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  1. @Brickedandroid Well, unless I'm mistaken, those old drivers are your only option for Vista.
  2. @Brickedandroid You don't need to use NTOSKRNL Emu_Extender on Vista, NTOSKRNL Emu_Extender is for XP. There are already Vista drivers for Intel HD 4000.
  3. @pappyN4 @Dietmar Could it possibly be a timer issue? I thought the timer issue was an intel only thing though, but perhaps some AMD boards are affected?
  4. @Dietmar If you have the free time, can you set up a VM and try to trace where the 9F BSOD occurs in checked 8.1 storport.sys? If not in XP text mode setup then on an existing XP install? I'm able to get all the way to the end of XP textmode setup with the 8.1 storahci driver, right up to the point where the system reboots and then 9F BSOD. I've included the PDB symbols for both my checked ntoskrn8.sys and checked 8.1 storport.sys to help with this. https://ufile.io/gbzhscdp Edit: hold on, checked version of storport.sys has some missing imports. I'll fix it. edit: fixed - https://ufile.io/rwbg20oa
  5. Hi @Mov AX, 0xDEAD So I've been working on trying to get storport and stornvme of windows 8.1 working on XP and for the most part it seems to be functioning, I can get XP installed. the issue I've run into is these driver power state BSODs. Would you be willing to help solve this issue? I'm sure @Dietmar would be interested in helping to solve this too. here is my modified ntoskrnl extender source code - https://ufile.io/arl8wbth
  6. @pappyN4 Overheating maybe? Check with HWMonitor for both temps and power usage. I noticed this on my new B550 Steel Legend that power usage (140W) and Temps (70C) were abnormally high just sitting idle and I needed a DSDT mod to fix it. What motherboard do you have?
  7. @Dietmar Can you let @Mov AX, 0xDEAD know about those 0x7E BSOD Kernel Trap BSODs you encountered?
  8. Curiously, Mypal crashes on me when I close it, or at least I get that prompt windows saying it has crashed. It seems to reopen again just fine though.
  9. @Dietmar Besides the CPU power thing, Do we have any other ACPI problems on Z690?
  10. @Dietmar True. It is by no means the best solution, but it works for now. It's certainly better than having the CPU draw 140W at idle.
  11. @Dietmar I am happy too! I'm surprised the solution was so simple, I wish I'd thought of it sooner. It would seem that DSDT tables on the AMD platform are much simpler to those from intel. I guess AMD is not as strict with their ACPI implementation as Intel is.
  12. Until we have a fix for the ACPI0007 ID for XP a simple solution is to add this code into your DSDT table - *This code is for a 16-core 32 Thread CPU. Compile your new DSDT Then simply load this new DSDT with ASL 5.0 asl /loadtable -v dsdt.aml the changes will persist after a reboot.
  13. @Dietmar Yes! I managed to get ASL 5.0 to work! I merged my XP friendly CPUSSDT into my DSDT, compiled it, and loaded with ASL 5.0 ! So, for whatever reason, ASL is fine with loading DSDT+CPUSSDT merged together, but it fails with an A5 BSOD if you try to load them separately. Changes persist on reboot. I have absolutely no idea why this makes a difference, but there you go.
  14. @Dietmar How do I make the .HEX files for patching? or am I misunderstanding?
  15. @Dietmar Thanks. It seems like it's a bit complicated to use, I'm a bit more confident just using grub2 for ACPI patching.
  16. @Dietmar Yes I have BIOS 2.2 TPM is on with the default settings, but I made sure to switch it off since since I wanted to install Windows 11 in CSM mode on this machine.
  17. @Dietmar Moving these keys to CurrentControlSet instead of ControlSet001 results in an A5 BSOD
  18. @Dietmar OK, I checked in the registry and I see that the keys were applied, however XP seems to just be ignoring these keys entirely and my CPU still runs at 140W and DSDT is from BIOS.
  19. @Dietmar No problems thus far, but the DSDT is unmodified, can you make one for the CPU SSDT too? that's where all the changes are made.
  20. @Dietmar Here are the 2 ACPI tables that I load with grub2 for my mod - https://ufile.io/3fv1ijg9
  21. @Dietmar Do you want all of my ACPI tables? or just the CPU SSDT table?
  22. @Dietmar My ACPI tables are for an AMD B550 system though, they won't work for you.
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