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  1. I've made the disk from http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/, but it doesn't detect the drive, I think because its SCSI... Its a Seagate Barracuda ST34371N. I should get something like this: ========================================================= . Step ONE: Select disk where the Windows installation is ========================================================= Disks: Disk /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc: 2147 MB, 2147483648 bytes NT partitions found: 1 : /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 2043MB Boot Please select partition by number or a = show all partitions, d = load new disk drivers l = relist NTFS/FAT partitions, q = quit Select: [1] But what I actually get is this: ========================================================= . Step ONE: Select disk where the Windows installation is ========================================================= Disks: NT partitions found: Please select partition by number or a = show all partitions, d = load new disk drivers l = relist NTFS/FAT partitions, q = quit Select: [1]
  2. Whats the 'ERD package' and where can I find it?
  3. ABEO

    160Gb Barrier

    Thanks for all the replies!! This can be deleted now
  4. Metioned here aswell http://old.bink.nu/timetable.htm
  5. I have been given a computer that was used as a file server at a school until they upgraded and got rid of it, it has NT4 Server Enterprise on it, and a few accounts that I don't know the passwords to. Is there anyway to either find out the passwords of any of the accounts, or delete the accounts so I can get in(I dnt have NT4 to reinstall) Thanks in advance
  6. I have an invision board and msSQL, it appears IPB only supports mySQL. Is there anyway to get it to work on the msSQL DB?
  7. ABEO

    160Gb Barrier

    I hear there is a 160Gb barrier on a partition size in XP. Is this true? If so is there anyway around it? and is it fixed in SP1?
  8. Yeah it doesn't work, and incompatability doesn't either. And thats with both versions straight from MS
  9. Does anyone know of a version of Movie Maker that will work on Windows Server 2003? If such a thing doesn't exist is there a nice alternative thats just as good?
  10. I have noticed that I can't see Java aplets on any sites, I have the VM installed from Java.com but the .class files don't seem to want to load. Any ideas?
  11. Hi all I have Windows Server 2003 Standard installed here and I would like to know what the best Firewall and Anti-Virus Scanner to use with it, anyone got suggestions? Whats the best? I would also like to know if there are any All-in-one defraggers, registry/disk cleaners out there that work with it aswell, with XP I used Fix-It Utilities 4 and I really liked that, is there anything similar that will work with 2K3? Thanks in advance for any help ABEO
  12. Thanks for all your help guys. Something tells me I should have sold this 5 years ago Ahh well lets try selling it on eBay
  13. I was rooting through a drawer and found this note in there. Does anyone have any idea what the country and currency are? 1 2 I will be greatful for any help or leads I can get Thanks PS Sorry for the randomness and unrelatedness of this post
  14. Yeh delete all the files associated with it and try again. Allthough I had the setup I used on XP and it didn't work on a fresh installation, I just went to http://www.msnmessenger-download.com and redownloaded it(XP version again) and it works now.
  15. Sounds cool, it will be really hard and fiddley tho won't it?
  16. @Lezend: You still got those pics anywhere? I'd like to see your PC too
  17. ABEO

    3d Model ME

    Nice work!! I have to try this
  18. I'm pretty sure that you can install it on any number of PCs that YOU own, and ONLY if they are for use by your family and in your house. I guess its the same as the backup thing. I don't think it would stop me installing it on 3 PCs tho if the liscence said 2, as long as they were all in my house to be used by my family, I would just do it.
  19. It doesn't have an extention as it was supposed to be a folder. I have tried renaming it and giving it different extensions in an attempt to open it with programs but nothing works, it seems the only solution is to download it with BitTorrent, the only problem with that is its quite large, and in my past experience BitTorrent is quite unreliable(can't always find sources, and if it does the are slow)
  20. I downloaded a torrent file(spose to be downloaded with BitTorrent) and Shareaza popped up and asked if I wanted to download it with that, so I did(for the rollback and the resume features) however when it finished it was jusr an unknown file when it is spose to be a folder containing the files. Anyone know how to change the file into a folder?
  21. ABEO


    Welocome to MSFN. Enjoy your stay
  22. Welcome to MSFN, enjoy your stay, its a great forum!
  23. Hmm thats pretty cool, but is there anyway to add pictures to it easily or do you still have to change all the image sources andcreate loads of ne pages? Anyone else got another way?

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