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  1. I think i bought my copy of NetCap back in 2000.....It's seen alot of changes since the early days.. ;)

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/NetL.jpg ...I am currently using Build 7.5.4

    Never has let me down, once you buy the original licence you own it and all the updates for life...It's an IE powered engine with all the extras.

    A browser becomes an attachment to many of us, that soon becomes *Home*..As long as the security features are intact and strong I think Personal Preference carries a big issue in choosing the right one for the individual.

    Netcap was the first browser years ago with tabbed browsing, it's always updating itself and Mr. Stiles of Stilesoft.Inc has always treated me good/fair and with strong morals in protecting my privacy...

    That says alot in my eyes....Always will.

    Like I say though..Personal Preference has alot to do with what we soon become comfortable with.

    I run Adaware SE Plus on one of my machines....Webroots Spysweeper on the other two machines...So I don't concern much about what happens to try and infest my browsing habits.

    (By the way..Adaware SE Plus is my fav out of all the sweepers I've tried over the years..)

    Browse with your preference...Make sure your butt is well covered...Chasing pests is boring.. LOL!!

    My wife's New IBM T40...(Which her work purchased for her...I know, I know)...Always has it's share of cleaning for me to do....She runs on a closed system with about 2800 or so others on the internal server....They are always telling her, everything is well maintained... *Snickers*.. ;)

  2. ...Netcaptor Pro has a security configuration and toys that I can't find elsewhere...

    can you elaborate on its security and "toys" that you can't find elsewhere?

    just curious.

    Take the Tour.... ;)

    The tabbed system is by far in my preference....Clean up is immediate...Locks and Blocks anything you want to..

    Just alot of little items I haven't found elsewhere.. I don't care for FF's Tabbed System...Nothing like NetCaps..


    You IE Folks might want to have a gander at this site..Secunia......As of Nov 21/2005

    Secunia News


    Proof of Concept code has been released for a 6 months old Internet Explorer vulnerability. Criticality rating increased to Extremely Critical.

    The vulnerability has been confirmed on a fully patched system with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and Internet Explorer 6.0 and Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4.


  3. Netcaptor Pro....

    I haven't used another browser for at least five years......Although I've downloaded and played with all the others...Netcaptor Pro has a security configuration and toys that I can't find elsewhere...

    So for my Personal Prefernce..It's Netcap Pro.. :)

    Stops the grungies.. :thumbuphttp://www.netcaptor.com/

    Click On *Take The Tour*....

  4. Christmas Time At The Knight's Dwelling.....We have 3 Christmas Trees up....More nick knacks than walmart.. (LOL)..And all three floors of the home are decorated pretty much like these shots..This is our living room..The den, and family rooms are equally as spirited.. ;)

    This room is 14 Ft wide and 24 Ft long..Looks rather small with all the glitter,,, :)


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/PSL.jpg




  5. It's been a wild cpl of days here on the highways.....Kinda looks like a wreckers haven...

    I've passed at least 100 cars in the ditch probably 25 or so rolled over and at least 20 big trucks looking like this....Or worse....


    I Hope no one was sleeping in the bunk.. (Check Out The Bunk/Sleeper Behind The Truck Cab..Jammed Into The Trailer and Tilted Off To The Left)..

  6. We had a snowfall..Overnight here in London, Ontario. I counted 16 cars in the ditches, 3 of those rolled over and 2 big trucks...

    This fella was heading east bound and actually got completely spun around 180 deg's ending up heading west bound and was lucky enough not to roll over...



    This next shot is a little hard to see, the car is in behind the tow truck , laying on it's side in the ditch with about 3 ft of water...


    BE CAREFUL OUT THERE FOLKS.....Once you start sliding, it's only going to stop when it gets to where it wants to.. The heavier you are the further you'll slide...

    They always look better like this... ;)

    My Truck.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/SEFS.jpg

  7. @Dagonet: really nice :thumbup

    Thanks Tato... I'm in a skinning kind of mood lately,, :)



    Skin: Premium Syncronous (Pixtudio's..Part of the Carbonix Suite )...Very Nice Stuff To Use..

    System Icons: Graphite

    Dock Icons: Alloy Bezel on Stealth Transparency Backing

    Wall: Hmmm??

    Widgets: Silica Calendar..Irregular Weather

    WMP: Corparate

    Cursor: Pro Tools

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/EXUL.jpg


  8. @Dagonet, As always. real nice!

    Thanks Black...

    The wall is from Blue Sky Heart Graphics...Layne Karkruff's Site. Alot you have to buy in packages, alot is free though. I think I own all of his stuff, aquired over the years..

    His work is fantastic...It's a heavier styled artistry...For us *Thicked Skinned Junkies*..

    :D ..... Have a good one ;)

  9. I'm in shock...:o

    That's gotta be one of your best desktops I've ever seen!!! That wall is absolutely amazing...

    @SiMoNsAyS - Make this a finalist for sure!!!!!!

    LOL!!.... They friggin well better be good, they cost me hundreds of dollars a year.. LOL!!

    I don't do contests...Simon already knows this...So carry on with the finals and finalists, have fun!!

    I do desktop/hobbys because....*I LIKE THEM*...Not what others like... Cheers Bud :)

    PS: The wall is available at SkinPlant..... ;)

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