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  1. I also have sp2 worknig fine with cd shell Regards cyph
  2. Discovery Beard OR Shaven (for the guys, and woman how do you like your guys?) Regards cyph
  3. No codec packs just FFDShow filter and on2 decoder for H.264 i wouldn't recomend installing a codec pack more trouble then its worth Regards cyph
  4. yousendit.com radipshare.com youshareit.com you can upload it to one of these, Rapidshare is unlimited the others are 20 downlaods i believe. Regards cyph
  5. Cable Lefty or righty Regards cyph
  6. Jack and the who now? and carls whaaa? think this will have to go with none artificial sweeteners (Aspartame / Phenylalanine) OR Sugar? If you pick artificial sweeteners read up on them on google Regards cyph
  7. Another bad thing about HOST files is that if you use a proxy the host file will be bypassed, i only found this out a few days ago. Regards cyph
  8. My website is 1% evil yay Regards cyph
  9. Used it a few times, i did "cat" and soemhow it came out as LARD :| don't want to know how that happend LOL. It's prety cool normaly though very nice A.I. Regards cyph
  10. I nearly turned it off until i remembered your comment about the "dildo" and realised what it was lol pheew Regards cyph
  11. Thnks for the replys , im in the middle of trying some of these + some from a very long irc chat with a friend lol. i will keep you posted Regards cyph
  12. LMAO! i seen it before , stil lcracks me up Regards cyph
  13. Thanks for the reply Sorry, The drive is a Western Digital The drive is NTFS Running Windows XP I used partition magic to create (i think this may be a bad move now) It's a IDE interface, and everything seems to be ok. The master / slave pins are all correct. I'm not sure what this question means This is a good idea, i wasn't thinking in this area at all. (could it also maybe be a bent pin etc?) The partitions where created from deleting the old ones via partition magic and creating (no format ) new ones. Was there a easy solution to the problems with the dirves you had? Regards cyph
  14. Ok so my hard drive is a 160 GB , partitioned in to : 40GB 109GB (the bigger the drive the bigger the overhead ) Now my drive keeps getting corruption all over it, I will save a file and then a few days later it wont be able to be read, I will capture a TV show, a few days later the 30mins show will only register as 3mins long it has happened many times before. I know that it is not a virus or a heat issue now. I also have been told that using partition magic may have been the cause as files are being copied to other drives etc. When i used to have it as master is would not boot now and then with a "no operation system installed" and the partition would vanish! On proforming a CHKDSK /F on the drive/partiton i would get errors like "Deleting orphan file $FILENAME.TXT " and it would do this for the whoel drive, after this it would scroll the screen with "recovering file $FILENAME.TXT" etc and scroll the screen with the whole drive. I'm have tried everything, there is no bad sectors (from a scan) but could there be any other physical errors? Both partitions seem to have these errors that’s why I thought maybe it was a "illegal" partition size or something. Please guys and girls! Any help would be very appreciated Regards cyph
  15. I'm out now think i posted on too many boards / friends demand lol. @sonu27 wow thats amazing! so do you have a time machine or something? J/k i'm only playing Regards cyph
  16. send me a PM with your email addy Regards cyph
  17. I got about 3 left, any one know how long it takes a new user to get invites? or is it how often you use it ? Regards cyph
  18. LOL Made me giggle Regards cyph
  19. LMAO!!! THATS SO FUNNY Regards cyph
  20. @ Drewdatrip i thought of the 56kers, i compressed it down to 32.38 kB but didn't mean to break any rules sorry Regards cyph
  21. Thanks guys well its looks likes downgrading the firmware worked! now and then i have freezing(of the router) but all in all its now great thanks again guys Regards cyph

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