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  1. He is using AOL9 security edition. The strange thing has been all of these things have gone back to normal after uninstalling the SP. So I just did the manual updates and security patches and the tray color update. Everything seems to be ok now. Is there something vitally important Im missing if I dont use the SP? Thanks again for all the responses Sean
  2. First of all thanks for everyone who responded I havent tried 2.0 beta yet This machine is one Im working on for a friend and as I said everything works fine if I uninstall 1.6.2. No floppy drive error or connection problem. He is using AOL because that is some peoples preference (not mine of course) It is a Gateway Performance 600 Dont really want to turn the floppy off as it does get accessed ocassionally The floppy is set in BIOS as 1.44 3 1/2 It has an internal US Robotics modem and I have downloaded the updated drivers for the specific model at Gateway and still it exists. I was thinkin
  3. Hi everyone Ive love this updater and have never had any problems using it with the exception of 1 machine. After I run the update and reboot I get an error on my POST screen saying "ERROR 02B2: Incorrect Drive A Type esc to resume" I hit escape and everything seems fine. Then when using the modem I can make an initial connection but if I hang up and try to dial out again it says the port is still open. If I reboot the connection becomes available again but for only 1 time. I have tried this with AOL, and Hyperterminal. Ive reinstalled the modem and nothing doing. I uninstalled 1.6.2 and every
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