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  1. So many times, it happens too fast

    You trade your passion for glory

    Don't lose your grip

    On the dreams of the past

    You must fight just to keep them alive

    It's the eye of the tiger

    It's the thrill of the fight

    Risin' up to the challenge

    Of our rival

    And the last known survivor

    Stalks his prey in the night

    And his fortune must always be

    Eye of the tiger

    Wall: Tribal Tiger

    Skin: Dmn-X (Recolored: Blinds 5)

    Cursor: Hand

    Widgets: Corner Calendar-Clear Day Weather-Clear Meter

    Icons: Orion Premium Suite

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/EOTL.jpg


  2. name='Maleko' date='Mar 22 2006, 07:38 AM' post='483313']

    Thanks...What's life without our toys.. ;)

    to right, lifes little pleasures :P

    Well......I just went out and added yet another Lil Pleasure.. LOL!!..Sold my Sony Trinitron 36" and got a great buy on this AKAI 46" DLP..HDTV....Fantastic Picture...I am truly impressed so far..Quite abit nicer than my Samsung 42" HDTV..

    The newest toy.. :)

  3. i like your office dagonet. neat effect with the blue blinds and the under the sea wallpaper ;)

    Thanks DP...Although it's not my office... It's our main floor living room. We have very similar setups in the family room downstairs and the den upstairs. All with their ownPC's and big screen TV's and sound systems.The rest of this room is actually behind me what you see here is about half, pretty large space...

    I can't be too far away from my televisions and 5.1 DVD's.. LOL!! ;)

    Cheers DP..

  4. Product : Aspire E360

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3500+

    Frequency: 2200 MHz - (current : 2209.98 MHz)

    Support : Socket 939

    Monitor : HP f2105 Wide Flat Panel Monitor (DVI Connection)

    Physical Mem: 2048 MB

    RADEON X550: 256 MB

    Drive C: (Hard Disk) 54 GB available on 65 GB

    Drive D: (Hard Disk) 128 GB available on 128 GB

    DVD ROM.. Plus DVD Dual Layer Burner.

    Mitsumi External: Floppy Drive

    My Main Machine...


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stet...ure003Large.jpg


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stet...ure006Large.jpg


    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stet...ure005Large.jpg

  5. that why i will never buy a computer from an oem. i will only build.

    I have bought some good equipment manufactured....I have an HP A815N in my puter line up that I am extremely happy with..Very quick lil machine..Although I also am quite happy with my not so Name Brand home growns.. ;)

    I have purchased a few name brand machines (So to speak) over the past few years and have good quality. I think these companies are trying to overkill the market with the next great idea, long before the idea is even close to being great.

    I often think of the uninformed consumer and how they fend this junk off, after six months of using a PC, then finding out this isn't right or that doesn,t work..Then they have a battle on their hands..??

    The first word out of the store is...... Oh Did You get Our Extra Protection Package..??

    Um...NO??...I actually thought HP, Gateway and Sony and whoever had their %hit together enough to not release this line of PC's onto an open market without making sure it was as user friendly as they said it was.. :whistle:

  6. hmm, next time ask here for advice ;)

    A very good backup solution is Acronis True Image and its a good price.

    For the PC I would have suggested you build it yourself, something like i have a shuttle xpc. small, quiet and powerful.

    But Im glad to hear you did find something!


    Well....I don't suppose that I need to much advice on telling the manufacturers their machines are not what they claim to be. I'm actually very good at that.

    Shuttle is not my interest..I have built a few PC's over the years...I actually have 2 here that are home builds, but this lil spree has been an experience to say the least, overwhelming at times... ;)

  7. Mods, this is just a blog on my experiences with my search for a new PC...If it needs to be in another category go ahead and move it... Thanks :) Dag.

    I've had quite an experience with my search for a new PC. I have tried Gateway, HP, Sony.

    I have seen many that have a great concern in the system recovery..And although the machine has a recovery system built into it, the actual making of the disks is to say the least a joke. I utilized some 30 DVD's and CD's in an attempt to have a recovery system saved only to find out none of the disks worked. They finalized the burn process, but when I went to use them instead of the on board recovery 6 of the machines came back with errors and would not accept the disks, having Cab file concerns or data.inf concerns. Which left me calling HP numerous times and returning the machines to Best Buy, Future Shop, Costco..??

    The sony was the biggest DAWG i have ever owned, Pentium D...As were all the other Dual Core chips. I have much faster machines in my Hyper Threading PC's.

    The BTX technolgy i found on the Gateways, having no processor fan and a wind tunnel affect causing an air flow suction with a front and rear case fan, sounded like an airplane taking off every time it had to work abit. They also would shut down the monitor if I tried to use an extra gig of ram..(This was on three machines exchanged.) Although the ram worked fine on the HP's and Sony's I had. ?? (The ram was correct and matched the ram that was already in the machines)

    HP came with so much junk on them, I tried to remove most of it, only to be warned over and over that if I removed this file I would'nt be allowed to run another file which I wanted and needed.. LOL!!

    I could go on and on......(I Won't)..LOL!!

    If these people are going to put out a machine to the consumer, I am a firm believer in making sure it's going to do EXACTLY WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO DO..!! I'll add the flavoring after.

    Sooooooooo....Some 15 machines have been returned since Christmas. Unboxed. programs loaded..Reboxed, programs removed.

