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  1. lol!!! i never knew God was a male. second I never new God was limited to be in certain areas; ergo, God is currently absent from earth? lol as to the moon business, it's quite amazing how much we do take the moon ("our shield") for granted. as to clarify what is meant by "our shield" is that it just happens to be that when many meteorites use to slingshot around the sun's gravity and towards the earth, due to its orbit, the moon just happens to be in the way so boom on the moon and the earth continues to grow.
  2. Open My Computer and in the Address Bar type in "\\<printer ip>" and then double click on your printer to install it. This would be the short, simple, and easiest method since the other way is causing issues.
  3. to me...friendship is friendship...no questions asked. unless they of course have some mal-intent then it's a different story. put yourself in their shoes. and b4 u spk i was in the applicants position....and still am.... it's in our nature to always want what we can't have. now we have a way to shape that want into something that we can have. i.e. friendship on a side note...never say never..maybe not now...but not tomorrow but someday the company will need to turn to something and if you're there you're in..but if locked up at home watching Oprah there goes your window. that's just my $.02
  4. HAHA OH man....it's more embarrassing when it happens!!!!!
  5. maybe you can add the new 300gb ipod hack in there too!!
  6. oh man i had baaad flashbacks on 12, 13 and 28....
  7. well witout contacting outside sources you could dl a trial version of virtual pc and install it on a virtual machine n c if it needs activation.
  8. 1&1 Internet Here's their link
  9. (clap) Way to go IRP.. I didnt see what comment you made but I can only guess it wasnt good. Wraith, never got to using your work.. Been a silent watcher of this sub forum, didnt have time to learn to use it and work out any problems. Wish I had even the time to learn to program to any level near your ability. I have experienced those that take advantage of a good thing, not with programming, another skill or another however. ditto
  10. epic - oops i didn't read the entire post....he didn't see he had the antique router. astalavista - i don't know whereyou live mate but 99% of dsl and cable modem companies DO NOT deploy ppoe. arrg..too long of a topic freak it
  11. there's two regulations in the US for 802.11 on the "civilian" end *point to multi-point - which allows a max of 30dbm (1watt) or -1db for every db gain over 6dbi *point to point - fcc is generous in which it goes with -1/3db no i'm not totally up to date as those were the regultions for 802.11b so i'm pretty sure it'll be the same if not less for g. the regulations for a were basically the signal can't leave your building. lol in any case the case i read was not here in the US it was somewhere in Europe more specifcally the HIV free nation (Sweeden) if you let the HIV part you're cool!
  12. why would you create a new VM...just copy the VM and paste it..... also you should be able to activate it 2times worst case senario just order another copy of the trial..
  13. it's a good thing. disable it temp from your add remove componenst menu install firefox then reinstall it.
  14. simple solution go2 dyndns.org get a address (ajshdjsa.serveftp.net) buy a domain name and where it says redirect to type in your dyndns address hence someone types in mydomain.com which redirects them to ajshdjsa.serveftp.net which redirects them to your router Linksys( which forwards the request to your web server If you got to linksys support and type in web server or ftp server they have a verrrry gooood detailed setup procedure. If you still need help or are confused e-mail me or PM me mmerchant|asdfgh|@|NOSPAM|gmail.com remove the stuff between the pipes (|) inclusive of the pipes.
  15. I use DVD Shrink and Nero.(period)
  16. Personally I'm not a big fan of the whole Norton AntiVirus suite...I perfer the corp edition; Symantec AntiVirus (9.0) me no likes mcafee too many issues i've had with them and the software itself. when i was working at the comp shop soooo many customers had the smallest and stupidest problem b/c of sum id*** at bestbuy or somthing told them mcafee RULES norton is going bankrupt.....lolz...i remember those customers...they were the best ones...always made my day better.
  17. matrix - i've seen or actually read about people have a STABLE link between two linksys wireless routers at a 18mile distance. of course they were using the after market firmware and powerful antennas.
  18. Ok...firstoff the solution Gamehead offered is for PPOE connections. If you don't have a PPOE connection it kinda won't work for you and will leave you w/out i-net. lol. matrix0978 - What version firmware do you have? About 85% of the time peoples problems are solved by unplugging everything waiting a minute then plug in your DSL/Cable Modem wait for it to connect with all lights then plug in your router wait for it to come up all the way then start up your computer. 10% configuration 5% defective unit that's my personal experience. I would try upgrading to a new(updated) firmware version and resetting all the options back to factory defaults. I personally have the Sveasoft firmware for my routers which provide me with i-net and the other router provides free wifi for anyone that can catch the signal. here's some images if you think you might be interested of what the added features of the sveasoft firmware adds. http://tinyurl.com/5avbg
  19. capitalism..economics.....simple answer. Supply and Demand. sorry mate...but that's what everyone wanted so now everyones gettin all the bites of their cookie. =)
  20. I heard India's space program actually wants to help advance India living standards by taking surveys and all the other science stuff so they can find better ways to irrigate and aggregate. Is this true? I hope so because that would be soo very cool! All we use it for is to blow up comets..lol watch on July 4th(expected date of Impact of rocket with Temple 1) BBC is gonna tell us because of the explosion the comet has changed trajectory and is headed straight for earth. Thanks again America! lol
  21. since they're apologizing i should to....i leeched alot from this website...not only the forum...i'm sorry....
  22. i just put an order for the 1gb....it's gonna take forever to get here though =( .....I was debating on the Apple Care thing...bought I bought it anyway just so i don't have to worry abt the **** small thing for 2yrs..... I'm broke again now....I need to replenish the $201 back into my PowerBook fund...
  23. what? i don't know what yer sayin...you want sumtin that boots up a "media player" or Windows Media Player...?

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