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  1. just to clear all this s**t up. FlashGet DOES install Google Toolbar. but its also very easy to remove. just add this to your script after you have installed Flashget. regsvr32 /u /s "%PROGRAMFILES%\Google\GoogleToolbar1.dll" and that will remove the toolbar. Easy
  2. im not wanting some program to do the slipstreaming for me (im not lazy) but i do want to save space in this folder. seems a waste to have all the update exes there if its already slipsteamed. there was a small version of XP called TinyXP floating around p2p networks that have seemed to removed these files. was wondering what they did.
  3. ok i have Windows XP with SP2 slipstreamed and all the latest updates. but now after doing so i have 122 meg of update files in there thats taking up space. i also have my drivers on the CD and with all the new updates and my drivers i just cant fit it onto one CD. so now what im wondering is if there is a way to get rid of these files as this would save lots of space. i did a search on the forums but found nothing relating to these files in this folder. any1 know?
  4. i just recently installed WSUS after running SUS for years and my clients dont want to do updates anymore. i have used the registry settings like Taggs mentioned for SUS and it worked perfectly but since i upgraded it doesnt work. However if i go to each of the clients and use gpedit.msc and set the info in there then the clients will download the updates and install without a problem. any advice would be appreciated tnx
  5. wow this has been covered in the past. i have been using this method for the last year or so. maybe the thread i got it from got lost in the history of these forums.
  6. read this article http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=232 although its writen for OfficeXP it also works on Office 2003 i applied this to my office install and made it a self extracting exe so now i have office2003 with SP2 slipstreamed and its 270 meg and also installs 30 seconds faster than installing office and then SP2
  7. First thing i want to say... Brilliant program. i wanted to build something just like this a few days ago but then i found this (saved me lots of time and troubles seems i dont know c++ too well). However there are a few things i would like to suggest. 1) XML. I know you dont like it (dont know why) but XML is structured unlike ini files. I have created a sample xml file that i was going to use for my program. Have a look at it. You will notice how structured and versatile it is. Another bonus of xml is that if you open it in Internet Explorer it verifies your tags for you. Instant xml verifier 2) Dynamic settings files. I had this planned for my program too. Scan through all drives on the computer looking for %filename%.xml in the root. If found then use that settings file for auto installing. This comes in handy when u have many different types of computer that you install on (say you want to install DVD/CD writing software only if you have a DVD/CD writer in your system) All you need to do is have the correct settings file on your flash disk and it will install all the apps in that settings file. No more need to select which programs you want to install after windows is done. 3) Instead of having the default settings file being install.ini how about making it %filename%.ini or better yet... xml (where %filename% being the same name as the .exe) So if i change wihu.exe to setup.exe then it will look for the default settings file of setup.ini This will help keep the settings file next to the exe when in a folder with lots of other files. These are some suggestions i would love to see built in. And IMHO would make wihu the best post XP setup installer application ever made. ok so i forgot the attachment... here it is now silent.xml
  8. LispWarez

    Features i miss...

    y not just allow a switch to enable an application to run async. and the default like it is now
  9. ive had this error b4 but with office2003 on my DVD. i just stopped using cdimagegui and went back to the cmd script. problem solved
  10. i also figured out nerocmd.exe this weekend. it DOES need nero installed on the PC because it uses the NeroAPI that gets installed with nero. im currently lookin @ magicISO cos nerocmd didnt erase the RW b4 wanting to burn (it prompts u to erase if the disc is full)
  11. im not sure if this has been fixed in the new version of the updater but in ver 506 i had a few errors. the problem lies on line 1144 slipstream_DPM.cmd 1143: %T1% d1,hpt366.sys 1144: %T1% d1,hptmv6 1145: REM IBM 1144 should read %T1% d1,hptmv6.sys if im not mistaken The same error is on 1252 Also RHPT3XX.SYS is missing from DOSNET.inf if it has been fixed then ignore this post. im not on the net all day so i cant check if this has been resolved. but if not i hope this solves some probs in future releases
  12. i use a re-writable DVD and Nero to burn it. I also have a cmd script that copies files etc to my DVD root (virus updates etc) and at the end of the script i call cdimage.exe. now what i want to know is if there is a way of getting nero to burn the ISO when it has finished being created and if the DVD is not empty to erase it 1st? or if there is another ISO burning prog i can use that supports command lines
  13. anyone know how to hide the language bar from the desktop? when i install i have 2 languages (the default US or UK) and another. but when i do i get the language bar either on the desktop or the taskbar (usually on the taskbar) and i have to manually hide it when i install. i need it gone
  14. interesting thread. i was thinking of implementing this before setup runs (using presetup.cmd like in the CD driver install) but when i tried this it didnt work (the detecting of the bios etc) It wouldnt run the .vbs file before setup starts I wanted to use it this way so that people couldnt install windows from my DVD. any ideas?
  15. was a stupid post on my side. BALEETED
  16. I was just about to post that too. i tried to integrate the BTS's MassStorage driver pack into my XP. Everything worked well as a standalone CD but when i wanted to use BootFolder to make the boot folder it gave me an error. When i looked in the file i found a reference to the error fire twice. the file was ALIIDE.SY_ Any chance of another release of BootFolder with this fix??
  17. oh serious. well that sux. is there a work around for this problem or do i have to integrate the drivers with my DVD? and if so is there a way of doing it?
  18. i have my UA DVD with XP SP2 on it and no drivers integrated. When i try install onto a SATA drive i press the F6 key. It loads up and gives me the option for XP or 2000 SATA driver. i select the XP driver and it recognises the drive. then i select to format the drive and it does. but when it gets to copying the driver off the Stiffy drive it gives me an error saying to cant copy from the source disk (but it worked b4 the format) any1 else having a prob like this or know how to solve it? im going insane cos i cant use my DVD to install onto a SATA drive.
  19. the text will cut short if u use a program like ResTuner. for some reason it doesnt like long strings. (I know this cos i tried it once myself). But now i use a program called Resource Tuner from http://www.heaventools.com/ Their version doesnt cut off the text like the others do. I also have the same probs with the text distorting the background image. If anyone knows how to change this please let me know. I have a nice picture of a woman on mine and it distorts her boob. very annoying
  20. if u want u can use my silent install script included in silent.rar. run the "runonce.cmd" from CMDLINES.txt and buile the nsi script with NSIS (get it from the link in my sig) and put all your apps in an Install folder on ur DVD. very straight forward silent.rar
  21. i have Win2003 with SP1 on a Multi boot DVD and it works fine so y not x64. i just wish i had a PC to test with
  22. @bombtrack have you tried to include it into a Multi boot DVD or was there a thread or something about it i missed?
  23. ok it doesnt work on 64 bit OSs because the directory structure is different. most of the files are in an AMD64 folder and not the i386 folder. maybe if you can post the source on here i can have a look and try mod it so it can work with 64 bit.
  24. has anyone tested it on an x64 bit setup yet? i have an x64 bit setup but no PC to test it with. If any1 has had any luck with it plz post it. thanks
  25. i dont know if u have ever heard of poweroff? its alot smaller and does not need to be installed and its open source which is a bonus. it shuts down local and remote computer with a schedual. if u are interested PM me

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