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  1. Yeah I tried a standard AUTORUN.INF file but that didn't work I was wondering if there was a different format or layout to use. I don't want it just to autorun on my PM, I want it to automatically run a program which I have made. So that when it is plugged into another PC, it will run this exe I have made(will be a menu) and then I can choose an option.
  2. I can't see an option that does that, in the help it says it will autorun on any pc that program is installed on. Anything else to try?
  3. I want it to be like a CD and autorun on any PC, can that program be used to do that?
  4. I have recently bought a 1Gb USB Mass storage device(keyring thing) and I want to make it autorun the way CDs do using the autorun.ini file. I have tried it to no avail, anyone know if its possible and if so how to accomplish it? Thanks in advance Abeo
  5. My girlfriend used to have Wetrix and said she liked it. I have found the ROM to try it, but I can't find an emulator that will run it properly, anyone know of one?
  6. I have some old recordings on my PC in various formats, I would like to put them on DVDs so I can play them on my DVD player. I am completely new to this and I don't know where to start, are there any programs that automate the whole thing and that will convert them and burn them for me with all the correct settings? Thanks in advance PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum I didn't know where else to put it
  7. OK that was a short lived error(fortunately ) I found a fix here in case anyone has the same problem: XP Tweaks
  8. Hi guys, was wondering if I could get a hand here. I'm not sure how I did this but I've got a 'Folder Tasks' pane on my desktop(shown below) I have had this problem before and did fix it but I can't remember how. My desktop folder was deleted, I'm assuming this is the cause of the problem. If anyone can help I'd be greatful Thanks
  9. Excellent! Thanks for your help, turned out that it was a duff card ( Don't know why my others weren't working, but I took the battery out to properly clear the BIOS and then my others worked.
  10. I have recently purchased a second hand GigaByte GA-7zxr KT133 Socket A motherboard. The person I bought it off(through eBay) said it was taken from an upgrade and worked perfectly when he sent it. I am running: Duron 800Mhz 512Mb SDRAM RAM GeForce FX5200 Western Digital Caviar 80Gb Maxtor 40Gb SBLive! When I try and boot up everything gets power but I don't get to the post screen. I get a series of beeps but I don't know wha they are or how to describe them. I have shuffled the RAM around and its not that, I have tried 3 different graphics cards. Unplugged the HDD and CD-ROM etc. The only think it could be is the CPU, when I change the FSB(theres a switch on the board) to 133Mhz the beeping stops but I still don't even get to the post screen. I have checked the Power button, reset, sound wires etc.... And the USB2 jumpers aswell, and its not that. I've also cleared the BIOS and checked all jumpers on the motherboard(I think) Any ideas guys? I need help
  11. Thanks mate! CD-ROM is working again now but I still can't burn I have plenty of Ram and always close every thing when burning anyway I don't know, but programs like Nero have it as an option, I have tried with it on and off. Any idea where I can find it? I have never flashed anything before It still works for most things, yesterday I installed a Driving Theory Test program and it kept saying I needed to insert the CD(it works fine on my dads PC), could be something there.
  12. I have have an LG Electronics HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8481B. Lately it never burns CDs and stops halfway through with a buffer underun error(or something like that) Now the drivers have dissapeared... Does anyone know why the first problem stated occurs and can anyone tell me where I can find the drivers for this drive? Thanks
  13. Ok thanks :-) Is NT 4 Server Enterprise the best OS to use? Would I be better with a linux distro or something(would have to be easy to learn how to use and pick up, and work on a network where all other PCs are Windows XP)?
  14. Ah ok, my ISP only provided a little USB modem... So I couldn't plug it into a NIC if I did have another one, would I still need one? And at first glance IPCop looks good... think I'll try that ^^
  15. I got it in 6.1 and my email is @planetabeo.com so it could be that... Also its not my birthday for a while
  16. I have a Windows NT 4 Server Enterprise box I got my hands on and I would like to get my connection going through that and use it as a router. Does Enterprise have any built in router software or will I need to get a 3rd Party piece of software? If I need a 3rd Party program what is the best out there? And also what is the best firewall to use on a router?
  17. Hey, I have an old machine with Windows NT 4 Server Enterprise that I want to plug my modem and switch into and use it as a router. Problem is I have a Sagem F@st 800/840PE and it doesn't like Windows NT Anyone know where I can get drivers that will work with NT? I only have 64Mb of RAM in there so upgrading to 2000 Advanced Server isn't an option yet. Thanks for any help you can give!!
  18. I am trying to install Windows NT4 Server on an only 'server' I have been given. The Hard Drive is a Seagate Barracuda ST34371N. When installing it cannot detect this and says to insert the manufactors driver disk, which I cannot find. Does anyone know where I can get SCSI drivers to get this to work? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi there Looks like Portugal will win, shame about that unfair ref for the England v Portugal match, we kicked your a** really
  20. I had another one in there while I posted on here and stuff, I shut down, put the FX-5200 in.... nothing. Took it out, put it back in, cleared the BIOS, and it worked Must have been a setting in there I missed, but I went thru and sorted everything in there and its working now. Thnks for all the help guys!!
  21. I have a GeForce FX5200 and a Jetway 830ch Motherboard, with the card in there it refuses to boot with it. Any ideas why?
  22. I got in using Passware Thanks for the help guys

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