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  1. I have a Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350 its pretty nice , it will record straight to mpeg2 (dvd or svcd standard) so its very easy to burn to dvd etc . i just checked out how much 80 SGD works out in other countrys 80 SGD = $49 USD = £26 GBP so it looks like its about 4times over your price. for this price im not sure what type of card you will get, unless its very cheap in singapore. Regards cyph [EDIT] The Sapphire The Beast All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro = 763 SGD but i suppose if you divide this by a graphics card as well it owrks out cheaper and the saved slots. [/EDIT]
  2. you can uplaod it either to : www.yousendit.com http://rapidshare.de/en/main.html http://s3.youshareit.com/ Regards cyph
  3. Yes i actually use firefox , but i don't like visiting sites that may be hostile, and you can never be to secure B) . I will add the activeX stuff to the registry just incase i am currently using every free spyware program and using the HOST file from here: http://www.bluetack.co.uk/modules.php?name...=showpage&pid=7 but i makes browsing slow. would the above cover this? or jsut activeX / Internet explorer? Regards cyph
  4. I had a search but didin't find anything, so i loaded up regmon and imunized in spy bot , and got a big list , now i just need to convert it in to a .reg format and it should stop any bad products from the min of a fresh install. If this has been done before or there is an easier way that doesn't involve a HOST file please let me know, As it will save me >2000 lines of text Regards cyph [EDIT] well i found this post now: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...022&hl=immunize It's not really what i want though as i want a HOST file solution but for reg entrys, as the HOST file way slows browsing down. [/EDIT]
  5. No, some are shareware (the ones I mentioned) and I’m not sure about the other ones. I’m trying to recall some of the free ones, but I haven’t used them for a while, if I remember the names I will post them here Regards cyph
  6. To my knowledge it’s only for Linux (unless you want to run a front end for windows, which requires it set up on Linux anyway) but there are a few PVR programs similar for windows, for a pretty good list see: http://www.tucows.com/pvr95_default.html (Sage and ChrisTV are two good ones that come to mind) Regards cyph
  7. can people still access this ? or an i missing something? i see a very unscary/uncreepy advert for some software? here are some screen shots: Image Link lol Regards cyph
  8. its a standa lone program , you basically type in the URL and then downlaod what you want (.hmtl , .jpg , .gif ) you can exclude things as well like big files .exe etc . then you have i tihkn what you want, an offline mirror of the onlnie one that you can downlaod. Could you not just File save as... complete web page btw? Regards cyph
  9. thanks for the replys, i have already upgraded the firmware, (from 1st revision to the latest ) there was no notes saying not to , but maybe such i big leap caused instability(i dont remember it crashing as much before the new firmware). so im gonig to try flashing back to the original and working my way up , they are all diffiernt sizes and the latest one is about 100K smaller than the 2nd to latest i will let you know if it fixed the issue. Thanks again guys Regards cyph
  10. http://www.httrack.com/ anyone? Regards cyph
  11. LOL not really that creepy..."did you know you can now print you reciepes on 4x4 cards?...its easy for me as i dont has a computer in the kitchen" LOLi take it they updated the link with the same filename? mirror any one? Regards cyph
  12. In general codec packs = bad news / problems . Get the four CC code from the file search google and get the codec downlaod Gspot and take a look at it in there, its being developed pretty quickly with a lot of features added. Also download Media Player Classic its the best IMHO. Regards cyph
  13. I'm with lvlolvlo on this one B) i rip to harddrive first then open from there. test your transcode before you burn it and use a high quality media. As the dvd reader is 7 yrs old this would mena it has a nice high quality glass lens (not a cheap plastic one like all the new ones ) this might give it the extra quality needed to read the poor quality disk . try verifying the disk to see if it is readable. hope this helps Regards cyph
  14. thanks guys , i'm gunna go hunting "Mm-hai it's driving me crazy with the crashing and the freezing and the Woy Mm-hai bw-ha whoa-hoa" (in the voice of Professor Frink from the simpsons ) Regards cyph
  15. Hi, Thanks for the replys , the dlink 608 is a hard one to find, i can find a review but no place to buy. I may put up with it for the mo and go for a dual-LAN router from XiNCOM then. i will definitely look in to it. Do you have any recomendadtions? cicso? dlink? Regards cyph
  16. At the moment i have a cheap router that handles 4 pc's, on a daily basis my router will crash (because of too many connections) this is due to server / p2p issues. Can you guys recomend a good router/swich that will handle a lot of connections? money is an issue but not a very large one would buying a router / switch for more pcs be a solution? (say for 8 pcs?) Regards cyph
  17. @prathapml yes I know what you mean, I’m not sure I’m a fan but its definitely something to shock your mates with. I hope I haven’t lowered the standard of the forum LOL Regards cyph [Edit] if any one wants it i uplaoded here http://img142.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img142ℑ=goatcopy4sq.png [/Edit]
  18. what makes me laugh is they blurred out her bits in the tubgilr photo , i mean come on lol look at the context lol. thats some crazy law in china? Regards cyph p.s you wanna see sick? what about the weight lifting accident picture not for the fait hearted
  19. LMAO!!! oops sorry i must of been miles away Carl Marx Mobile phone OR Landline? Regards cyph
  20. This one has to be BOTH . PVR to record and TV to watch. Regards cyph
  21. LOL it's definitely a unique site. Regards cyph
  22. so there i was beeing bored ...and well one thing lead to another...and well.... now the really scary part is how much detail i put in to it and how i recalled it all from memory Regards cyph
  23. CD-R Bamboo plant or DVD's ? Regards cyph
  24. Keyboard Warez or GPL ( which is a bigger threat to Mr gates? ) Regards cyph
  25. both (Ahhhh Push it...) Friends or cheers? (best tv show...is there any doubt? ) regards cyph

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