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  1. I could kiss you right now I just wanted to add, that was so unbelieveably easy it was ridiculous. I had more issues, only 1, with creating the disk, wrong settings, than actually getting the drivers incorporated. I am finally up and running fully on my new rig and am loving it! Just wanted to add again how easy that was and how much I appreciate all the help given. Thanks guys and may you have have a Happy and Prospersous New Year!
  2. Cool thanks Sneaky. already dl'd and now just have to make time to get my new rig up and running, wife wants the kitchen table back
  3. Sneaky, thanks, if I don't catch you before you do my MSN name is same as screen name here at hotmail. I doubt I will have time next few days to jump into as tonight the Eagles are on and have family coming into town tomrrow for the holidays but I certainly appreciate your efforts.
  4. OK Guys, again apologize for my ignorance, but little unclear on the instructions at this point. Looky at the unattended XP CD page it states to use Green Machine's page for SATA drivers. Am hoping there is an easier way after downloading Sneaky's MassStorage Pack which I just did, link is working now for any other interested, thank you very much Sneaky. Do I need anything other than the MassStorage Pakc?
  5. Sorry Sneaky, I got a can't write to file error: Warning: fopen(dcount/DriverPack_MassStorage_V410.7z.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/bashrat/public_html/download.php on line 22 Could not Write to File
  6. I'm looking for an alternate because the download for the above has been defaced by the web bug. Try it. I want to try it That's why I was saying if anyone has a copy already or alternate download I would appreciate it.
  7. Bashrat I tried the download last nite before posting and if you try it it just comes up with the deface web site. Sorry to hear about that. Someonesmind, it is functioning fine but I get an error when it reads it. I searched the error online and saw many people had the same issue so although not ruling user error out I don't think that's it. If anyone has an alternate to the Driver Mass Storage Pack would love to have it. Thanks for the kind words and help guys certainly appreciate it.
  8. I apologize for my ignorance but am at my wits end. I have tried creating a slipstreamed Win XP SP2 disk about 100 times now and guess I don't hvae a good enough grasp of what is needed. Am hoping I can get some good directions from some nice generous soul here on Christmas eve I am building my first rig, specs as follows: AMD64 3400+ AV8 Deluxe 2 SATA WD HD's 80 and 250 Gig 1 Gig RAM ATI AIW 9600xt and various minor things In any case, same issue many have had, I do hav a floppy but get errors trying to use it, it's actually a floppy/media card reader, if that has anything to do with it. So am trying to make a slipstreamed disk. I have tried a few different ways but have not had success so thought I would finally ask for help. First I guess I wonder about the drivers them selves. I want to use the SATA drives but not in RAID, 80 for main drive 250 partitioned for storage and local web directory. I have been using the viapdsk files for the VT 8237 SATA Controller. First off is this the right driver or should I use something else? After that, my confusion comes from the files that need to be edited. I hvae tried XPCreate, but don't quite understand what to edit. I also tried a detailed post by Chrome here but got an error about a missing file. If anyone can guide me through or offer to help me out, I would greatly be appreciated. I am calling it quits for tonight and hvae Christmnas shopping to do in the moorning, but will certainly look here first thing tomorrow when I dive back into it..
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