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  1. Features i miss...

    Hi! I am trying to convert my Installation from using XPlode to WIHU, and while i'm at it, i miss a few features: Running a Command Hidden Running a Command Asynchronisly Making WIHU a topmost window Just a few more words to why: 1. not every window that pops up is informative and it looks quite ugly when those pop up all the time while others feature a cancel button which i dont want anyone to hit accidently while installation is running, i know this could lead to wihu to freeze if something isnt configured properly, but this could happen with any app i start with a quiet parm. So i personaly dont see a higher risk in running commands hidden. And even though i know BenjaminKalytta sees this differently, i still think i should be free to chose if i am willing to take that risk. So i obsequiously ask to please reconsider in adding such an option (all risk at users side ) 2. i'm using an application that monitors a second one, which obviously needs to be started before the second one without waiting for it to finish. which was no problem under xplode, so it would be really nice to see this feature in wihu aswell 3. Basicly this is just intended as workaround for 1. just in case Benjamin would insist on not including 1, cause so at least the windows would pop up behind wihu, which would "fix" the optical part Just a few things i miss for convenience, besides that really nice app! I really would appreciate it if those features would make it into a future version of wihu! Greetings KMan
  2. Problem with Double Quotes

    Hi! i have a problem with command lines containing double quotes: my original command line is: command.0=unzip32.exe -o %CDROM%\Unattended\Favs\Default.zip -d"%UserProfile%\Favoriten" which according to the log file is converted to: "unzip32.exe" -o %CDROM%\Unattended\Favs\Default.zip "-d%UserProfile%\Favoriten" This behaviour of wihu aint good at all, since the possition of the quotes has been chosen exacly where they need to be for the command to work. This causes quite a few of my installations to fail. Has this any purpose i dont see or is it just a Bug? besides that i personally would prefer it if the arguments passed to a command would be an own line in the ini anyways, just an idea maybe worth considering? Greetings KMan
  3. WinntbbuED

    Hi! i dont think so, the name did not matter so far while i was playing with the editor! Greetings KMan
  4. WinntbbuED

    Thank you for the new version! will got testing right away KMan
  5. WinntbbuED

    @ maxXPsoft Sorry! Didnt mean to be offensive in any way. I just wanted to tell you that it works for me out of the box. Did not want to critisize you or your registry hack in anyway, only wanted to point out that i hadnt had that installed before testing Sorry again if i wrote in an unlucky way! Sincerly KMan
  6. WinntbbuED

    Hi! Works fine for me, with winntbbu.dll aswell as with winntbbu.dl_ Used the shell extension menu, didnt had you reg applied before though KMan
  7. ID 54, "Installing Devices" But you should know that already, you show it in the preview?! Sincerly KMan
  8. WinntbbuED

    WOW! Great Tool! This really makes it easy to edit the setup screen! Thank you!
  9. $Progs or $Progs$

    Hi! $Progs is what i use , and it works pretty fine! Greetz KMan
  10. ConfigSelect 1.1.0

    Hi! sorry for the late reply but was in france last week, no internet. in case you havent noticed yourself meanwhile before going i released it here on the forum, but you should also read the post belonging to it here. Greetz KMan
  11. Config Select 1.1.0

    Hi All! All the tests went well for me, so here it is, v1.1.0. Because my parser for the xplode file is quite basic, there is a limitation though, all the commands must be single line, i included one of the configs that i use for my unattended cd, so you can see how it should look like. Hope thats something you can all live with?!, i can! Since i am very short in time at the moment, i didnt manage to do any help, but i included 2 sample .ini's one with explenations and one without, hope this helps getting you started. Now to the how too: usage for the main window hasnt changed, but if you hit SHIFT+ENTER and the customizer is enabled you will get to the customization screen from the screenshot, with the config, that was highlighted, loaded and ready to be changed. If you ended up in the wrong config by accident simply press ESC and you will get back to the main window. When you deselected everything you dont want, just hit ENTER to start XPlode with your newly generated tmp config. The Customization window also supports a few mouse options, when you double click on a topic, it will invert the state of all the items in that section, what is selected will get deselected and vice versa. if you double click with shift pressed down, all items in that section get selected, if you double click with alt pressed all items in that section will be deselected. Thats it, (i think ), nothing more to know... Hope you'll find it usefull! Greetz KMan CSelect.zip
  12. ConfigSelect 1.1.0

    Hi All! I couldnt resist playing around a bit more with my little tool. Here's a little teaser what i have been up to: (need to do a little more testing before i can release though, but if tests run well i plan to release this weekend) What you see below is a new option that lets you select single items of one of the predefined configs and selectivly install those. The Colors can be changed in the ini just like in the original dialog, in the example the orange bars are the <item display Tags, and those with the checkbox before them are the single commands in between the item tag, where the format is : <command>: <DisplayTag> if the command supports a Display Tag and <command>: <commandparameters> if it doesnt, so it should be very easy to determin what you want to process and what not. Also by this simple parsing, all plugins should be supported, official aswell as third party ones. Hope you'll like it Greetz KMan
  13. Hi! you are setting 3 Times : MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server MaxConnectionsPerServer Max your Internet Explorer's simultaneous downloads to 10 (default was 2) -> (to 0x0a) More Concurent Connections for Web Page Loads -> (to 0x20) Broadband Tweak for Windows XP -> (to 0x20) also exacly the same are: Stores more DNS entries so that your computer doesn't have to look them up as much & Do not cache failed DNS lookups just a first quick look, but it seems you can slim down a little more there Greetz KMan
  14. Hi! this also can be a timing issue, i had this when testing on a VMWare Enviourement, increasing the reboot time form 60 to 90 seconds solved this issue for me once and for all, so might also be worth a try! Greetz KMan
  15. RunOnceEx.cmd dialog box

    Hi Guys! for this very reason i replaced the RunOnceEx steps with calling XPlode which you can find here on the forum, nice custimizable GUI and some neat additional features, you might want to check it out, btw there are also other tools with alike functionallity here on the forum, just a matter of taste. As said my favourite is XPlode, but check out yourself. Greetz KMan