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  1. WSUS_IIS problems

    I'm running Wsus on a win2k3 server... I don´t have AD and it won't be installed... I already made some downloads to the clients but somehow it only downloaded to the client the most needed updates, there are still some updates needed but it won't download it... any hint? regards,
  2. How to manage internet access?

    Hello... if you want a good proxy and easy to configure, you can do that with linux, the program is squid. It's easy to manage and it's all for free. And to do that you don't need a super computer, you can do that with an older computer, because linux is not heavy like windows is. Now I have to use windows for a project, but when it's possible I use linux. regards,
  3. WSUS_IIS problems

    I have one problem... I'm working in a company that doesn't work with active directory and will not work in the near times. They don't want. :s How can I configure the clients to make windows updates from my machine? thanks
  4. WSUS_IIS problems

    Everything is well configured... looks like it. I'm wandering if the clients to make the updates downloads have to access any page, or if the updates are automatically downloaded... can you tell me that? thanks
  5. WSUS_IIS problems

    Hello... I have WSUS installed on my computer that when is well configured will provied windows updates to my working network. I configured everything like it's explained on the "Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services.doc". The problem is: I can´t open the updates page ( not the windows update page but my updates page). I installed IIS like it's descrived on the document. I didn't made nothing else. Can someone help me? Thanks, Valter Oliveira (Portugal)
  6. Repositories

    Hello... I'm a pportuguese person,so if my english is incorrect, sorry. I'm trying to make a project but I need some help. I want to make a repository server of the windows update files. I wonder if that's possible. The project is to create a sever that have those files and the other computers of my private network pick the updates on my computer instead of accessing the microsoft server. If that's posiible can someone tell how? Thanks and Regardings, Valter Oliveira