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  1. Yeah, I had 512 (2x256) in here before, and I have a gig in my desktop... but man... is this thing ever a powerhouse now! I clicked on three adjacent quicklaunch buttons for my browser (Maxthon), Outlook, and MSN Messenger... BOOM BOOM BOOM, the three apps popped up...

    I love fast computers!  :thumbup

    Well.... I'm to say the least..An impatient type of person, always have been. So if what I want to happen doesn't happen immediately..It's not a Good Thang.. LOL!!

    So pretty much all aspects of my life are surrounded by those items that are very efficient..Except my wife and daughters.. They refuse to change... LMAO!! (Huh..Go Figgur)

    The new PC..Now bumps my other Desktops down the list..They all have a Gig of ram in them..The only PC I own that doesn't is my wifes IBM T-42 It has 512 Megs of DDR..


    I will miss the Vaio though. It was a very nice running PC..

  2. That's a really nice case!

    I just got an early christmas present today as well... a gig of RAM for my laptop! I'm up to 1.25GB now... playing with 7 different programs while having VMWare in the background is easy enough now!

    Merry Christmas!!! (Eh?)

    Gotsta have the Gig of ram...... For Sure!! You'll find everything beomes very Smoooooth now.... :)

    Merry Christmas To You Too... Canuk ;)

  3. nice, what case is that?

    Don't have a clue DP... No markings on it, and I didn't ask.. Just liked the styling...

    If you're interested.. In town here. London, Ontario.. My bud owns a store..(Part Of The Enders Direct Chain)


    Call the toll free (TF) number.. Ask for Eli if you're interested..Tell him Charlie's new case.. He'll know which one you mean..

    They come in different flavors..Blue,White,Black..$80.00 Canadian..$60.00 US..Power Supply attached..

    I've had folks from the net order hardware and inquire to items from him before..He'll ship it at a very reasonable price also....Super Guy!

    Cheers Bud..

  4. HPIM0993.jpg

    This is a shot I took tonight on the way home, pulled the truck over and took the shot...It's an actual billboard, about a quarter mile away from the interstate, thus the weeker quality of pic.

    There are three such billboards on I-94 between Port Huron, MI and Detroit,MI..They have been there about 3 weeks. I thought at first the signs were not finished and they would be coming out to complete the *Who Cares* issue..But to no avail, it looks like that's the way they are going to leave them..LOL!!

    Every time I drive by one of them, I want to phone someone and ask...*What's Your Point* LOL!!

    So what does everyone think..What's it about??

  5. LOL!! That's some funny chit... :)

    Regardless of who's candidate won...The reality of the situation unfolds like this:

    Gw Bush is the president of the United States Of America for the next four years..Nothing will change that *Fact*. Considering he is the reigning factor of the most powerful country on the face of this earth, I suggest we all, *All* get behind him in his endeavours, because what we think should have happened or would have happened really is irrelevant now..Support the situation and it's office.No use stagnating within the boundaries of *The Past Tense*

    I am Canadian....Americas little brother.. LOL!! ;)

  6. Who's Yo Daddy..??

    This is not an election thread or a heated topic situation..This is just a cpl of pics showing some of the good sports I work with and deliver to..

    Even though, for most of them, their candidate didn't win..(I can relate)..They took the results and moved on...

    For the past few weeks the guys where I deliver to in Detroit and myself have been rippin on each other over who would win the US election..I have continually said..GeeeDubYaa is going to win.. With only one fella at the plant agreeing with me and all others were voting Kerry..

    So I didn't do the run yesterday it was cancelled out and I went down on my run today..Anyways, I did up a *Special Packing Slip* on the empty bins I bring down..LOL!!

    The rest is Picture tales.... ;)

    The Packing Slip....


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/HPIM0967.jpg

    Kenny..Who voted for Bush....


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/HPIM0970.jpg

    Santini..Who ended up giving me the finger and wanting to burn the sign..LOL!! (See the lighter on the sign..??)


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/HPIM0971.jpg

    Did I Have Fun......Oh Ya.. I Had Fun.. LOL!! ;)

  7. I love this spunky little Irish redhead I married 20 years ago, more than life itself...(Have known her for 22, dated for a cpl yrs then got married)

    For those 20 years I have seen my home magically transformed the weekend after halloween *Yep..Ya read right*.. to a Christmas Store/Wonderland..LOL!!

    As you can see by the pic...The saga of the 2 month Christmas continues and it started today.. ;)

    How bout ya'll when does the home start looking Christmassy??

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/UhOh2.jpg


  8. I use a router and I have been using Zone Alarm Pro for years now.. Maybe 4/5 type of thing...

    I think they all pretty much do the same thing..The security features are about the same in most. I like the ZAP because of the few special features it adds, the browser clean up works very well and quick.

    I have no complaints..Because it's really never given me cause for any. I've never seen any one else in here (My PC's) except me and my family..So I guess it's doin it's job ;) .. LOL!!

  9. Hey there, to you too Dagonet'

    Nice truck ya got there! :yes:

    All the toys... 575 HP Cat..10 Speed Roadranger...Walk In Bunk.Evtended Roof..Eldorado Air Seats..8 Speaker Sound System (Panasonic)...Power Windows,Mirrors..Cruise,Tilt Extended Steering Wheel..

    All the joys of comfort and seclusion.. LOL!!

    Cheers and Thanks.....Prathapml B)

  10. I thought I'd pop in and say *Hey There To The Forums*.. :)

    I'm a Truck Driver..Passion for Cams/PC's and my Wife and 2 Daughters.Hobby for Desktop Theming,,

    I'm also a weightlifter (20 Yrs or so...) Been Kickboxing about that long also.Workout room at home..4 Benches,Vertical Pec Dec,Too many free weights and bars to consider counting,Step Climber,Strider..Etc..Etc..

    Here's what I look like...


    My Pc's...All P4's..All powered to the hilt, all the toys..All about a year old..

    SONY VAIO:..In The Family Room


    THE GIRLS..Machine: although they use them all.


    MY MAIN TOY: In the den, If they ask nicely and don't disturb the PC Grinch that lives inside the HDD, they get to use this also.. LOL!! ;)


    Here's what I drive...2002..Century Class Freightliner..Comes with a complete set of weights under the bunk.. LOL!! ;)


    Glad to be here..

    Have A Good One;) Dagonet'

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