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  1. Really; somehow you think I made wind 95/98 a financial success; I put wind 95 on 95% of desktops ? There was a several million dollar ad campaign and road show to promote Windows 95; I have not seen one NT 3.51 ad. The stores had stacks of Windows 95 installation packages, OS/2 packages, not one NT 3.51. Not one computer with NT 3.51 pre-installed. Yes, servers had the option of NT, but not the household machines. And for five years the whole planet wandered in the MS dos 7 deadend street to nowhere; it took Microsoft that much time to weave into the NT 3.51 code their nefarious purposes.
  2. NT 3.51, the best MS ever had. nt351 shots Released in May 1995, but MS did not promote it, did not install it on anybody's desktop or laptop. They wanted us to wander for the next five years in the DOS 7 deadend street to nowhere.
  3. After reading this thread, I reinstalled XP just to see, using as Dell original XP cd (no service pack), on a Thinkpad z60m which has a valid XP sticker on it, and I managed to activate before. I read you instructions, tried and tried, but it is 32777; so I resorted to force and modified oobetimer (it works charmingly) I have IBM, Toshiba, Dell, HP installation CDs, so activation is not needed; but.......
  4. https://archive.org/details/Make_PE3_42 https://archive.org/download/Make_PE3_42/Make_PE3_42.exe Could someone tell me how to (if possible) increase the size of X drive ?
  5. that is all there is; take what you can get
  6. https://www.dell.com/support/home/ca/en/cabsdt1/drivers/driversdetails?driverId=5XD8K
  7. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22875/Intel-HD-Graphics-driver-for-Windows-XP32-Embedded https://downloadmirror.intel.com/22875/eng/WinXP32.zip
  8. Does anyone know from where to download ahcix86.sys or how to disable native SATA support in BIOS ? found one--- http://www.sysfiles-download.com/phome/?phome=DownSoft&softid=2165&pathid=0&pass=fb92fd764ef001a1d4385d7429dff2b4&p=:::
  9. PCA UMA sytem board AMD V-160 processor, 2.4GHz, 512-MB L2 cache, 1066MHz, 3.2GT/s, single core, 25W 250GB, 7200rpm hard-drive The host is obviously different, and I get the blue screen Is there a way to boot the machine in Linux and copy whatever files needed, to the right places ? Other question: So the live XP cd which I made a few years ago on the Toshiba Satellite A110, does not work either, because the motherboard is different ?
  10. First I tried to boot from the installation CD. It did not work. All I got was a blue screen Then I removed the hard-drive, put it in the older laptop; installed w2k on it; then put it back in the new machine; tried to boot, expecting safe mode; no; only got a blue screen, again..... Neither does the live XP CD work. I can boot the Presario DOS 7, using a memory stick.
  11. I used 95-98 from day one until 2006, then upgraded (the new machine was just too much for 98) to 2000pro. Using win2k since. I can and do everything I used to on 98, and then some. It is more stable (don't have to re-format and re-install 3-4 times a year)
  12. You did well, sir, con gratulation Now could you tell me how to install, or what changes to make if I simply replace the hard-drive with one that has NT 5 installed on it ? The machine I would like to install win2k on: Compaq Presario CQ56, AMD V160 Since 2006 I used Win2k on a Toshiba Satellite A110. I made the installation disk following Fred Vorck's instructions, to make it IE-less. (the lid of this laptop is cracking, need to replace machine) Why do I use NT 5 ? Because it is the last version over which I may have some control. After removing wininet.dll, shdocwv.dll, urlmon.dll I can go online without firewall, without virus protection-- not that I go online using windows too often. It is bad enough that I had to pay for XP and 7, I don't have to use them. (On this Presario win7 is about as slow as ME on Pentium I.)
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