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  1. There are a number of programs out there. Slysoft AnyDVD used in conjunction with Slysoft CloneDVD mobile allows you to do what you want quite well. Of course, neither program is free but both have trial versions you could experiment with.

    I, myself, don't own an iPod but I did this once for a friend and had no issues at the time.


    Hey rotjong....Thanks.

    The going rate seems to be around $30.00 US. I'm not to concerned about the coin, as much as I am concerned with ease of use and user friendly app...Don't want to be doing a whole lot of configuring to drop a movie onto the pod..

    Thanks again.. I'll check it out.. ;)

  2. I've done a little searching and have found a few out there. If anyone has some experience with a specific program for converting to an Ipod, maybe you can share with me...

    Run DVD's from the PC and convert them to a Ipod compatable...

  3. OK 1) Amazing pic, I'm using it as my wallpaper now! thanks for letting us know this great artist!

    2) Is that screenshot of your machine? What is that theme and those bars and stuff at the top?

    Ya that's one of my tops for April...

    The taskbar at the top can be done in windows.....If you like it and want to know how, give a shout. I have been using that upper bar for years..Quick, small and neat.. ;)

    Loo here.. It gives the specs on the theme... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71408&st=90 :)

  4. @ Wolf.....Thanks Bud.. :)

    @ Grunt...Thanks Again... I don't get involved in the contest situation...Really not an issue to me..

    My host grabs between 20,000 and 30,000 hits a month on my tops on good months...Customizing my tops is just a hobby...

    I've always found it hard to judge what others deem great.... Kinda like you owning a blue auto and me owning a green one... It's all a matter of self preference, pretty hard to make a judgement call on preference.. ;)

    But I do like to see the different apps, it's nice to see the work others put forth,, :thumbup

    Thanks Again.. ;)

  5. I found this on a well known site this morning. The picture was in the Artistic Nude Adult Section. I'm a bit of a photographer and enjoy the artistry of many factors of photography. Not a big nude fan. but some of the shots are very tasteful.

    This little girl is chewing on a carrot in an adult section surrounded by all facets of nude photography. So I'm looking for opines here, do you think this is acceptable behaviour or do you think it can be conceived as wrong or inappropriate...

    Function: adjective

    : not appropriate : UNSUITABLE

    - in·ap·pro·pri·ate·ly adverb

    - in·ap·pro·pri·ate·ness noun


    I have sent two messages from the Report Unsuitable Content Response section in the past 2 hours, without a response..

    And the shots are still up........So what's your opinion..??

  6. Smooth Transitions...Changing Of The Seasons :whistle:

    Wall: What Makes You Happy... (Pixel Girls Site)

    Skin: Aero 48 Px (Recolored...Skin Studio Pro)

    Windows Media Centre: Playing Next Of Kin..Swayze

    Widgets: Horizontal Calendar, Clear Weather

    Icons: Chromium 51...(Recolored Slightly...Icon Developer)

    Cursor: Hand

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/NOKL.jpg



    A lil bored..Have some time off of work..

    Gives me some time to play with the toys.. B)

    A Cocoon Full Of Beauty

    Wall: Monarch

    Skin: Monarch..(A Purchased Premium Skin..For My TGT Soft's XP Styles..Although it's being configured by

    Blinds 5 right now...Recolored/Saturation-Gamma Adjustment)

    Widgets: Horiz Calendar..Clear Weather

    Windows Media Centre: Wallpaper Slideshow

    Icons: Premium Oxidized Suite




  7. Just a thread to kick around some experiences with HDTV's and their counterparts..(IE: Cables, Signal Inputs, TV Positioning..Etc..Etc..)

    Share your experiences if you have any??..So far in the past 7 months we've owned 4 different brand names, and sizes.

    We are finding the quality very good. We are also finding the TV now is the controlling factor on how your rooms are furnished. The angle of the TV is far more important than it is with one of our CRT models. If you're not in direct view of the TV, your eyes strain like crazy to watch.

    We are not willing to pay a top dollar price, we are as most people looking to buy good quality for the best price...

    I am slowly becoming an expert on different cable connections, different satellite signals, different viewing angles..??

    I want you to think about putting an LCD monitor in front of your face, hooked to a PC, and then turning the monitor to an angle where it is a struggle to read and enjoy..?? We would'nt do that normally?? Our best viewing area for a flat screen, LCD stlye screen is directly in front of ourselves...

    Why would you turn your monitor or laptop to an angle where it is a headache to view it..?? With the TV, it works the same way..If you're not in direct view of the set, you are losing some of the view..??

    We are finding if the TV is not exactly the right distance, angle or height...The picture is poor quality..Not like a CRT that can be seen from most angles or distances and not lose it's quality or picture contrasting..

    Are you willing to turn your room into a theatre style living space and relinquish the throne to the first family member who might happen upon it..(LOL??)

    Sooooo....kick around some ups and downs/ideas of our newest money oriented, consumer technology and some of the issues that go along with it..

    Is the great and powerful HDTV all that it's supposed to be in your entertainment section..???

  8. Tis.....A Heavy Metal Thang!

    Wall: K-Steel Dove

    Skin: Metal Vista...(Recolored Slightly-Blinds 5)

    Icons: System-Upper Task: GT3

    Widgets: Clear Weather: Silica Calendar) Clear Meter

    Media Centre: Playing: National Treasure (Super Fine Flick)

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/BML.jpg


    <<<<@ Diesel...>>>>

    You can get the wall here.. You have to become a member tho'....Some nice walls there..


  9. Spring Is In The Air..... :)

    Nothing Like A Good Cup Of Coffee In The Morning.... :whistle: B)

    The Environment..


    The Top..

    Wall: Surreality

    Skin: Manzanas (Recolored..Blinds 5- Color/Saturation)

    Icons: Amixroed (Recolored..Icon Developer..Color/Saturation/Gamma)

    Widgets: Clear Weather:Clear Meter:Horizontal Calendar

    Cursor: Pro Tools

    Windows Media Centre: Player Gallery

    Upper Task: Amixroed

    Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/GGGL.jpg


  10. Watching LOTR as well, looks sweet even from the pic!

    I need a better paid job, LOL

    Without a word of exageration...I have watched the LOTR's probably 400 times...Maybe more.

    This DLP screen has shown me scenes I have'nt noticed before...Amazing screen.

    Glad to see another LOTR's fan... :thumbup

    A lil better shot of this DLP technology...This TV weighs.....61 Lbs.. ??

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