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  1. I understand that Neptune was supposed to be the consumer version of 2000. With that being said I want to see If there is a registry entry which will trick Windows Update into applying 2000 updates. Does anyone know of a registry hack? I would really love to get an updated Neptune just to get an idea of what could have been a great consumer version of 2000.
  2. I install the XP reg hack on all my XP machines. Everything works flawlessly and my XP machines are as stable as ever.
  3. I use Wi-fi on windows 2000. What exactly is the problem. I istalled the Intel Pro Set drivers and the local area connection Icon appears at the bottom right. Is what you are asking pertaining to the security settings and the lack of WPA2?
  4. ZortMcGort11 So you have KernelXE installed? jaclaz I'm a noob here I didn't know.
  5. @ ZortMcGort11, How did you get ME stable? Also, with lack of any recent support how do you keep it viable in terms of internet and software? Kyle
  6. LOL! I had a windows 8 machine I hated it from the very start. I hated the apps. So, I decided to install XP instead. WRONG! Apparently I couldn't do that so I opted for Vista instead. I know, I know! VISTA!? Well anyways an updated SP2 Vista with UAC and metro dissabled on a modern machine runs fine. Definetly not great but ok and still better then 8.
  7. Windows 2000 the "forgotten" best MS OS We often hear the arguments between Windows XP vs Windows 7 as being the best MS OS. In many respects the debate is worthy of such arguments of which we will be still discussing this for a LONG time. Xp and 7 are going nowhere and will remain in my opinion #2 or#3 and #1 MS OS for a long time. Yes you heard me. A long time even after Windows 10 is released. However, somehow Windows 2000 is often overlooked and lost when considered as being one of the best. I really think there are a couple points which would address the “why” and “how” this came to
  8. Windows 10 will be too much like windows 8 and will draw NOBODY away from 7 and maybe half the people from 8/8.1. It will be a weak success at best. XP will likely be #3 and possibly #2 still which means MS will have failed to kill off arguably the best MS OS they ever made.
  9. Yep! That's the guy I was talking about. Too bad he didn't have more time and resources to finish where he started. I love his compatibility Launcher. But yeah 2000 is rock solid and stable.
  10. I too think that MS has gone WAY off course. I think the pinnacle of sucess was XP and 7.
  11. I have been thinking about this lately and I believe that Windows 10 may only be a mild success for a couple reasons. #1. Windows 7 users are like the new version of XP users in that they love Windows 7 and wont leave there OS of choice . #2 Windows 8/8.1 users would most likely jump to Windows 10 which could reduce Windows 8/8.1 to single digits quickly in terms of market share . Windows 8/8.1 user love the new UI and would quickly acclimate to Windows 10. However, Windows 8/8.1 in terms of Market share is only in the teens. #3. With the above two mentioned scenarios Windows 10 wont red
  12. *Clarification* In the thread I stated an "unofficial" SP6. The Unofficial SP5 has been out for a while and i understand others have attempted an unofficial SP6.
  13. Hi, I want to thank the people who have worked so hard to keep this great OS up to date and yes STILL highly functional even in 2015. With that being said is there any plans to come out with an unofficial SP6? Thanks and keep up the good work.
  14. Facts: Recently installed W2K on three machines. Installed IE6, SP4, Rollup, Unofficial SP5, Unofficial RU2, UURollup, Direct X 9, windows installer, .net Framework 1 &2, changed wuaueng.dll to later version, added the correct URL's into my trusted sites, Java, added the .BAT files to force updates. 1 out of 3 Machines runs Automatic updates (And yes there were some available for download and installation) the other two give me this - see pics 2pics- no go on two of my machines. 1 pic- I got it to work on one machine I want them all to update not just one.
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