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  1. UltimateSilence, is this booting problem in any way related to the booting problem in your other thread?
  2. Another benefit of the USB connector outer casing is ESD and EMI protection. Those slim USB drives must also make trade-offs to achieve the reduction in size, like a reduction in transfer speed. There is no easy way to cheat physics.
  3. Of course it will be worse when multitasking. You're using even more resources. There is no super duper registry hack or silver bullet fix for Win 9x, without extensively rewriting the kernel. This was discussed long ago, and continued here; The 16bit heaps expander thread; which lead to the prototype GDI Heap Extender; whose next iteration was Resource Salvation Technology that was implemented into Tihiy's RP9; which you are using right now. It's the best we have. If you really want to penny pinch every last resource, there is one more thing you can do. First, backup your registry. Then copy the following into a text file (including the last two blank lines) and rename the file's extension into ".reg". REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "UserMaxHeapSize"="4096" Now double click the file to merge it into the registry. Reboot. This will give a slight improvement to your resources. It's only a tiny amount, not an invitation to go and run Firefox 2 with 10 YouTube tabs and 5 other programs. Edited for grammar.
  4. Having Revolutions Pack installed doesn't mean you can go crazy. You have more resources to go around, but you can still run out, especially with buggy resource intensive applications. Freezing after opening so many YouTube tabs isn't surprising. The more you try to open, the closer you are to pushing your computer over the edge. This is normal. Don't open so many YouTube tabs at once. loblo might be able to push his computer further because he's under a different configuration.
  5. I see you have edited your post after I added my post. Revolutions Pack does not touch your system or the registry. It installs and uninstalls clean. KernelEx is slightly more complex, but is also very reliable, and can be uninstalled as well. They have been in use for YEARS. Good enough? If you want to play it safe, backup first. They're separate applications. You can install one or the other, or both.
  6. You are mistaking system resources for RAM. It has nothing to do with RAM. Adding more will not resolve anything. You start with a set amount of resources and once you run out, you will need to either close the application to recover some of it, or reboot. Windows XP is not affected by this. It is well known that Flash will sap your system resources, with some Flash websites consuming resources more quickly than others. Opening multiple tabs of the offending website will make it worse. To minimize this, open less tabs, and avoid running resource intensive applications. You can monitor your resource usage by going to Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Resource Meter, if it is already installed. Near the top of this part of the forum is the sticky: Important "Stickified" [Pinned] 95/98/98 SE/ME Topics. There, you will find, among many other useful things, the Revolutions Pack and KernelEx. These will help you avoid running out of resources when you're on Youtube. Tihiy's Revolutions Pack, apart from making Windows look modern, it also reduces the resource use of Flash and other programs. Once you use it, you'll wonder how you used Win 9x all these years without it. Xeno86's KernelEx is for running some XP programs on Win 9x. Edited for clarity.
  7. If all you want is to have your basic system up to date, then you're all set. Whether or not you need anything else from Microsoft is up to you, such as Windows Media Player 9 or .NET Framework.
  8. There are already several threads on this. Windows Update v4 is down, permanently.
  9. There was a thread with a short list and some useful information on this a while back: SDHC Micro SDHC card readers for Windows 98. The list is out of date now, but there is currently no shortage of card readers with official Windows 98SE/ME support. Kingston, Belkin, Vantec, or Rosewill, to name a few, have a number of models with compatible drivers. It gets even better. With NUSB, practically all readers are compatible. Did you use Nathan's USB drivers to gain access to the camera under Windows 95, or another solution?
  10. UltimateSilence, post your problem in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/61749-98-se-sp-30-final/page__st__880, and most importantly, the details about your hardware/software.
  11. The service pack does not add many entries to the Add/Remove Programs list because it would be overkill to have uninstallers for each individual update .There are HUNDREDS! One of the drawbacks of compilation packages is there is chance that it may not go well with some configurations. It looks like you're one of the unlucky few. I hope you backed up as suggested. Keep that on hand, but don't restore anything yet. You should post on the service pack's thread your computer's specs, what other updates you have, the state of Windows before installation, and what happened so PROBLEMCHYLD can take a look at it. Edited for grammar.
  12. Windows Update, when it was working, was horribly incomplete. It has been superseded for many years by the unofficial compilations/packages found in this forum. There are a few to choose from, but the most recent package is Gape's/PROBLEMCHYLD's Unofficial 98 SE Service Pack 3. PROBLEMCHYLD has added numerous files to it, that it is now more updated than anyone can imagine. Read up on the latest developments, and as always, backup before you proceed.
  13. I have been using the Western Digital WD800AAJB hard drive in my Windows 95 OSR2.1 build since last year. No special needs. Works the same as any other IDE hard drive.
