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  1. Well, sorry for the long silence, but I had to solve others problems about others OS on this same machine... Now, it's done : I'm in multiboot with Vista, XP Pro, Ubuntu 8 and Fedora Core 9... Then, I've only to add Win 2K to be ready to work So, a big thanks for all your efforts and your longs and accurates messages here... At this point, I've made a new 2K Install CD using nLite. On this I've integrated the "Intel INF update" and the "modified IMSM 7.x" you talk about in this thread (I've selected all the entries rather only the one about ICH8-M ; maybe it's wrong to do like this, don't know). ... And it doesn't work Drivers loading stage goes well, then I get a black screen with blink underscore at top left corner... And that's all ! So, what could be wrong in my process ? Do I have to just integrate the Intel INF update in a fiorst time, then apply the modified IMSM later : when W2K will be installed and started ? Also, if this can help, remember I've selected the "Compatibility" mode about SATA (rather than the AHCI one) in the BIOS. What's your idea ? Let me know (and thanks again) -- EDIT : well, I've just tried, right now, integrating the ""Intel INF update" only (with nLite) and it remains the same : blink cursor on blank screen after drivers loading EDIT#2 : tried with the Universal ATA driver this time and I get a message saying this during the installation : "unable to find the uniata.sys file" (translated from French). Is it a problem with nLite or something else ?
  2. Tanks, PVU, I'll take a trial using the two ways you gave me : AHCI is not my priority and I just want a working Win2K, so I double cross fingers to do your idea succeed... I'll be back to tell you whatever be the result
  3. Hello, I can't find any Win 2K SATA driver for my Toshiba Satellite L300-16M which comes with a ICH8M. The two entries seen under the peripherals list in Vista (OEM) are : - 82801 HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controlleur - ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controlleur 2850 So, and because I need to install Windows 2000 (and several others OS in multi-boot) in this PC, I've looked at Toshiba site first, and Intel one in a second time : the first one provides Sata drivers for XP and the second one says last ICH drivers for Win2K was about ICH7. I've effectively checked this by myself integrating those in a Win2K CD using nLite and it doesn't work (I could have chance) at all : drivers loading is well done, then black screen with blink cursor at top left... for the eternity ! Well, the problem is that I really need to install Windows 2000 Pro FR (SP4) in this Toshiba. For information and know a little more about the story (and smarter than a copy/paste here), here is another thread I've opened in the Toshiba Forum : http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com...?threadID=36969 Do you know about a modded driver for Win2K ? Do you see a workaround ?
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