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  1. Flashget 1.73 Crapless Installer

    nice work, grats, however, i got mine ~870k (nsis) with some nice flashgit tweaks integrated + exe hack for 100 segments support :-9
  2. what's your computer's performance?

    apart the score i notice my hd is (almost) continuosly writing, there is no peace for the poor creature is this what happens to you all too? btw it's just an rc1, it's premature to judge but to me it's damned pretty heavy...
  3. Silence of the foxes

    Me too. But the facts is that the main program is installed, but the extentions, themes and preferences not. I hope to see SoF working again with 1.5 (it works perfectly with 1.0.7) Thanks to the author and GL with the new version
  4. J2SE 5.0 has gone final

    I tried latest ryan file (jre501.exe) with a *clean* XPSP2 install. It works, doesn't reboot Thx ryan
  5. foobar2000 - Inno Setup Released!

    I would like to try it again but your page is unreachable @ this very moment If you need webspace for mirror your files i can give you, no problem Just let me know byez
  6. What is the best Audio Ripping Software

    EAC is recognized to be the n.1 ripper But CDEX performs well than EAC under certain circumstances Shortly, tried both, loved both. Now I use foobar2000. It does EVERYTHING (play, rips, manage) and it's enought FOR ME. Er... what is winamp ^___^;
  7. foobar2000 - Inno Setup Released!

    Hi as u can c im new here Ive downloaded your latest installer package and once everything (full installation) is installed i notice that some libs are missing like foo_input_std.dll Just a report, no intention to blame you. Thx for your time anyway - good job anyway.
  8. My application switches

    Hello every1 I would like to know if someone knows how to silent install quicktime alternative *without* the mediaplayer classic option. I already know that /verysilent /sp- will make it happen but that will install mpc too.
  9. "rundll32.exe setupapi InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 x:\xxx.inf" where x:\xxx.inf is your inf file with the path (ie: c:\codecs\lmp3.inf) hope its what you look for. btw, i'm new here B)