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  1. yash.chauhan

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Well that looks good, but my kaspersky is detecting a Trojan (more precise HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic). Is that ok? Because bigmuscle one was reported safe. Just to confirm up-to which windows version this dll supports?
  2. Dude, no need to install 3rd party applications. If you are not familiar with task scheduler, then just rename the aero glass folder to something else and restart. if you are familiar with task scheduler, just disable the task named as aero glass extension loader and restart. or for just temporary disabling, open up task manager and end task aero glass extension loader for dwm and end task desktop window manager. The glass effect will enable again on next restart (not for fast startup).
  3. yash.chauhan

    OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Does anybody here know how to change the up (go to parent folder) button icon? I am 99% sure its icon is in shell32.dll but i am unable to find the way without modifying dll itself (which creates havoc in 8.1/10). Also @Tihiy, can you give option just like custom nav bar to override the up button icon? It is too frustrating to find the uifile for that specific icon. There is a very minor bug with latest ONE, the search bar in explorer gets clipped upto edge. Not bothering me but just indicating.
  4. yash.chauhan

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Those visual styles are packed in msstyles. When you create your own default theme from personalization menu, there is option as save this theme for sharing. This saves in a .themepack (windows 7) or .deskthemepack (windows 8) container with custom sound, cursors and wallpapers, if theme has. With custom msstyles and this theme combination makes theme sharing easy but it just wont open as if nothing happened. I just want to say to highlight this in your main article, so someone does not freaks out and reinstalls the whole os. (The google search also does not provide satisfactory result).
  5. I'd just post this incase somebody wants it.
  6. yash.chauhan

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    I dont know if this is discussed before, but when using uxtheme bypass dll injection method, none of themepack / deskthemepack loads when try to open. although a stupid workaround is when you want to apply a themepack, just rename the bit version of dll (uxthemesignaturebypass64.dll to something else for 64 bit, 32 for 32 bit). after applying restore back the name. Can you look at it @bigmuscle? i am not sure about win 10, i am on win 8.1.
  7. Hi bigmuscle, I have one request for you, if you can. PLEASE give option in installer not to enable glass effect on any modern app. if not installer, please add guide/seperate file in how to section on your site which can disable glass effect on apps. i know there exists command in this forum you posted but since it is too huge to find (search also doesnt give results). also, while in settings app, the translucent title bar becomes opaque when any option is opened when maximised. many people prefer glass frame on modern apps but i do like modern app look. thanks.
  8. Here is what you need http://fav.me/db0ar9s
  9. yash.chauhan

    text glow atlas theme for windows 10

    I know that its not rendered by dwm because i belive it has to do something with msstyles file. The win8rp theme by winaero has the caption glow on explorer for windows 8.1. Any ideas where the caption glow file exists in .msstyles file?
  10. hi big muscle or whosoever, its great that you revived the thing what microsoft dumb a** didnt do it till now. i have small request if somebody can create atlas theme for windows 10 with just glow over text. the release preview theme looks odd on windows 10 and too the window borders. if somebody can prepare or give a guide how to make a atlas theme, it would be grateful. i have tried to export the windows10 rtm atlas file but i cannot seem to know where to keep the glow image or how to keep because of transperency of png file. coming to text glow, i saw that the ribbon ui windows dont exhibit text glow. somebody guide me how to get text glow on ribbon ui windows. i am using your trial version of glass8+ ver. 1.5.1. a bug report, i tried to find out in forum but didnt find. in version 1.5.2, the modern apps also has glassy titlebar. it works great on uwp apps. the apps built for windows 8.1 has the full screen button on non glass framed in windows 10. but this button disappears on latest aero glass version. the button is functional though, but going to fullscreen means either exit the app or use the app like windows 8. i know i may have confused on last paragraph, in short play asphalt 8 o fullscreen and try to bring back in window mode. thanks in advance