  14. NetMeter is the best freeware network meter you can possibly get for 9x. It's packed full of features that it even rivals commercial meters. Development has stopped unfortunately. Several months ago, someone made a few minor updates to it, but only for Windows 7. Tip: set a frequent log file autosave interval, so that you don't lose hours of entries since the last save if a crash were to occur.
  15. What you're asking for is a package with everything -- EVERYTHING... That's great, in a perfect world. But where we are, it doesn't quite work out that way. I do hope you realize what you're asking for. Having everything includes everything else... things you may not want, and problems you do not want. Even Windows 2000 doesn't have an everything installer, and neither does Windows XP, despite having much larger communities.
  16. Windows 98, and even windows 95, can handle 32 bit color. The word "modern" in this Wikipedia article actually refers to the 1990's and up. These OS's (and many others that are also capable of handling 32 bit) were not individually listed as that was not the purpose of the article.
  17. Quoting myself from the other thread, "For Windows 98 SE, the main unofficial packages are Soporific's Auto-Patcher and Gape's Service Pack... There are others but these are the most comprehensive." In terms of their contents, they're not exactly the same. There was overlap, but PROBLEMCHYLD's recent updates makes Gape's Service Pack more complete now. At the end of the day, whichever pack you choose is up to you.
  18. MDGx's 98SE2ME is not a "service pack" type of project. That's why it is categorized under "Enhancements, Replacements + Transformation Packs". XP files are sometimes included in these packages because they have been found to work in 98SE, and are more updated than its ME equivalent if there is one. These questions should go in the 98 SE SP 3.0 BETA 4 thread. I think we should start moving the discussion over there since most of this is about Gape's/PROBLEMCHYLD's Service Pack.
  19. What version of 1by1 are you running? As mentioned in the "Last Version of Software for Windows 98SE" thread, versions 1.73 and up broke some features for 9x, including the ability to save playlists. You'll need to go back to 1.72 to enjoy some of these lost features.
  20. 1by1 continues to work on 98 and ME with minor issues, but no longer works on 95. Unicode was implement starting with version 1.73, losing compatibility for 95, and breaking a few things for 98 and ME, such as the inability to display album art. 1.72 was the last fully functional version for Win9x. Wonderful player. Very lightweight with enough features to separate itself from other bare bones players, as well as a few unique features not found in heavier ones.
  21. Trying to standardize on what is the right way is moot at this point in time. We're all running very different versions of Windows 98 SE on very different hardware. One user has these updates, the other has that software, others have this hardware, old, new, ancient, cutting edge, VM... the problem is Win 98 currently transcends so many generations and configurations of all manner of hardware and software. Let's not forget that we're still dealing with Windows. Something as simple as an incompatible DLL can take out the whole system. What works for one configuration may not work for the next. It's subjective. In the end, it's what's right and what works on your configuration. There are threads that tried to tackle this issue, but no simple solution could be found.
  22. That version of Gape's USP is still used by some here at MSFN. It stood the test of time and was reliable. I've tested that version some time ago and everything ran fine. Of course, there will always be a small percentage of users who will run into issues. Nothing can ever be 100%. You can try Auto-Patcher instead, or a later version of Gape's USP.
  23. Go to MDGx's Important "Stickified" Pinned thread. It contains all the major 9x projects at MSFN. There are numerous packages to choose from in various categories. I will shorten the list for you. For Windows 98 SE, the main unofficial packages are Soporific's Auto-Patcher and Gape's Unofficial Service Pack, which have already been mentioned in this thread. There are others but these are the most comprehensive. You can start here. Both are incomplete and there is overlap between them. Choose one. PROBLEMCHYLD just updated Gape's USP. Then, depending on how much "more updated" you want to be or for additional functionality, you can go on from here. You'll need to do some reading to determine what other packages/addons you may want based on your configuration and personal preferences. As always, backup before committing any major changes.
  24. The reason I asked that question is because I have already been through MS Download Center, and it is actually incomplete. It is missing the 98 updates from Windows Update v4. 95 and ME are likely to be missing updates as well. But, it is a good thing you downloaded as many as you could. Since updates have been slowly disappearing, it will only be a matter of time before all 9x updates are lost forever. Note: Windows Update v3 is still accessible through direct http address to each individual file (some files no longer work though). Be aware that every 98 update found in MS Download Center and Windows Update are already included or superseded by newer official and unofficial updates in Autopatcher and Unofficial Service Pack. These old updates do not need to be incorporated as they are already there. However, the individual updates are still of interest to those of us who prefer more control over what gets installed rather than using the packages.
  25. Really? The entire 9x collection? Before I get too excited though, I must ask this question: did you download them from Microsoft Download Center or from Windows Update V3?

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