2B seems complicated, that there may be a more straight forward approach; I say this because I accidentally happened upon WinSetupFromUSB It. has improved since I last tried it to make bootable XP USB; the latest version now has a DPMS folder (which can be made to have uptodate SATA drivers inside maybe). The readme (vaguely) alludes to placing some devcon.exe in FIRADISK directory (guess: DPMS/FIRADISK). Heres a video of WinSetupFromUSB with updated drivers in DPMS: Options 1 & 2 do nothing, returns back immediately. To fast to read the error also. Option 3 launches the XP setup, 4, launches existing install on hard drive. Really close to intent in OP but no CigaRrrrrrr. Side observation: The obovementioned driver pack is 67mb. But loppy is 1.4meg max. right? I discovered / tried out mtool and right enough it does not allow image beyond 1440kb: C:\mtools-4.0.18-win32>mformat -C -f 67000 -v WINVBLOCK -i WinVBlock.img :: Bad size 67000 Looking for any pointers thanks
  19. FYI: IE8 MUI langauge pack adds a whopping 120MB to ISO I have found.
  20. Thanks, i'm not really a fan of AV, I keep secure files on external drives (and insta-reinstall OS) should cmplications arise. Better that way IMO. The hype of AV is really perpetrated by businesses, its those who actually need it the most.
  21. Thanks for the solutions. I got it to work in the end.
  22. Dear forum As sole user and administrator, I am unable to overwrite a particular .dll in system32 on a Windows 7 PC but I get "you do not have perimissions to perform ths action". It 'isn't use' at the time of copy. Is this specifically because sys32 and its contents are protected by WFP? On windows XP (with SFC dsiabled) its possible to overwrite the same dll in question, in same folder. Is it Impossible on standard Win 7 Install? Is there a workaround?
  23. anyDesk is a mircale! I'm now able to control my brothers windows 7 from my PC which has XP installed! Happy!!!

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