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  1. dave chappelle he rules ! dave chappelle OR team america Regards cyph
  2. sorry to jump in but Yes thats correct, you can do it the easy way by copy and pasting the email address i.e: <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com>, <myemailaddress@thecompany.com>,<myemailaddress@thecompany.com> Regards cyph
  3. bought dave chappelle OR chris rock Regards cyph
  4. None (Burnout 3 ) PGP or GPG or TINFOIL HAT Regards cyph
  5. tired WoW or R.O.S.E online
  6. Man !!! that is ACE! thanks Regards cyph
  7. shorter flowers == shorter HOURS more honey == more MONEY Regards cyph
  8. Yup picture comes up as a leech message, saying if you want to view picture go to main site Imageshack.us Regards cyph
  9. Garden burger Water or Sugar drinks or hot drinks (you daily drink)
  10. none nothing or everything Regards cyph
  11. Thanks guys for the reply, i heard soemthing about it being released for PS2 , but with what you said aobut qualtiy, its a good job i dont want to wait . Yes i did mean for Xbox but thanks anyway lockedon. i do like that way the gamecube plays etc, but somehow it didint really take off? i like fatal frame for the xbox, but i need more zombies Regards cyph
  12. LMAO!!! who would of known eh? Regards cyph
  13. check out rapid share (in my sig) no limit to how many people can download file (like yousendit) not sure about youshareit. and here is a cheat so you dont need to wait for file THIS "cheat" for RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOADS eliminates the "WAITING" for the file. No more COUNTDOWNS. So heres what you do: 1. First, Find a rapidshare download. 2. Hit the FREE BUTTON, like always. 3. While your waiting for it to countdown, change the URL in the bar to: javascript:c(countdown = 0); and hit ENTER or the GO button over and over. Eachtime you do so, it decreases 10-20 seconds. Few times and the link appears. Tested on Mozilla Firefox & Mcft Internet Explorer. or This script counts down to 0 instantly... javascript:/var\s*(.*?)\s*=/i.test(document.body.innerHTML);for(i=0;i<50;i++) eval(%22f%22+RegExp.$1+%22()%22); works in IE and Firefox. (make a bookmark with it in) Hope the two scripts saves your time to wait for 50 , 60 seconds. Regards cyph
  14. I was playing resident evil 4 on the gamecube the other day at my mates, house. Its a very good game, i have a xbox and a ps2 . Has anyone got any good sugestions for a good alternative to this game. i can get a gamecube dirt cheap at the moment but games are still expensive and it feels a waste. any games that are in the same leage and qualtiy. Regards cyph
  15. gmails gone public http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/03/15/1845250&tid=217 Regards cyph
  16. maybe its a b0rked motherboard or maybe modem? i would check how the modem connects (hardware wise ). I take it its a internal modem? have you got any other ways of testing the two out? and maybe its a motherboard driver/ sp2 issue? check the motherboard website maybe. Regards cyph
  17. Hi, Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay Regards cyph
  18. lol, sorry a had a look but didnt really find any simular posts. lol @ MCT just really wanted to know if and why any noe uses it. i guess it may be a little pointless, jsut wanted to see if there wher any winme users out there . @ prathapml cool , have you not found any random errors etc? i could not stand it , maybe the latest patches sorted out some of the things? Regards cyph
  19. Check out Ebay also check out : http://seclists.org/lists/bugtraq/2005/Feb/0260.html Regards cyph
  20. Can i ask if anyone used WINME and if so why? i love 98 just for the fact it was quiet fast and i used it for quiet a while with my dual processors for games (had trouble with red alert 2 ) but winme was the worst thing M$ had ever done if they want to test some things for XP they should of released an internal alpha or something lol in the owrds of mr T i pitty the fool who runs WINME. Regards cyph
  21. LOL i used to do this for my job , you would get so many people and it made you ask the little questions to make sure everything was right...like the old joke "is there a power cut" etc lol Regards cyph
  22. Tesco's smoked fish = WARNING CONTAINS FISH! LOL, they make me laugh every time! Regards cyph
  23. LOL...for a min i thought it was a spoofed website, **** phishers but its from the main site! LOL! ...wait now i'm confusing i must of edited this post about 5 times now ! LOL. whois shows IP: as being in Korea registered to mokpoUniversity. i thought it was a spoofed website then on tpying in IP if gave me a site looking like ebay...now whois tells me it isn't registed lol...but maybe it is...lol...help! Regards cyph
  24. 80's !!! love it! Speedy or Anonymous (browsing websites [proxy]) Regards cyph

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