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  1. Sounds like you may be using a ModernFrame.dll not designed for use with Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.
  2. BigMuscle, Will you be making a new ModernFrame.dll to go along with Windows 10 RS version: 1.5? Thanks again for all you do...
  3. I have a light blue sky background so I have my heading text set to black but just clicking the GUI and not pressing any settings or save turns my text heading to white after I exit. Using the old GUI has the same effect.
  4. I know, there a lot on settings to go through. I'm in Win7 right now so I can't check but I seem to remember settings to program what a left click does and what the Win key does. You can set them to open the Win10 start menu.
  5. It does, but if you carefully go through the settings you'll find several ways to switch back and forth by using mouse or keyboard. I use a middle mouse button click. Another is the win key plus a few more.
  6. Yes, the theme by DaMonkeyOnCrack that you linked to is a very good theme. I used it for my Win8.1 theme. Glad you're enjoying this one.
  7. Good job, genecooper !!! I could have use a guide like this when I started out a few years ago.
  8. This theme works great with Win10 (x64)14393 and AeroGlass rs1-14393-669-x64 release and UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll. If you love the Win7 theme, you'll love this one. Kudos to Sagorpirbd !!! http://sagorpirbd.deviantart.com/art/Aero-7-Themes-for-Win10-Final-523979941 BTW, AeroGlass rs1-14393-669-x64 release has been working great for me.
  9. "Aero Glass for Win 8.1+ 1.4.6 for Win 8 and 10 builds up through 10586" I think you mean Win8.1 as Win8 won't work with 1.4.6.
  10. Hi again, I use the start menu replacement 'Classic Shell' which lets you switch from one menu to the other. It will also make the taskbar transparent or a glass blur.
  11. Hi, You could start here to get some ideas: http://www.msfn.org/board/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=174377&content_commentid=1107223
  12. Build #669 - Pre-release, 64 bit is working very well for me. Thanks BigMuscle!
  13. No matter the language, it was wrong to talk about a competing software in this group.
  14. To all who need to stop symbols from being downloaded to the AeroGlass folder just rename this file symsrv.dll to symsrv.dll.bak. That should do it. BTW, that file is usually in the C:\AeroGlass folder
  15. No difference in build 14379 as far as Aero Glass and ModernFrame.dll are concerned. And, that's a good thing.
  16. Just updated to build 14376 and Aero Glass is working about as good as in 14372. Modern Apps are only working to keep some headings black when using the dark theme, set in colors.
  17. The default setting is UEFI but because I run Win7, I have it set to UEFI with CSM.
  18. Just had something really crazy happen: I updated another laptop from 14367 to 14372 and the update went fine. But after finding I couldn't get aero glass to work right, which worked fine on another laptop, made me stop and troubleshoot. What I finally found was my bios had been set to default settings, which included secure boot was on. Once I changed to my setting, all is working well. Anyone else have this happen?
  19. Are you using a theme or atlas file? Maybe they might interfering, if you are. I'm using mrgrims Aero Frost theme which works with or w/out aero glass.
  20. Not here, once it's set and saved, it stays constant for 14371/72. Although, I never have UAC popup cause it's set all the way down.

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