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  1. how can you not fit win95 and msn5 on a 1gig harddrive. this should b more than possible on a 240mb harddrive... win98 se with all IE6 and all critical updates, msn7, acrobat reader 4, winamp 2.77, miracle c, winzip 8.1 only takes up 389mb of my 1.35gig harddrive in my pentium1 laptop... install internet explorer 5.5 on win95 then try installing msn5. that would probably b ur problem.
  2. if by that u mean a blank task button on the task bar then yes, i have seen this. i get this every now and then whether systems are running the SP or not.
  3. of course it does. but when the file is non existant in the latest version of directx, it copies over the file from the old directx...well in the case of Gex it does.
  4. corrupting your partitions? i highly doubt that was anything to do in result of mixing the files. I have an old MS game called Gex. when installing that, it still continues to update files in directx 9.0c. i think gex came with either 2.0 or 3.0 directx.
  5. i think the file is called msbatch.inf / msbatch.ini. i just clicked...perhaps 98 was just partially pre-installed? when you first got your computer and after you entered the serial number, did wndows detect your hardware?
  6. i applied it after a clean install in the order of: windows 98 setup drivers sp 1.6.2 at what step did you apply it?
  7. i have the unofficial sp 1.6.2 running on 2 systems which both allowed me to update from windows update without running regsrv.
  8. as far as the interface goes its pretty much identical. 98 includes Internet Explorer 4 integrated. Whereas 98se has Internet Explorer 5. 98 dislikes the whole year 2000 thing apparantly. there are 2x updates to fix this i believe. 98 also doesnt allow you to right click in the start menu, where 98se does...just a few minor differences like that. i could be wrong, but i have a feeling that 98 has very limited support for WDM drivers. ive always been a user of 98se, ive only fixed systems running 98. i would say that 98se is a more stabler platform than 98, as well as much more secure. when goi
  9. i hav an SB16 soundcard floating around in one of my systems. if u dnt load the windows driver, but only the DOS driver for it....u aint gonna hav any sound in the windows GUI... if i was to delete io.sys, that wouldnt get me into dos. windows runs ON TOP OF dos. if it was PART of windows, you wouldnt be able to xtract just dos from it, which you CAN do...
  10. what makes me think it is pirated is the way ppl on this board endorse that product. as well as other products on this board. it gets to me when ppl just say "o..wel go to office 2000". not everyone goes out n buys software that costs $300~ AUD when they dnt intend on using it for 5 years... and thats kinf of stupid to say that a poll would prove nothing. afterall, its polling to see hw many ppl use the legit version. thats proving something. geez....lol... with the hostility towards me which u displayed in that post, makes me wonder if it is legit lol. i personally couldnt giv a **** whether
  11. my laptop dislikes windows 2000. if i could go to windows 2000 on this i would be running Windows Messenger.
  12. u know what would b a good poll? how many ppl on this board use non-pirated versions of 98lite...
  13. once in the windows GUI, it overrules DOS. Yes kids, that why your DOS soundcard driver wont run sounds in the windows GUI...This sounddriver is for if you choose to go into dos mode out of windows and run games. So from the way i see it, the DOS portion of 98 is just backwards capability. that dont mean that windows98 is built on DOS.
  14. travisowens keep on topic if you gotta say that kinda crap then pm me,this is not the place for that not every1 needs to know that to keep ev1 happy, y not simplify the specs of your systems and put commas between the specs? simple..
  15. ! i set my 9x systems up without anything in the config.sys and autoexec.bat files. i seriously dont see the point? this just causes conflicts with windows and games, etc
  16. i could b wrong, but i always thought that 'system resources' reffered to conventional memory, rather than RAM. PC's have 640kb of conventional memory. so it wouldnt matter how much RAM you add.
  17. you CAN disable it in windows 2000...ms even wrote an article on how to do so. and yes, of course the latest version is full of useless crap, and 'SpeedyMSN' isnt any speedier. MSN 6 and 7 is slow as on my P133 laptop. That's why i have stepped back. This was possible to do in msn 4.6 apparantly. I have tried alternative programs, and im not particularly interested in switching to another MSN alternative.
  18. i am running MSN Messenger 5.0.0575 (dubbed the windows95 version) on windows 98se. i continually get the "a new version of msn is available..." msg. i would like to disable this, preferably without using a crack/patch but will if needed. i read that this is possible to do in windows 2000, however it doesnt work with windows98se. i have also tried with msn messenger 5.0.0543, but it didnt work with that version either.
  19. o..forgot to mention. In vmware (a virtual computer)...ME was still unstable. now i think thats something to laugh about. clean install mind u.
  20. umm...those are the icons from windows95...i think that so called 'COOL.DLL' file is a renamed version of 'SHELL32.DLL'
  21. on a system reboot, u should have roughly 88-92% free in system resources under 98se. thats even with active desktop enabled. i have major resource probs with my laptop (compaq lte 5300) if i use the service pack on it. mine runs out of resources to even be able to shut itself down.
  22. i dont think this its possible with the standard OEM or off-the-shelf versions of 98se. however, i suspect your computer manufacturer has shipped your computer with a proprietary win98 installation CD, most commonly known as a "restore cd". this cd would contain a harddrive image of a pre-installed win98se as well as the 98 setup cab files (with no setup.exe file?).
  23. but if u mix the files from ME which are part ogf 2000's enhancements, with windows 98se, u get a stable os rite? weird how that works..im refering to that MDGx.com site or wateva its name was. win3.1 was one of the good guys. dont get dos and win3.1 confused. if you over look dos from this equation, u have a stable as hell os.
  24. if i c ppl with windows me computers in distress i tell them to take it back to 98. my p133 compaq lte 5300 laptop runs great with me if u excuse the lack of functioning APM support. my AMD 750mhz machine ran unstable when i first built the machine back in 2001. but im sure it was because of the old ISA hardware (intel etherexpress 16 network card) win me didnt support that card, and i had to use the driver for win95 from intel with the system which worked but conflicted with the DMA...thus BSOD's... my 3rd cousin is running win me on his TX Pro mainboard with a Cyrix 200Mhz processor and says
  25. i disagree, 98se doesnt need anything to b made stable. but if u want to improve the stability further, add DirectX 9.0c, WMP 9.0, IE6 SP1 to the picture and do a windows update. whereas me, thats another story. my advice is to not run it on ISA hardware even if u can find the drivers or me installs the device with its own. and dont run it on no-name hardware. its picky as. i also hav a feeling win me doesnt like sharing RAM with on-board graphics adapters. i hav only come across this once though.
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