    I finally settled for the 21" F2105...And a single core (Acer E360 Aspire) AMD Athlon64 3500+..Which in my opinion is far quicker and much more responsive than any of the Intel D class, or 64X2 Classes that I purchased. I just found them to drag their butt.

    I have never in my life felt so tired of searching for something I truly dream't of and never so dissapointed in the rersults.

    (By the way, the machines I have tried started at approx $1,000.00 Can and went up to $1,600 Can)...Price was not an issue, performance, reliability and peace of mind was and is.. :blink:

  8. Downtown....Wood & Vine (Natures Metropolis) :whistle:

    Skin: Solaire Dark: Recolored..Blinds 5 Color/Saturation

    System Icons: Cardinal Green: Recolored..Icon Developer

    Dock: Solaire Dark Translucent..Noia Icons

    Windows Media Center: King Kong

    Cursor: Pro Tools

    Widgets: Clear Weather..Silica Calendar...Recolored

    :Clear Meter

    Wall: Jungle Dreamin

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/DWVL.jpg


  9. welcome to the good side my friend :)

    but i would have laughed at him too, X2, haha, who wants X2? opteron is where is at.

    it doesnt matter, its still amazing, do u plan on overclocking it at all, or are you not able to b/c its an hp?

    Nah......I don't overclock any of my machines...I'm not a gamer, the slowest machine I own is an Intel Pentium 3.0 Hyper Thread...All my machines run 2 gigs of ram...256 Meg vid chips..Thats enough for me.. ;)

  10. Well.........I have said many times here that I would never own an AMD PC, haven't owned one for about 5 years...I actually gave the last one I owned away free.. It was a 1.8 GB Processor..About 6 months old...

    Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...I am here to eat my words and tell of my new PC.. I returned the Intel Pentium-D 2.8 GB Dual Processor....It had a bad hard drive in it....Brand new..Got it a few weeks back..The salesman, a friend of mine says give the AMD 64x2 a shot..I pretty much roll over laffin... LOL!! ;)

    Then I said...What the hell..I've heard alot of good stuff, maybe AMD has come along way,,,,

    AMD....??????? Has come along way..This is without a doubt the fastest/smoothest.quietest machine I own or have ever owned....Absolutely blown away with it's PRO FORMANCE!!...

    Introducing....THE WORDS BEING EATEN.. :cry:



  11. @Dagonet' - *slowly claps with gratitude* Very well said Dagonet', almost brought a tear to my eye

    Hey Wolf... :)

    Ya know...... I've been to and removed myself from sites that have the intellectual level to believe you should have to make your desktops look JUST LIKE THEIRS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LMFAO!!!

    Narrowminded fools...Kinda like saying.....

    Why did you buy a Blue Car......I don't like Blue...??....... (Umm Hello)...Pretty strange and or petty thinking in my eyes...By the way....I didn't remain long at those sites after I saw the leadership qualities or Lack Thereof... LOL!!

    Cheers Wolf.... Have a good'n dude :)

  12. Thanks a bunch! One step closer to being as good as you.... :P

    Being as good as me......Means not caring about what the masses think about my personal preference on my desktops....Doing the best you can to suit your own tastes and not the tastes of those who tend to try to match each others tops by following the trendy.. LOL!!

    I've benn customizing my tops for about 10 years now, back in the days when my bud Dangeruss was around, a time when competition was not included in the personal preferences. It's supposed to be fun, enjoyable. When you have mastered that, you will have mastered the art of desktop customization..Be it thick skinned, minimal,abstract..Etc..Etc...You need to sit back look at YOUR design and feel totally satisfied..

    JU KNOW....??........ Never follow the crowd, suit your own tastes.. ;) I enjoy looking at all the different styles, whether I wear them or not....Someone has spent time to make it look great in their eyes..

  13. Sorry, maybe I havent made myself clear enough Dagonet'.

    What I meant was, that some sites dont accept characters like ' [ | - , etc etc.

    SQL Injection is a way of 'hacking' a site, therefor, many sites are starting to declare those same characters like prohibited input characters.

    P.S: Indeed. Poor choice of words.

    Ok...I'm guessing that you're referring to my nickname here on this site..With the apostrophe' at the end...

    I don't use Dagonet' on many sites I visit...My nick at Renderosity.Com has nothing like that attached..Very straight forward nickname. One that I have been using there regularily for years and years..

    Sorry I misunderstood your meaning...Thanks for your replies. B)

  14. Some sites dont allow special characters like that, because they are oftenly used for SQL Injection.

    I don't understand your reply....Sorry.

    I'm not using any characters..I'm trying to log on using my Nick and Password...This is the message the site is loading..Or someone intervening on the sites behalf..??

    I've been a member of this site for years..

    That text has nothing to do with what I am injecting..??

    I've just tried entering Renderosity again....After about 10 attempts over a period of a cpl of hours, i am able to get the site up....

    I was just wondering asto the choice of text and the terms used to see if anyone had an idea of why it was being deemed Illegal..

    Strange use of terms for one of the largest graphic sites on the net..LOL!!

  15. Mods...I did'nt know where I should post this. I'm guessing this forum is acceptable.

    I'm getting this message on my screen when trying to log into Renderosity.Com. Does anyone know what it means..??

    Illegal variable name: 'dom[3]', look for mismatched #s

    Last night i got similar messages when logging into Wincustomize and DeviantArt...

    Thanks.... Dag

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