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  1. Mosilla Firefox questions.

    @HyDeNCiTy It is a hidden preference for some reason. Anyway, just type in "about:config" without the quotes into your firefox address bar and scroll down to browser.urlbar.autoFill and change it to "true". That should enable it.
  2. Req: Dave's Quicksearch Deskbar

    Here is an Auto It script for the newest version. May work with older ones too. Just place the .exe in the same folder as the dqsd.exe. The istallation .exe has to be named that. Hope this helps. dqsd.zip
  3. Req: Dave's Quicksearch Deskbar

    It is a NSIS installer but the /S switch doesn't work. So you will have to use install rite or script it.
  4. Need Help, AutoIt Software

    for you first question about always on top it is this. WinSetOnTop ( "title", "text", flag ) Parameters title The title of the window to affect. text The text of the window to affect. flag Determines whether the window should have the "TOPMOST" flag set. 1=set on top flag, 0 = remove on top flag
  5. Need Help, AutoIt Software

    For the winmove, are you wanting to center a window in the current desktop? I always just guess about what center would be. If you really need absolute center look in the help file under window functions and look into WinGetPos and WinGetClientSize. it may give you some insight.
  6. Need Help, AutoIt Software

    as for deleting directories and sub directories, you don't have to delete all file first if you dont want, just have to add a flag at the end. Bascially if you add the 1 at the end it will work like deltree. DirRemove ( "path" [,recurse] ) Parameters path Path of the directory to remove. recurse [optional] Use this flag to specify if you want to delete sub-directories too. 0 = (default) do not remove files and sub-directories 1 = remove files and subdirectories (like the DOS DelTree command) Example ; Delete C:\Test1 and all subdirs and files DirRemove("C:\Test1", 1)
  7. Mosilla Firefox questions.

    @HyDeNCiTy Are you trying to get firefox to use autocomplete/inline autoecomplete? If so, the newest version 0.9 has inline now. You can download an extension for the older versions too to get it to work.
  8. Or even if you do put it back into the I386 folder it still gives you this error from CD?
  9. ok, i see. Why not just put the $OEM$ folder back in the root on the CD for CD installs. And leave it in the I386 folder when installing from hard drive. I hope I am understanding you right. It's very late for me and I am sleepy. sorry
  10. You say you have put the $OEM$ folder INSIDE the I386 folder before? Instead of the root drive?
  11. Detecting DVD Drive

    Cool, thanks Aaron. I didn't know that myself. Learn something new everyday.
  12. If doing an install from harddrive then $OEM$ should be inside the i386 directory I believe. Try that.
  13. Are you trying to run your unattended disk straight from the hard drive? Like you just copied it from the CD to your HDD then tried to run it?
  14. Detecting DVD Drive

    There is %CDROM% which would include DVD drives also. Or do you have a CD rom and a DVD drive, and want to pick the DVD only? Like something that will differentiate between them?
  15. real & quicktime alt

    Older version must have used install shield installers, those are the ones that use .iss files. The new ones are Inno installers, can't use .iss files on them. Anyway, only thing I know is some will let you use the /COMPONENTS= switch if you know what the comonent names are. But I really don't know how to get the list of components. Someone else may know.