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  1. Thanks for catching that, submix8c. I'll add a note to my post.
  2. It does seem like we're laying new information on top of new information... To summarize a few things here: If your BIOS does not support 48-bit LBA, then in order to overcome the 137 GB (128 GiB) limitation, you will need: to update your BIOS (if available) to support 48-bit LBA, OR install a DDO (such as rloew's BOOTMAN). To overcome Windows 98 SE's 137 GB (128 GiB) limitation, you will need: IAA (supported Intel chipsets only), OR Maximus-Decim's BHDD31.ZIP, OR rloew's High Capacity Disk Patch. These are necessary only IF you decide to get a larger IDE (PATA) hard drive that is greater than 137 GB and you want to use the full capacity. With smaller hard drives, you may not have to worry about some of the software mentioned here. Note: older BIOSs (relatively speaking in Win98 terms) may have lower capacity limits, some as little as 32 GB, so an update or DDO may still be required if using a hard drive that exceed this limit.
  3. If you don't want to see the nags in Yahoo Mail, you can just switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. I'm using it on Firefox 2. Works perfectly fine, with no nags. The final version of Firefox 2 is If this is what you have, then you can't update it anymore as it is the latest.
  4. A word of caution if you decide to use Intel Application Accelerator along with a DDO. Make sure you don't install a DDO developed by Ontrack, as doing so will render the OS unbootable. They're incompatible with each other. Ontrack's DDO is typically included with hard drive installation software such as Maxtor's MaxBlast, Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Tools, or Seagate's SeaTools. RLoew's DDO (Bootman) will work with IAA.
  5. I just tried the FLV player on the first link. It works until full screen or 2x is clicked, which will cause the computer to appear to hang as it saps 100% CPU. The installer offers to install bloatware, but that can be unchecked. It also phones home to check for updates, which can be turned off in settings. Some time ago, I embarked on a quest in search of a good FLV player that would work on Windows 98SE as the ones available were too simple or required Win XP. After several months of searching, I finally found one that met my needs. As a bonus, it also displays headers, encoder, bitrate, etc, and it's 400 KB. The rest is taken up by the installer but all you need is the executable. This is best FLV player I know of so far, as I stopped looking since then. I'd post a link but my post count is too low. Google Fortop FLV player, and it should be the first hit.
  6. Hi Mouseplay, Have you tried Creative's Liveware 3 web release drivers for the CT4670? ftp://ftp.kernel.ee/pub/draiverid/creative/liveware3/lw30full_9x.zip 28.9 MB These are the last Liveware drivers before Creative ended Liveware support. This package contains the VXD drivers and a few applets; Launcher, Surround Mixer, and AudioHQ. The driver version (EMU10K1.VXD is not as recent as RetroOS's package (EMU10K1.VXD, but it should work right out of the box. You can apply update afterwards. The applet's versions are the same as the ones that RetroOS posted. As for the SB0220, it's a whole different monster. The card shipped with broken drivers for Windows 98SE. The WDM drivers causes pops, cracks, and occasional BSODs. Printed instructions on a flier were included in the box specifically for Win 98SE users on how to remove the WDM drivers and install the VXD drivers to "resolve the issue". Unfortunately, the VXD drivers caused more problems than it fixed. Although the popping and cracks were gone, it caused many games and applications to CTD, or even reboot, as well as having poor sound quality. I went back to the WDM drivers since these were better quality. I lived with it for two years before finally going back to my old Sound Blaster Live! Value. That was like a eureka moment as everything worked right for once. When I was using the SB0220, aside from the said issues, all the applets worked, so I think you may have downloaded an incomplete driver package that is missing the Win 98SE drivers, even though the poster of those drivers listed: "Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Windows 2000 Workstation, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server." AFAIK, Windows 95 should not be in there, so I think the poster simply copied a generic list from somewhere. A quick search at your link yielded: http://members.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=648381 The OS listing in this set is more accurate. Have you tried this one? Otherwise, you should probably dump the SB0220, or save it for Win XP. And the Liveware 3 drivers does not work with this card in case you're wondering. HTH.
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