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  1. I'm not 100% certain this is actually a recent change, but in the search results, StartisBack will not cycle the selection when the up arrow key is pressed.
  2. Thanks for the updates. Unfortunately my only issue (white icons) with SIB still remains, here's a prime example: (doesn't always present itself like this of course)
  3. I should also mention I run all 3 pc's with the Windows Search service disabled (UAC disabled, too). Maybe this has something to do with the blank page icon issue?
  4. This is a problem with Windows Defender, unfortunately. When start menu is querying link files to get icon, defender re-scans the target of the shortcut which slows system down. It slows down whole i/o sybsystem to the crawl when a lot of shortcuts are displayed (and search displays lot of them). Icon extraction hits timeout that's why icons could be not displayed. I'll try to increase timeout or create a more viable workaround but to get rid of this behavior you should use some other AV. Thanks, I'm using the Outpost suite and not Windows Defender (disabled) in these pc's. Maybe I should add something to the malware real-time scanner's exclusion list? Or could it be the firewall that's causing the problem?
  5. Agree with this. Installed 1.3RC1, problem with 'blank page' icons remains on 3 PC's I've tested - check this post for details. Same with most programs' taskbar icons that disappear after installation. Sign-out/in is required to get them back.
  6. I haven't seen this issue yet and can't reproduce it. It happens on the main menu too, sometimes - not just in the search results.
  7. I see, thanks. If these issues could be fixed, it'd be nice to have the option. The Lenovos could always use some other key(s).
  8. A request: add the right Windows key to the available Start screen hotkeys.
  9. Using it for 10 days and loving it. The only (minor) problem I have is that most of the time, when using the search box, the search results will not have their icon but a 'blank page' icon. It also occurs on the main menu, not just search. The proper icons will only show if I move or hover the mouse pointer over them, or move the selection with the keyboard arrows. Or perform the search again. Problem remains in 1.3RC0.
  10. Thanks for the update. The new installer caused most tray icons of running applications (security software, Yahoo Messenger etc.) to disappear. Sign out/in was necessary to get everything back. Tested on Win 8 x86.
  11. But that's because the middle-click is practically useless to me (it's hardly mandatory in the vast majority of all software, and my guess is that most people do not use it) while the double-click is ubiquitous. So, replacing it with the wheel-click, saves countless clicks and protects healthy hands (and doesn't overwork problematic hands like mine). The wheel-click could be assigned to another, less prominent mouse button, but that won't help people who don't own multiple-button mouses ("mice" sounds wrong ) .
  12. Thanks. I use the wheel-click as double-click (very convenient btw) so that will not work unfortunately. My thought was for a Start Menu item/shortcut for the Start Screen, or the aforementioned Hot-Corner.
  13. Just installed RC2 and wanted to say thanks for the best implementation available of the Start Menu that is StartIsBack. You should definitively get together with the 8GadgetPack guy. A couple of questions, sorry if they have been addressed here already: I've tried the 3 visual styles but I can't detect any visual changes. Maybe they are subtle and I can't notice them? Also, it would be nice to have a mouse-click way to access the Start Screen (apart from the key-shortcut) and the Apps available to the Start Menu. Having tried Start8, I think it offered a bottom-left "hot-corner" for accessing the Start Screen. Not sure if it's the default position, since I have a vertical-left taskbar, but it was nice to have even if sometimes the "minimize to desktop" was accidentally pressed.
  14. Greetings from Athens-Greece, nice to be here (in the forum, that is).

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