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  1. Which one works on Creators update 1709 ² at least partially, i cant live without aero glass lol
  2. Long Time no use aero glass lol, how can i make it to work on build 14986?
  3. How did u download the symbols? i had a batch file that did it, but i lost it
  4. Hey, can you add transparent Search bar? it really does suck to use the start10 only for this and custom taskbar look
  5. It works fine, but msstyles is different, so you need to wait for themes to be updated. But even on windows 10,the windows 8 and 8,1 msstyles are working, Is the TH2 that different?
  6. Is DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification working on TH2? i cant get it to work
  7. Is DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification working on TH2? i cant get it to work
  8. how to keep the taskbarblur.vbs file to keep running? mine after clicking on statmenu turns opac again
  9. there`s a way to remove the running programs from taskbar? i want like mac style. i'm using rocket dock, i dont want to hide the taskbar , i just want to rocket dock shows the programs being executed, there's a registry setting to make no icons to appear?
  10. No longer Works on Windows 10 build 9901 doesnt change anything and metro apps stops working
  11. Looks like the new UPDATE 1 broke somethings I'm using yout office 2010 Rc here's a screenshot http://i.imgur.com/UG4Yx6L.jpg?1 <<<< copy and past the link, clicking doesnt work How to fix that??
  12. how can i put the search icon next to the star orb?? *--* can u explain it to me? i wnat to put it on the office 2010 Rc ><
  13. My internet explorer doent fits the longhorn buttons correctly
  14. In fact I just want the Search icon next the star (in the search box) like the Longhorn Evolution that u said you are going to import in the office 2010 Vs theme hahaha Could you add this in the alternative version? cuz idk anything about theme creation, i only know how to replace things with restorator
  15. The Office 2010 effect. The White blur in the window Like the one you ported ahha idk how to explain but hope you got that
  16. You said that u managed to put a larger image on detais pane how can i do that?
  17. Please make the same effect on the Window like the office 2010 theme on an alternative version >< I love it
  18. I dont know. I dont have window style builder but heres the theme http://www.deviantart.com/art/Longhorn-Evolution-Final-SystemFiles-370609413
  19. If you talking about Multi-colored Details Pane as in what Windows 7 use to have with the Documents, Library, Music, Videos, etc... I'm unable to do that. Btw. How did you change the text to "Windows 8.2 Longhorn Pro", and have the User Tile at the bottom of the Taskbar? I managed to make the Details Pane size larger in the msstyle Even looking at LongHorn Revealed 8 ? cuz this have it or maybe talking to sagorpirbd But it's okay hahaha I just changed the Basebrd.dll.mui to change the version number and windows edition and the user tile http://www.deviantart.com/art/Taskbar-UserTile-203811134

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