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  1. You can use Regmon by sysinternals and set its filter to 'write' and 'the installer process'.
  2. No, that's not possible. You're replacing the text I386, which consists of 4 characters, so you can only replace it with something that's 4 characters as well.
  3. Here it is: http://rapidshare.de/files/6973602/DriverP...em_v1.4.7z.html
  4. I've uploaded a mirror at: http://rapidshare.de/files/6961684/DriverP...Tv_v1.3.7z.html
  5. From http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community..._feb15_sql.mspx
  6. Try extracting the cab files with something like WinRAR to see if they conatin the inf files.
  7. It doesn't work because it can't get the Get_update.cmd file, because the btsunattended.net domain is down.
  8. Which hardware are we talking about (brands, types and drivers?) Could you post your hardware ID's here, so we can try to pinpoint your problem? (You can use the tool from this post to determine them.)
  9. Some (but not all) of those exe files can be extracted using a tool like WinRAR. And you can try extracting the MSI files using Less MSIérables.
  10. Try www.driverpacks.net.
  11. The differences are mentioned in the tutorial on BTS' site.

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