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  1. If this was covered, I missed it. Sorry. win.32 trojan downloader agent is accosting my ME. I didn't have virus protection. I've since downloaded AVG virus protection. It picked it up but win.32 reinstalls itself. Ad-Aware is basically the same and so is Spybot. I've considered trying a more radical program (usually described as something you want to approach with caution) and wonder what my risks are and then I'm also wondering if there's an easier way to rid me of this obnoxious assailant Trying many things, I finally tried SuperAntiSpyware available at superantispyware.com and this work
  2. I'm back again, marveling at how little I know about my computer, and appreciating the fact that others do. I want to look in System Restore on my ME and say, hey, I can set my computer back 2 days ago. I disabled my System Restore for a reason I can't recall and then re-enabled it. It no longer creates automatic restore points. So I can set my own, but it doesn't seem logical that I would go in and create 365 restore points if for instance I wanted daily restore points. Is there a way to set my ME to create it's own restore points? If I have hopelessly screwed this up already, what is a good
  3. Thanks! My Task Scheduler wasn't set for this. I appreciate the help!
  4. I went into System Restore on ME and noticed my points were today's date 17 Apr 05 and then 20 Nov 04. This seems a wide gap to me and I'm hesitant to go back that far to fix some crazy problem I am having with Outlook Express after I took the advice of a Comcast tech that only compounded the problem. But the question is with System Restore. Is there some setting I can adjust to have ME create some consistent System Restore points? I find the Help suggestions rather vague ... name a restore point. Do I designate something like HERE and then it is dated 17Apr05 1:04pm and this will be a re
  5. Just curious ... I've used ME for four years with some problems but nothing major. I just read it's unstable ... someone else said it was buggy ... what kind of problems are you talking about? Is anyone else happily using Windows ME?
  6. I ended up fixing what I wanted to fix. I un-installed IE 6.0 (after re-installing it) or tried to and didn't get a clean un-install but took what I got, went back and installed IE 6.0 once again and then downloaded the 6.0 updates. In the end I still got the one error message ... windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 ... but I'm presuming until I find out otherwise that this is not a crucial file. I would advise anyone who downloads IE eradicator that although a free download, if you run into hassles, you have to locate your answers from the FAQs or pay for support. I finally plung
  7. I downloaded IE eradicator and then re-installed IE 6.0. I got the message %1%2 Windows could not upgrade the file %1 from 2%. Windows could not upgrade one or more fules before starting. Windows may not run properly. Then an error occured in the setup C:\Windows\System\browseui.dll and then another error C:\Windows\System\wininet.dll. After than another error VMM(12) + 00003759 Error:0E:0028:C0282759 and VMM(12)+00003755 Error:0E:0028:C027155. What might I do next? I saw the icon for IE for a minute or so prior to the report of some errors, and after that, nothing. Thanks for any help.
  8. I have Windows ME with IT 6.0, Spybot and PC-cillin and use Comcast as a server. If I try to access Comcast email using IE, I get an error message saying IE will close. Do I want to tell MS? Do I want to restart IE? I downloaded Opera as a browser and can access the email this way but despite hassles, I like IE better and find the error messages annoying. I tried repairing IE. I downloaded the latest updates for ME including the IE Service Pac for ME. When I did this I was not able to install all files. I got the message some were missed. I have added Comcast to the don't block list in To
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