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  1. Try Right-Clicking on a blank area of the folder and choose 'Arrange icons by' And uncheck 'Show in groups' Is that what you want?
  2. ABEO


    Hi karpat: Change it from this: To this: That should do it
  3. Hi everyone. Ok here's the thing. I'm experimenting with web hosting, I've bought a load of cheap web space off a comany, they give you cpanel, 'unlimited' bandwidth and space, and things like fantastico etc. They say they don't mind if you sell bits of your web space on, and I am gonna set up a few seperate accounts for my mums business, and for some friends. I want them to have their own control panels, but the company don't have WHM. Is there anyway of having some sort of control panel, in a folder? so that I can have a control panel for each subdomain. I want it to be easy to set up cause I'm a bit of a novice, and I would like it to be possible to just copy it to the folder as I don't have access to the atual server. I have searched round the forum and can't see anything about this, and I'm not sure if I have put this in the right forum. I would appreciate any help if possible tho. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I am designing a website for real estate sales. I would like to add a category search for it. I want a series of drop-down boxes, from which you can choose the price range, number of bedrooms etc. basically like you see on just about all real-estate websites. I would like a script or tutorial that will show me how to do it, any ideas? Am i even searching for the right thing? is there a different name for it? thanks in advance!
  5. This guy is amazing, but I have no idea who he is, anyone know? Playing the Piano
  6. They have some anti-account-hijacking-system. My account was HiJacked a couple of months ago. I tried to log in one day and my password didn't work, I browsed through my items for sale and there were 3 items I had listed previously with higher prices. My email address had been changed aswell so if I used the 'forgotten password' feature it just emailed it back to the HiJacker. I contacted eBay and told them the problem. They emailed back saying they had noticed something suspicious but in the meantime they had cancelled the items listed within the last 24hours, reset the email address and password. I think it was pretty good service. If it's a HiJacked account from someone who has good feedback there is nothing you can do. If they Buy It Now price is ridiculously cheap then there is bound to be something fishy. I bought something off a seller with 100% positive feedback, item hadn't come after 2 weeks, I checked his feedback again and he had several new negatives left by people who had bought the same item a week before me complaining that it hadn't been delivered. I have filed a complaint with PayPal, but the seller has now left eBay(after leaving me good feedback - Weird) and I don't think PayPAl will be able to do anything. I am just glad it was only £3! 99% of sellers are reliable though, so you have to either take the risk or not. This is the second time I have had a problem with this sort of thing. The first time was a HiJacked account about 4 years ago. I bid on a phone that was quite cheap and received an email from the seller saying that I could have 20 of the phones for £1500 or something like that. It worked out cheap and we decided we could sell them and get a bout £500 profit from it if it worked. So we accepted it. The guy said he wanted us to pay him with western union, we did that and he emailed a scan of a 'proof of delivery' from FedEx. It never came, the tracking number was invalid. Since that time eBay have all their warnings not to pay with western union. What can you do?
  7. Nero and Daemon for image mounting
  8. Hey guys, we are getting this problem on my dads XP box aswell. it will accept the password, log in, show the wallpaper, then log straight back out again. I have tried all the above suggestions to no avail, anyone got a working fix? Thanks
  9. Ok that'll be the problem then... I have a Gigabye 7-ZXR(rev 1.0), it only supports up to 1Ghz, the sempron must be more than that. There is a BIOS update on their site and their @BIOS tool to flash it with, but it won't work :/
  10. Ok first of all thanks for the reply. And yes checked all of those, everything is supported and working etc. Next time I try(probably this evening) I'm gonna have a check through the bios to see if there is anything there that needs changing. Even though I cleared it there could still be a problem I guess. Thanks again!
  11. I've recently got a new Sempron 2200+, I tried to install it yesterday, heres what happened: Shut down PC Remove side of case Removed Heatsink/Cooler Removed Duron 800 Inserted Sempron 2200+ Replaced Heatsink/Cooler Plugged it all in and stuff Powered up Monitor didn't switch on(light stayed orange) PC sounded like it was doing something but not sure Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  12. Can't be only 2% who got it right.... I'd post a SS of the winning answers to prove it but that would spoil it
  13. solved it! Here is the message box: --------------------------- Eins --------------------------- Congratulations, you have solved the puzzle.Now you are among the top 2% people in the whole world. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  14. how do you work out the safe code?
  15. Ok 5to9's points sorted, what does everyone think now? Anything else that could be better? Also I'd like a few tips on all the documents(TOS etc) that Xperties said I need, anyone able to help me out, or give me some that I can just edit? Thanks
  16. 5to9, thanks for all your suggestions! I'm a bit busy atm, but I will try and implement some of your suggestions soon One thing though, when you say about centering the page and using tables to do so, are tables valid XHTML 1.0 Strict? If not, what would be the best way to center it?
  17. Are you saying its too high? The width should be fine for people with anything above an 800x600 res, the height should be fine for anything over a 1024x768 res. Do you mean when scrolling the content in the main box? Using percentages would requite multiple different pictures and a lot of work wouldn't it... what do you think is the best way to go about that? I have just checked and they all are... which pages aren't?
  18. There aren't any frames on that page to my knowledge.,. A massive table... but not frames. WHM Autopilot sounds good I'll try it if this ever hits it off. Thanks for the help XPerties!
  19. Thanks for all the advice XPerties. I never use frames anyway, they annoy me And at the moment I have lots of 'absolute' positionoing, so I am going to get rid of that, and center everything using padding and margins. As for the background it was supposed to create a cool effect but I see what you mean I'll sort that when I get home. I don't really know what to put into a terms of use or a disclaimer type thing tbh And as for whmautopilot do you mean customers would pay using it?
  20. Ok thanks for all the help so far guys, I have changed everything suggested up to no As for the pic, I took the photo of my own PC so as to not go against any copyrights unknowingly, I do have an old server that was used in a school a few years ago, but it looks a bit... crap... tbh. If anyone has a suggestion as to what I could do to make the current photo, or a photo of the server I have look better please speak up. Also if anyone has a picture of a personal server that looks big and powerful and could give me it and permission to use it as I like I would also be greatful Anything else?
  21. Hey everyone. I have set up a website to re-sell webhosting for a good price. I would like everyone to chip in and tell me what is wrong with the site and how I can make it better Be sensible please The url is www.planetabeo.com Thanks
  22. I have a Duron 800(desperately needs upgrading), 576Mb DIMM SDRAM, and a GeForce4 MX420
  23. I have a 17" CTX 1765GM monitor, and every so often the screen will go black. I makes a sort of fizzy noise as it goes into a white dot in the middle of the screen and then goes completely black. By turning it off and on again a few times(or hitting it) it goes back to normal. Also the picture randomly goes slightly too big for the screen and starts flickering ever so slightly. Anyone had this problem or know what the problem might be?

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