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  1. Well, for cold boot, I mean that I shutdown my laptop completely and then start it again, but yes, fast startup is enabled there. Yes, I know that with Fast startup enabled, the OS does not really shutdown since Windows 8. This problem did not happen with me since build 10130 and after an upgrade to build 10240, it occurred. Restart takes almost 5 - 6 mins to finish and I don't think it's normal if I disable Fast startup on a normal OS. I tried to diagnose boot process and get the log above, then I realize that SMSSInit takes too much time to done because 2 entries that I don't know what they are. Tried this command too: xbootmgr -trace boot -prepSystem -verboseReadyBootThe process is completed but nothing changed. ​
  2. So, this is my first post in the forum. The reason why I have to sign up here and post this topic is explained on the title. I won't write long post here. The resource for trace log is below. In case you need the <blah blah blah>.cab, I will upload too: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=2EE5EFF21E741320!3950&authkey=!ACNd-yzlSDJLHlE&ithint=file%2ccab Right there, I saw that there are 2 kids caused the SMSSInit took too long to boot are: <file name="Unknown (0x0)" totalTime="61130" totalOps="257" totalBytes="12167168" writeTime="0" writeOps="0" writeBytes="0" readTime="61130" readOps="257" readBytes="12167168"/>and <extension name="(none)" totalTime="101917" totalOps="1006" totalBytes="160111104" writeTime="27256" writeOps="98" writeBytes="937984" readTime="74660" readOps="908" readBytes="159173120"/>Maybe there are some kids running around my laptop that I can't see. So you guys please help me solve this <beep> problem. EDIT 1: correct typo. EDIT 2: update .cab link EDIT 3: All the drivers are installed correctly. Also, ntbtlog.log shows that dxgkrnl.sys first successfully loaded and 4 times more fails. WdFilter one time more failed. summary_boot.xml

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