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  1. Does anybody else have dlevens problem: I can't recreate it on any of my 2 machines. I use the following drive letters: C (HDD), D(HDD), E(HDD), Y(virtual CD,empty), Z(DVD, empty) The place I test WPI from is 'D:\Unattended\Source\$OEM$\$1\Install\wpi', but wherever I move the folder - I do not get this error message. As for the question No. You'd have no need for WPI.cmd if you DO NOT USE theses. But as I code and use it, there could be a point, where I insert more code into the .wsf file to start WPI. So using the cmd would be the appropriate way. @dlevens: please try one thing: delete the line saying 'for %%i in (C D E F....' and try again. Does the problem persist ?
  2. I'm working on this. Idea is to have a template for the categories - just like the templates for the wizards - but themed (seperate template per theme) Problem is, that the calculation of columns is involved in the whole thing. This is where I have to find a way out.
  3. Had to fiddle a bit with heights of category-headers. This is fixed now. Download anew. Couldn't recreate the prob with columns staying at 2. How many apps did you configure ? If it's not enough to fill 3 columns, it will stay with 2 - the number of columns is the maximum number of columns used. wpi is not forced to have 3 columns, if you choose 3 and only have e.g. 20 apps on 1024 - resolution.
  4. Hi. Just uploaded Version 3.3.4 IMPORTANT: The startup has been changed heavily. Look at wpi.cmd. You should not call wpi.hta directly anymore. WPI startup shall be done by using the .cmd file or common/wpi.wsf. This is for installing any theme supplied fonts. Other changes: see WPI homepage.
  5. Hey man. that file it tries to start has nothing to do with wpi. It's the service pack for the .NET Framework. Do the following: check useroptions.js: Is var timer='on'; and var secs=0; ? --> WPI would start install as soon as it gets started. --> Set timer='off'; Also - look into the registries runonceex-branch: is it empty ? what's in there ? the please post a short excerpt of your disc/file layout. Where's wpi.hta, From where's is started ? ... I know you use the G:-drive, but where's wpi on that drive. post your current startup script once again.
  6. DeTard. How many apps do you install with WPI ? Would it hurt to number them with the ordr property to have the install exactly as you want it ? This way you'd have no problem. FYI: ordr is not disabled, when installing by category. there's two options for me: to sort the programs either by ordr OR by category. One option excludes the other. Sorting is always done by exactly 1 property.
  7. Please describe the phenomenon exactly. If I change the categories' sort order in the options wizard, the changes ARE reflected in the UI. Even in ver 3.3.3. So I see no prob. Which sort order do you speak of ?
  8. I'm still hard working on it. Will post an update in the Version 3.3 thread soon.
  9. the script above doesn't use the CDROm variable at all. it just sets it, don't ya see. I know it's in the .cmd I deliver with WPI, but that's just to show, how to search for a CDROM. But I do not see, why the hell it should say e:\install... Am I right - WPI.hta sits in G:\. So does WPI.ico. Then call WPi with 'start %CDROM%\wpi.hta' and make sure there's no wpi.ico in C:\,D:\,E:\ or F:\ should it still say something 'bout e:\install, then please post the full error message..
  10. I see you do not close tags. ex. prog[pn]=['<u><font color="#66ff00">Prepare.cmd'] Shouldn't it be prog[pn]=['<u><font color="#66ff00">Prepare.cmd</font></u>']
  11. poppyg: there's a way to achieve, what you want: 1st: set applications per install window to the maximum value in options 2nd: give every prog its ordr 3rd: prog with lowest order should be a reboot (syntax can be found somewhere in this forum) 4th: DO NOT SET install by category --> this would lead to the following: 1st: after click on install, all progs would be written to the registry runonceex-branch 2nd: the first 'installed' program would be a call of rebbot-->computer reboots 3rd: startup - runonceex as usual on login
  12. Sorry bonedaddy, but if I click on one of the pics, they won't show up. Are the links really correct? I get red crosses (file not found).
  13. If you install by category, WPI won't use the ordr-property. Unfortunately there's no possibility to sort installation order within categories yet.
  14. This functionality is not included in WPI yet.. Sorry.
  15. No - there isn't.But you should know, which version you downloaded.
  16. do a search for AutoIT. could solve your probs. BTW - this is all about UNATTENDED install. The input of a serial won't be UNATTENDED.
  17. find an anwer there BTW - how do ya run WPI. with the .cmd-file, or do you start wpi.hta directly ?
  18. For a quick refererence: var prog=[]; // Program Name var desc=[]; // A description var cmd1=[]; // Command Line 1 var cmd2=[]; // Command Line 2 var cmd3=[]; // Command Line 3 var cmd4=[]; // Command Line 2 var cmd5=[]; // Command Line 3 var cmd6=[]; // Command Line 2 var regb=[]; // registry entry b=before installing the application var rega=[]; // a=after installing the application var dflt=[]; // Whether it's a default option. If it's not yes, then it will assume no var forc=[]; // Force installation of application even if not Checked not selectable var cat=[]; // category, a string var ordr=[]; // [number], install order // order by definition in config, if not set // same order position is possible. if 2 progs have the same // order position, they'll be sorted by name var uid=[]; // unique identifier, used for dependency checking var deps=[]; // dependency, fill in uids of progs, this one is dependent of // if a dependent program is selected, its 'parent' gets selected too // if 'parent' is deselected, program is also deselected var excl=[]; // exclusions, fill in uids of progs, that will be // disabled, if this prog is selected. var cond=[]; // Javascript conditional statement to check if this will be installed. additional/other information can be found in this forum and on the WPI homepage
  19. you're right. this 'force' and 'really force' are really hard to understand and could mess up things. in one of the nextversions, i'll be doing the following: * add a property 'force on install anything' to force a program's installation, if any other program is installed * try to make 'forced' programs un-uncheckable * get rid of that 'ReallyForce' option - does anyone need that ? Shouldn't "Exit" really just exit and install nothing ? a further step would be to check the relationship between 'force', 'force on install anything', exclusions and dependencies - but that's a complicated thing to do.
  20. The condition bugs should be fixed with Version 3.3.3 So should the problem with the error message.
  21. Probs should be fixed in 3.3.3 available for download now.
  22. a06 - don't mind. I found the prob. Installation won't work, if the font is not initialised. What I want to say is, that windows doesn't know a new font was installed, as long as you didn't open the font, or had the fonts-folder open in explorer (that was, why it worked for me while testing, cause I always had to delete the font, to force it being copied to the fonts folder) I'd have to find another way to install fonts by script. Any suggetions, anyone ?

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