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  1. OK I actually did that but didn't think to restart explorer, silly me. Thanks Bretenn
  2. wha what?? am i missing some thing? Am I also missing something? Can you please tell us HOW to do that
  3. ABEO

    Remote Registry

    @AaronXP: How do I enable them? @Crispy: I don't want to take control that would inconvenience my dad, I just want to be able to look at it without having to go downstairs or nabbing his PC from up here
  4. ABEO


    @Shaft: we know its good, but we aren't allowed to use it, if we were allowed to we would
  5. Does anyone know how to edit the registry on a networked pc? I have tried the option in the File menu of regedit but it says, that the key can't be opened. Any ways to get around this?
  6. No MSNWar you are talking about start menu items he wants the past notification items: - Right click an empty area of the taskbar - Select Properties - On the task bar tab make sure 'Hide inactive icons' is ticked and click 'Customize...' - In the list box there are 2 section 'Current Items' and 'Past Items' He wants to remove all the Past Items(and so do I actually, loads of crap in there lol)
  7. ... I'm not any of the admin ppl So suggestion refused
  8. It's ok I guess [ 1 ] [25.00%] <-- who was this?????
  9. LOL he would have several ppl who wanna kill him I think So come on ppl what do you think? and remember to leave comments
  10. What do you think of her signature?
  11. Yeh lets talk about beccas sig again I think its cool, who else thinks its cool?
  12. I am networked to my dads PC, his HD is 20Gb in total so I'm back to backing little bits up then just formatting to get rid of the rest. Thanks anyway guys
  13. I wanted something short, now I can have abeo@planetabeo.com or abeo@planetabeo.co.uk If I like
  14. OK then I will remember that and try to figure out wot u mean next time
  15. ABEO


    Yes I have seen that lol And your wish is my command Madame Whiplash
  16. Wow coooool My(fit) master owns a famous horse!!
  17. Sure why not /me is 'aparently' loaded
  18. lol ok then, you need to be more clear babe
  19. lol He won't be... I hope /me hides
  20. LOL /me buys becca diamonds and rubies, Gucci dresses and drop top Kompressors... oh and a Bently
  21. ABEO


    LOL Hello master
  22. ABEO


    Of course you aren't the best But I will give you a hug ANYWAY /me hugs Shaft
  23. I can't yet I have about 20Gb of stuff I need to back-up, I wanted a quick solution I had that once too quite funny I use the Ontrack Fix-It AV and that didn't show anything

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