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  1. @Sergiaws I think @Outbreaker or @George King should be able to help you automate the XP installation process.
  2. @Dietmar Unfortunately I have not had much luck working with the ASL method, I ended up getting either no change or an A5 BSOD. grub2 seems to still work though, although I noticed that grub2 simply creates a new CPU SSDT table and leaves the original SSDT untouched, weird.
  3. @Dietmar I haven't been able to get this to work thus far, even though asl says it was successful it still loads the unmodded tables. how do I check if test signing is enabled?
  4. Oh that's cool! I might give it a try then. Is asl V5 that hard to use? and if I want to revert to original ACPI tables is that easy?
  5. @Dietmar All I really know is that deprecated Processor() Opcode is no longer in use in these newer ACPI tables that are giving power issues in XP. My mod removes the existing ACPI0007 processor definition and then reintroduces the old Processor() Opcode that XP's acpi.sys expects.
  6. @Dietmar 1.6 watts! Wow! and I thought 44 watts on my 5950x was good. The mod is not that complex, just compare original and modded tables, there isn't all that much of a difference. Now lets hope that @Mov AX, 0xDEAD can code the driver to understand ACPI0007 too.
  7. @Dietmar D'oh! I made a typo in the modded SSDT! new fixed version. https://ufile.io/sj2anz5z
  8. @Dietmar OK, Here is my first attempt at an ACPI mod for you. Load both of the AML files in the MOD folder. The order may or may not be important I'm not sure - i.e if DSDT then SSDT does not work then try the other way around. https://ufile.io/fvbk5kfg
  9. @Dietmar Thanks! I see in dsdt.dat your processors are defined with ACPI0007 ID but curiously no ACPI0010 container. I see ssdt.dat also has some external dependencies to dsdt.dat for processor definitions. Just to confirm, was this board giving you CPU power issues like me? or was it a different board? or were you having a different problem with this board?
  10. @Dietmar Nice! Now we need to find where the Processor definitions are.
  11. @Dietmar Not necessarily true, if any other ACPI tables have any external dependencies on other tables they'll need replacing too. Can you upload all your ACPI tables please? both original, and modded if any.
  12. @Dietmar A bit strange that acpidump -b did not give you everything, nonetheless send me all the .dat files it outputs. Also do the same with RW-Everything too so I can compare for differences.
  13. @Dietmar You must use the compiled AML binary file and not the DSL file, do not rename DSL file, compile it into AML. I may have gotten the command slightly wrong instead of grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml it should be grub> acpi (hd0,msdos2)/acpi/dsdt.aml you can check if this is correct by typing grub> acpi (hd0,msdos2)/ and then pressing TAB to see the directory listing and see where you are. Make sure the /acpi/ folder exists.
  14. @Dietmar I used the most recent iasl version to both disassemble and rebuild my tables. use acpidump -b to get a dump of your acpi tables.
  15. @Dietmar Ah, good, you're up to where you should be. Easy2boot normally makes a 2nd partition, it did for me, but it might only be 1 partition for you. I created a separate /acpi/ folder on the second partition and put my modded .aml files in there. (hd0) is the Sandisk USB drive.
  16. @Dietmar I have not made an E2B drive on XP before, I've only ever made them on Windows 10, I hope the tutorial described works for you. My Sandisk 32GB USB thumb drive shows up as a removable disk, so this has not been an issue for me.
  17. @ackmangogo I'm not sure if it'll make much of a difference but maybe try disabling ACPI and set resources manually.
  18. @Dietmar Can you also upload a dump of the ACPI tables of your Z690 motherboard for me to have a look at too? I should be able to do the same mod for your board that worked for me.
  19. @Dietmar I've never had to deal with that, perhaps Easy2boot + A1live grub file manager set it all up for me as I can just select my XP boot drive as a menu item from within Agfm. Do you have any Windows 10 PCs so you can setup Easy2boot + Agfm on a USB?
  20. @Dietmar I'm using a1ive grub2 File Manager that gets bundled with Easy2boot, but if you prefer to use something else then use that.
  21. @Dietmar Here are my original and modded ACPI tables - https://ufile.io/5spx5ygt You should try the grub2 boottime method. It's a much safer option once it's setup. like for mine all I need to type in the grub console is grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/dsdt.aml grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt2.aml grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt3.aml grub> acpi (hd0,2)/acpi/ssdt6.aml and then boot XP and it worked. Have you got any USB drives with grub2 installed on it?
  22. @Dietmar For my case, the processor definition was in an SSDT, but yes I confirmed that this worked earlier using grub2 - the SSDT mod I did also removed the ACPI0007 IDs and reintroduced old deprecated Processor() Opcode which is actually what resolved the issue and was not removing the ACPI0010 container like I'd originally thought.
  23. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD The acpi.sys driver of Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 all handle ACPI0007 correctly and gets installed as ACPI\Processor - no handling of the ACPI0010 device is necessary. So we only need to figure out how acpi.sys of Windows 7/8.0/8.1 is able to convert ACPI0007 into ACPI\Processor and then it should work.
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