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  1. Wonder it's possible to screw up so hard
  2. Seems I've uploaded wrong version. Please try again same link HKCU\Control Panel\NotifyIconSettings
  3. Fixed build https://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  4. Need exact reproduction / config, that's not how should work
  5. I'm not fluent with umlauts but alright
  6. There are 3 icons: 1) Removable devices menu icon 2) 'Safe to remove' notification icon if invoked from devices menu (shown as 'Windows Explorer') 3) 'Safe to remove' notification icon if ejected from drive menu (shown as 'Rundll32') 2 & 3 were removed. They are not on shown until you remove ejected device, they're shown transiently for 5 seconds for the life of the notification and not interactive. I'm afraid you're talking bul***** as usual, sorry.
  7. Windows suggests 'd. MMM' for day-month format on German region settings, so it will be '3. Dez'. Is that right or point is not necessary? Care to write 3 new DE-DE strings down?
  8. Strange, it should detect and apply d-MMM in case it's default
  9. StartAllBack 3.7 changes from RC3
  10. Yeah would be nice to pin down why that happens
  11. StartAllBack 3.7 RC3 (hope the last one)
  12. That's the neat part, you don't.
  13. Is it limited to volume icon / middle mouse button?
  14. There's an undocumented setting - Start_LargeFlyoutIcons = (DWORD)1 in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack

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