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  1. MSN virusses

    Could someone tell me a little bit about MSN virusses? Are they really that dangerous? For example, can I get a virus via MSN if I do not send anything but only chat? And if I do send files, can pictures and MP3 files really contain virusses? And is it true that some files can be send to me without me having to accept them first? And is it dependant on which version of MSN I use? I'm using a relatively old version (the oldest one possible without MSN complaining it has to download the newest version to be able to continue using MSN), and I *NEVER* have any MSN problems. And what about Messenger Plus, does it add anything to the virus threat? I'm asking this because a friend of mine is prohibited from using MSN by her dad because he thinks MSN is dangerous. I like to think that she and her dad just need to protect their computer better with a good firewall and anti-virus software (I like to think I have), but I'm not really sure of this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All

    Hi all , Just signed in here, so many things that interest me! Been reading stuff for the last 2 hours. Why didn't I find this forum before?! Oh well, I'm off to post something in a topic that especially got my attention. Cheers